Milan fail to reach an agreement with Atalanta over Baselli, talks to resume in the summer

REGGIO NELL'EMILIA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 08:  Francesco Magnanelli of Sassuolo and Daniele Baselli of Atalanta in action during the Serie A match between US Sassuolo Calcio and Atalanta BC at Mapei Stadium on November 8, 2014 in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy.  (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Baselli in action during the Serie A match between Sassuolo and Atalanta at Mapei Stadium on November 8, 2014. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Milan tried to sign Daniele Baselli today but couldn’t come to an understanding with Atalanta who claim there is a ‘moral commitment’ to talk again in the summer.

Adriano Galliani said yesterday that if he were to bring someone on deadline day it would ‘clearly and obviously’ be a defender and he indeed completed the signing of Gabriel Paletta (and Luca Antonelli which went official today) but he also tried to bring Daniele Baselli.

The two sides met this afternoon but an agreement couldn’t be found between the clubs despite the excellent relationships between the sides. However, Pierpaolo Marino, the sporting director of Atalanta, suggested things could be different in the summer.

“I met with (Atalanta President) Percassi and with Galliani and we spoke about Baselli,” Marino is quoted as saying on (as reported by “Atalanta don’t want to lose their best parts and we’ve postponed the talks to the next first occasion (the summer). There’s a moral obligation to discuss it.”

In other news, Armero will stay at Milan. The Colombian was ready to accept the offer of Genoa but his yes arrived too late and they signed a different player. Meanwhile, Matri joined Juve on loan.

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I dont know about you but i think Paletta was an bad signing he is not better than those we already have Antonelli was an ok signing but wont improve Milan i dont like Milans fascistic plans with an squad of only Italians so rascist if they only signed a worldclass Italian like Verratti then i would be happy i dislike this club more and more Berlusconi and Galliani must leave Milan IS a not a top club anymore Lazio Roma Fiorentina Sassoulo Sampdoria and even Palermo is surpassing Milan Galliani may have some of you fooled but he isnt… Read more »


Haha that some of you actually down my comment you know what that is called IGNORANCE just like the 2 old and senile old men that has run this club to the bottom… Losers


I believe calling a strategy to increase the number of italian/domestic/home-grown players fascist and racist is what made people thumb you down, not that anyone thik Galiani and Berlusconi are the men for the task. It’s funny you, after using these terms so incredibly wrongly, should suggest you recognize ignorance in others. Now, if they sold all the black players and brought in only arians and then claimed that the superior moral virtues of the Arian race would lead Milan back to the top of the world, you would be spot on. If you think that is waht is going… Read more »


lol… wut?

btw did u know that there is a limit of foreigners each team can sign?

Zexu Lin

You mean non-EU, don’t you?


Well we get him on summer


Im still hopeful on xhaka or any decent midfielder since they didnt get baselli

AC Milan News

Xhaka signed an exstension today.


This Will not work so Meny defensive and No creative midfielder, This what galliani is doing, only shows that ac milan are desperat to make inzaghi succeed as a coach, 6 good players have Arrived in januar but I don’t know are they what ac milan need, to succed or do ac milan need a coach that can tak controle…
but I still blive the game againts Juventus will show if ac milan can succedere, if they losse to juve you can Forget it that ac milan cat get 3 place or get closse to 3 place…


Guys, I understand that we don’t buy players like Zlatan and Scheva anymore but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be a great team. C – your comment about racism etc is just stupid and ignorant. Having a team full of foreigners comes with issues and risks. Communication is key, but there are other things to consider as well – culture, dressing room environment, connection with the fan base etc. A few years ago Arsenal fielded a team full of foreign players. Their starting line up had NO English players at all, and they did that trough out the entire… Read more »


I find these nationalistic views quite silly to be frank.

Milan is an Italian club, and matchday revenues which is largely driven by native Italian attendance is a large factor in the club’s financial performance. However, AC Milan is a global brand and commercial/tv broadcasting revenues (approx 3/4 billion dollars) are literally 10 times that of stadium revenue. So where the point re investing in local talent and “fan connection” is a valid one, it’s a secondary consideration. Milan simply needs to acquire the best players they can (available resources permitting, and within regulation of course) regradless of nationality, period.


montolivo is a world class, de jong is a world class, rest is good..the depth on midfield are great already..all we need is to find continuity n mentality, restructure management, and new stadium..forza milan


Lodi was an alternative to Baselli; since we did not get Lodi i think there might be some kind of agreement to get Baselli in the summer.


if paletta did not play well? well i guess if anyone was not paid salaries for 5 months or thereabouts, his morale was bound to drop. nocerino said something to that effect: and i believe he is still collecting a portion of his salary from milan, so he is safe.