Bocchetti set to join Milan, the medical is tomorrow

FC Spartak Moscow v FC Kuban Krasnodar - Premier League
Bocchetti (L) of Spartak Moscow battles for the ball with Ibrahima Balde of FC Kuban Krasnodar during the Russian Premier League match between  Spartak Moscow and Kuban Krasnodar at the Luzhniki on March 31, 2013. (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)

Salvatore Bocchetti will join Milan on loan with option to buy in the summer.

The Milan fans wanted a defender to arrive in this January transfer market and today the Rossoneri CEO Adriano Galliani agreed a deal to bring former Genoa man on loan until the end of the season.

“The negotiations were born very quickly. I woke up in Toronto and heard from Galliani and in 2.5 hours we agreed on everything. He comes on loan until June and he’s happy to wear the Milan shirt,” the agent of Bocchetti, Andrea D’Amico told TMW.

Bocchetti, 28-years-old, who is also capable of playing on the left side of the defense, will fly into Milan from Spartak’s training camp in Malaga tonight, before taking his medical tomorrow. Milan are working on different fronts as well.

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I hope this is true, I have allways coment on bochetti and dede,
if we get him and dede
then ac milan can play
with 3 cb and no backs
dede rami bochetti
world class


1. 3CB-s with this kind of midfield? You know we are gonna be beaten like dogs out there??
2. they are good, but world class?? Far from world class..


we could play 7-2-1 and we will still concede so many goals. All our defenders are so lousy. almost all our midfielders are lousy.


Bocchetti is good, but I don’t think that he is any better than alex, mexes, rami [he is probably at a zapata level] at 29, nor is he that young. I agree 100% with Dede though No defence in the world can keep clean sheets without a functioning midfield. Milan’s midfield never plays like a midfield by holding up the ball and dictating play with passes. It either dissolves into our defense or dissolves into our attack….it has been years since Milan has played with a midfield that stands firm in the middle of the park and orchestrates play. Although… Read more »


Reportedly secured Munoz already for the summer but Milan want to do the deal the same way they did for Suso by trying to get Munoz now.Submitted €1.5m for his service.When we get him we can play with 3 at the back.


Munoz is god, but dede is much batter he is fast and strong and i wach him play againts neymar ( vasco da gema vs santos) in brasil you can find the video on youbube, neymar was going crazy could not pass him og run from him so funny, maybe use alex on the transfer plus 5 to 7 M to get dede… great deal for milan… and the same with bochetti, use zapata on the deal on the end of the season.. and let bonera and mexes and zaccordo leave give the chance to vergara and ely and other… Read more »


NO! Bonera is so great we are renewing his contract yet again. we can’t lose people like him. It’s OK to lose players like Pirlo but not Bonera. [sarcasm of course]


I dnt know this guy and will not believe the praises on him until i see him play…for now i care less. Poli signing taught me a lesson cos everyone was shouting ooli poli poli….he came and proved nothing…acerbi acerbi acerbi….thesame…..armero armero……where is he? If he is that important to his club they will not loan him out thats just the truth! MEDIOCRE!!!


AWESOME Comment…!


That’s what I’m trying to say. Guys here or so euphoric about every new singing, it’s pure nonsenses. The same is with our coaches and our primavera players. Remember all those ideal 11 with GANSO??Where is he now?What about SIMONE VERDI, MERKEL, STRASSER? Based upon majority of guys here, they were suppose te be pillars of new milan… Seedorf was good,than bad, now again he is some savior of ours. Pippo was great now he is an idiot.


He isn’t even a starter at spartak.


I like how the article begins. The fans wanted a defender… Munoz and Bochetti are below average maybe even lower. We need 2 high class defendrs: Vertoghen, Veltman, Nastasic, Savic… Any 2 players of their level. And buy Darmian already he can play on both flanks of defense and midfield. 1 or 2 useful CDMs. And a real striker like Destro. I don’t understand Berlusconi’s logic, it’s better to pay 30-40 million and have a great team rather that lose 70-80 million from inability to quilify for European championships.


Who the f… is he? WHy are we signing players who no one wants? Galliani must be fired immediately. He wasn’t a starter at Spartak and all of the sudden he is what Milan needs? DAMN


I’m not getting excited about anyone coming into the defense unless their names end in Silva, Dede or Darmian.


I’m tired of seeing no vision in this club. Within both the play style and the management, we are completely lost. It may be Inzaghis fault that our team plays so awfully. We have a better squad than many teams, but we play like a Sunday league amateur side, we cannot string passes together. We have no midfield presence, which means no matter how many gifted attackers we get, without any good midfielders to dictate play and feed them the ball, they’re going to struggle, or as Menez does, drop back to our own goal line to get the ball.… Read more »


He was an okay player in his time and I haven’t seen him in years since. So probably a normal squad player and that’s the best case scenario. Damn.


Another low impact signing by Galliani, Bochetti only managed 2 start for Spartak this term and all of sudden he is good for Milan? this is more of a panic signing by Galliani, Munoz on the other hand would be a good addition to our defense for the summer and i like the idea of signing Nastic from City very talented player.


I think Galliani really did well in brainwashing some Milan fans over the years. I sure ain’t one of them. There’s always a smoke screen.


Oh man another mediocer player……. We cant win having these players in the team…… Why don’t Galliani understand… Only one person is responsible for this condition of Milan and that Is Galliani…. Sack him to the earliest…..


Well, the player played only 3 matches in this season for his current club in the Russian league. That sure says a lot about his level. but hey, we will get another defender; probably overpaid too so we cannot get rid of him when he doesn’t succeed. The funny thing is that he is the player with the highest market value in Spartak. BTW, I searched for him in to see his playing style, strengths and weaknesses and couldn’t get a result. Let’s hope this is a fluke good signing compared to [Acerbi, Constant, Emanuelson, Birsa, Essien, Muntari, Mesbah,… Read more »


Just a minor correction. I found his profile under whoscored. I had just misspilled his name. If you add Matri, Maxi Lopez and Gabriel, you have a 23-man squad of failed transfers. Impressive feat considering our limited resources. It’s like we are a magnet for failures.


Just for the fun of it, here are two full lineup made of our mediocres:
1st string: 4-3-1-2
———– Agazzi
Zaccardo – Onyewu – Acerbi – Taiwo
Nocerino – Essien – Muntari
–Niang ——- Maxi Lopez

second string 4-3-2-1 with 3 CB and 1 LB
Silvestre – Salomon – Vergara – Vila
– Poli – Toure – Birsa,
—- Constant – Saponara,
Additional subs
Mesbah, Armero


oduamadi, traore, BONERA, Albertazzi, Flamini


Traore is what I meant but I mistakenly wrote Toure


New Zaccardo, is that you?


This debacle just highlights the injustice that was met out to Seedorf. Where there is no vision the people perish. That is what is lacking with the management of this Milan team. We as fans can tolerate losing if there was a plan or youth project in progress. There hardly seems to be any. This is just a sad state of affairs for Milan Fans all over the world.


Galliani always panic buys, anytime it is hot under the collar. so we get bocchetti and co, he was “once” good? what is galliani thinking? we can only hope for good surprises, but as at now only shocking useless transfers. i watched munoz clips but 11min clips are no just measure of his capabilities.

we are paying 3 million euros for destro, double what he collects at Roma. that is what happens when you do not plan your transfers properly and get over-hyped “talent”.

Rosso Neri

Some few people here already mention it, so long I have been here on this blog, it seems people get hyped by most players we get linked to or signing by even having any knowledge about them. Poli for example, he is one of the most limited players on the team, by that I mean: he just running and that’s it. It’s a reason why Sampdoria and Inter cut him off.


Another unmotivated and unfit panic purchase… I’m disappointed & disguisted


We will see wat he got hope he plays well