Milan monitoring Conte’s situation, Emery and Jardim join the list of candidates?

MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 16:  Head coach Antonio Conte of Italy reacts during the EURO 2016 Group H Qualifier match between Italy and Croatia at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 16, 2014 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Conte reacts during the EURO 2016 Group H Qualifier match between Italy and Croatia at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 16, 2014. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Antonio Conte’s state at the national team is something Milan are believed to be watching carefully as the list of possible replacements for coach Filippo Inzaghi gets longer every day.

Milan have only won three games in 2015 and are 8 points behind Fiorentina in 6th – which is probably (depends on who you ask) the last position that ensures qualification to European competitions.

It’s fair to say that Inzaghi has failed to meet the pre-season expectations and while he’s not expected to be sacked before the end of the season, he is also unlikely to be kept around unless something amazing happens.

Mihajlovic and Sarri have appeared to be the frontrunners in recent weeks but there are new rumours everyday about the identity of the next Milan boss and according to, the recent developments in Conte’s Italy adventure are something that the Rossoneri are watching.

It’s reported that Conte is reconsidering his steps and is thinking about leaving after Italy secure qualification to the 2016 Euro’s, due to a number of tense situations that have been created because of him, most recently yesterday when Juventus’ John Elkann attacked him over working the players too hard in training, putting the blame on him for the injury of Claudio Marchisio. Conte has even received death threats from fans online, according to FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio. reports that Milan remain attentive as they’ve always liked Conte; there were also talks of an agreement between the sides before Antonio went on to become the Azzurri coach. It is even claimed that Bee Taechaubol and Mr. Pink, Poe Qiu Ying Wang Shuo, who are said to be interested in buying shares of Milan from Berlusconi, would welcome the idea of signing Conte.

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Other men to have joined the list of candidates, or have rejoined, are Sevilla’s Unai Emery (as reported by il Corriere dello Sport), who was also approached by Milan last season, and Monaco’s Leonardo Jardim (according to Marca). Walter Mazzarri’s name has too been thrown into the mix.

Montella and Di Francesco have been mentioned in this context as well. Berlusconi and Galliani will make the decision at the end of the season but the rumours will keep flying around.

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Pa ibra

mazzari would be a great choice NOT.


Bring Jesus to coach cause we need a few miracles

Pa ibra

Actually I think its possible to appoint jesus..Go to benfica and ask for their coach.
well In seriousness I admire jorge jesus’s idea of football.

Pa ibra

Conte is an unattractive winner abit like mourinho. I would prefer someone else (montella, rijkaard, klopp or even sarri).


I get what you’re saying and kinda agree


Agreed. I would hate to watch his whiney interviews about how everyone is against us, the referees make mistakes against is they don’t to others etc. He fuels his teams on the us against them mentality. Yes, that can build a strong group, but they get a victim mentality I do not enjoy. You see it again now with the national team” clubs are not helping us, I want training camps…”

I’d rather loose with someone as sympathetic as ancelotti than win with Conte. But that’s me.


Winning is everything no matter how you do it as long as it’s fair and within the rules,
There’s absolutely no room for a “sympathetic loser” how many people remember the silver medallist? Nobody that’s who, it’s that sort of mentality that has the club in the state it’s in, how would any fan even make a remark like that? I’m guessing you don’t remember the winners this club once had


After 20 years of ups and downs I remember winners I dislike and losers I like. I watch football because I enjoy it, Milan winning makes me happy, them losing makes me sad. But if every game is followed by Contes interviews, feel free to enjoy the game without me. I have always had a feeling of pride when comparing Milan and Inter. Yes, we had Gatusso and Ambro, and we currently have Mexes, but in general we have had a lot of gentlemen on the pitch, Maldini and Pirlo being the perhaps the most stellar examples. For the same… Read more »


No direction!


This is my wishlist of give names:
…9999999999991.Inzaghi stays


Unai Emory would be a foolish man to leave Sevilla for Milan. There are plenty big clubs that would go for Conte if he is available, like Real Madrid, Man City , PSG and possibly Man United. so that rules out Conte. The best and realistic option is Marizio Sarri who is really good at getting the best out of young players. Saponara is doing well under him and so would El Sharaawy, Niang, Mastour, and Suso to name a few. Mihajlovic is not that good, Montella buyout clause is too high and hell no to Mazzarri. Jardim is a… Read more »


My Opinion:
Get Sarri. Clear out alot of the ageing players. If they are over 28 and not an important first team player, they are gone. Give Sarri a young squad, tell him to mould these younger players to fit a system (he has done this his whole career to date). Make it public that Milan are in transition and set expectations low. Aim for top 8, next season. If the fans can actually see a youthful squad with desire and direction they wont care that they wont be making europe that year.


If the fans can actually see a youthful squad with desire and direction they wont care that they wont be making europe that year.. i will belong to that group of fans..


It’s not the fans Milan are worried about. it’s the investors. It all depends on what they want.

milanisti bali

no inzaghi,no muntari…sounds good


he can take poli with him too


Poli is really not that bad. He plays hard and doesn’t stop running. You need players like that in the 433. You really don’t understand the game do you? Stick to fifa man


Please don’t put Fifa comment it is really common and stupid. First of all Poli is good sub but nothing more. When you compare his and De Jong’s talent this guys , he is completely average player. And even that i am not admiring his performances, Poli is one of the players that i would keep in Milan. Too many other players should be offloaded.


Oh i agree, compared to De Jong hes nothing more then a sub. That is 100 percent correct. And i brought up the Fifa comment, because no matter what this Sheva guy complains. Its extremely annoying. We could beat Juventus 3-0 and he would go on a rant about Galliani and Berlusconi buying the game or some nonsense lol


Lol poli is horrible. Everyone was getting hype about him, cerci, and other players but they dont do much…


Couldn’t agree more and there’s plenty others


Montella. Youngest and classiest. And for me the best.


Haha its funny to see how people keep bashing on Poli, its clear that people here are all about flair players and cant see the hard work he puts in every game. He runs and wind the ball back. Sure he should work on his end product too, like the final pass and eye for goal, but he works very well and hard for the team.
He does his job on the pitch and is a Milanista. We need men like him in our squad.


Poli is absolute rubbish and hasn’t the faintest idea what’s required to play midfield for milan, anyone with a brain and two legs can run around like an idiot but that doesn’t make him a footballer, have you people who think Poli is up to milans level suddenly developed an acute form of amnesia and forgotten about the players who went before him? He’s not fit to travel on the bus with them let alone wear the jersey and the only reason he is is because he’s Italian and nothing more


I too watch football to enjoy it but I also watch and play it myself to win which there’s no better feeling and if you read my comment properly you’ll see the the part which says “Winning is everything no matter how you do it as long as it’s fair and within the rules” and as for Rossi’s hand ball goal I applaud him for owning up, I’m Irish so I know all about how it feels to lose because of a cheater using his hand to score a goal presuming you seen Henry’s goal knocking us out of the… Read more »

Mobo Lee

Please who is Abe here? he bears my surname. would like to know u more