Milan agree deal with Genoa over Antonelli but Armero has yet to accept Grifone move

Genoa's midfielder Luca Antonelli (R) celebrates after scoring during the Italian Serie A football match Genoa Vs AC Milan on December 7, 2014 at "Luigi Ferraris Stadium" in Genoa.  AFP PHOTO / MARCO BERTORELLO        (Photo credit should read MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Antonelli celebrates after scoring during Genoa-Milan on December 7, 2014 at Luigi Ferraris Stadium. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Luca Antonelli is set to return to the place where he grew up while it’s still unclear whether Armero will leave.

Milan have already signed Salvatore Bocchetti and are trying to bring Ezequiel Munoz but they also want to bring Luca Antonelli from Genoa and an agreement between the sides is believed to have been reached this Friday.

The operation is constantly evolving as at the start of the day it seemed as though Armero has to join Genoa for the operation to take place and then it was reported that the two transfers are independent. However, as reported by Di Marzio this evening, the deal is again involving both Antonelli and Armero and the Colombian has to agree to join Genoa.

In any case, Milan ahve an agreement with Genoa to take Antonelli on loan with an obligatory (non-optional) buy-out clause set at €4.5-5 million. Earlier today, Anontelli’s agent spoke:

“I don’t know the situation with Armero,” Oscar Damiani who represents Antonelli, told “I can only say that the Milan-Antonelli operation is on its way to a conclusion. It will be defined shortly. Antonelli may take his medical with Milan as early as tomorrow.”

Antonelli’s move would be a return ‘home’ as he was at Milan as a youngster from 2004 to 2008. Luca, 28, is the captain of Genoa and he can play as a left back and as a left midfielder.

The agent of Armero was also interviewed earlier by Fantagazzetta: “I saw (Milan Vice President Adriano) Galliani, I’m here with Pablo now, but we still don’t have a deal,” said Luciano Ramalho. “We’re talking about it and there will be a new summit tomorrow. Let’s say that we’re constantly in touch with each other to find a solution, but at the moment there is no agreement for a transfer to Genoa.”

Milan have (officially) signed Alessio Cerci, Suso, Salvatore Bocchetti and Mattia Destro this month.

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it’s excellent news. our winter transfer window was perfect, well except the part us signing Bocchetti. in my opinion our midfield and defense are the only parts of our team that needs changes. i’m glad that we’ll start using 4-4-2 and this signing will be important, he’ll perfectly fit into our new formation. the players that need to leave midfield are Essien, Muntari and MvG in general but at the moment the Ghana duo has to leave the Rossonero. i’d sign one CDM, physically strong, some one similar to de Jong and in the summer when van Ginkel would leave… Read more »

Alan Turrel

I am going to reserve my judgements for Bocchetti till the end of the season. Let me guess you probably have never seen him play before and I feel you shouldn’t make good judgment until you have seen him play. Who knows if he is a great defender or not I bet you know 99% of the people on this blog don’t watch the Russian league. It was a reason he left Italy for €15 million before he must be a decent defender.


well if he was that great he would still be in Italy squad


I am sorry to say but, the transfer window doesn’t mean anything unless we get results.
We can overhype things as much as we want. But I will start praising when I see a better Milan


what if Armero doesent accept to go to Genoa?


The deal with Antonelli will go through weather Armero accepts to leave or not.


Compliment for picture i must say!


I still miss vergara… I remember him playing 2-3 friendlies… he was a beast.. he needs to get a chance


This goes to show how incompetent our board is. If Antonelli transfer depends on Armero going in the other way,that is pure BS. Just a couple of days ago we GAVE, with no additional caches, NIANG to them. And now they are making idiots out of us. Why didnt we use Niang as a levarage to get Anto???That way we could just terminate loan with Armero,and thats it. Plain and simpe. Or did we decided to get Anto after we already gave Niang?If thats the case,it only goes to show how transfer strategy is short term without any bigger picture… Read more »


I doubt it is Genoa demanding that Armero arrives in order to let Antonelli leave as that seems to go through regardless. To me it seems like Galliani needs to offload Armeros wages to balance the Antonelli arrival. I also doubt it’s as easy as you think to simply terminate Armero’s loan – that’s what contracts are for, and he has one that protects his place at Milan until the summer, unless he agrees to a different solution. Genoa does not seem to convince him, why would a return to Udinese be anything different half a year after he moved… Read more »


Well, since we brouht bochhetti that can play as a LB,and we also want antonelli(LB) i believe it’s quite obvious that we arent satisfied with him, and his playing time will be really limited. In that situation, you are trying to say he is better of here rather than in genoa or udinese??Really?Permament deal??


He wasn’t playing in Udinese, and was loaned out last season too, so clearly he has no future there. If he is in Milan it is because of an excellent showing at the world cup, and i asume that has landed him a decent salary in Milan, compared to what he will get in Genoa, hence teh stalling. I think he would be better off going out on another loan where he can get more playing time, but among all the injuries in Milans defence, and a presumably well paying substitute position, yeah, he might think he is better off… Read more »


The antonelli deal is being treated independently. Antonelli has his medical tomorrow


This is a good deal. Antonellis growth the last couple of seasons has been there for all to see, hopefully he can share his experience with De Sci once he is back. Hopefully it will be a nice Return home, and he is only 28, i thought he was 30 :). All of our signings are loan deals, sure we want to save money, but its going to be a huge chunk of money being spent later on… Would rather have the players 100 % officially ours!


desiglio season is over. confirmed by inzaghi in today’s press conference


Oh damn, then this proves to be an even more crucial signing. Well with time i still hope de sci can learn from his experience.