Inzaghi: “The whistles were deserved, Milan have to wake up quickly but nothing is lost”

AC Milan's coach Filippo Inzaghi gestures during the Italian Serie A football match AC Milan vs Atalanta on Jannuary 18, 2015 at San Siro Stadium in Milan.    AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE        (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)
Inzaghi during the match Milan-Atalanta on Jannuary 18, 2015 at San Siro. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Filippo Inzaghi has insisted ‘we have to turn these whistles into applause’ and said he would accept points at the expense of appealing football.

Another day, another match, another embarrassment. Milan continued their miserable 2015 Serie A start with a second defeat in three games and once again it was at Stadio San Siro, against Atalanta who, after beating Milan, are 15th.

“We all have to be aware that we have the obligation to do more. The whistles were deserved today. We have to turn these whistles into applause,” Inzaghi told the Milan Channel in the post-match interviews. “This side hasn’t become useless in 2 weeks.

“Tomorrow we will analyze the match. With work and desire we will get back to the levels of 2 weeks ago. We have to think about what happened. We were missing something after the first half an hour. We have to pick ourselves up right away because we immediately have 2 matches.

“I have told my players that they have to take responsibility and be aware of what was missing. This week will allow us to work and on Saturday we will be tested out on the pitch.

“Nothing happened between Abate and Cerci (there are rumours that the two quarreled during half-time). But when a side isn’t able to get a result, it can happen that the team gets angry. I will try and give confidence back to this team which seems to have been lost.

“We’re 7 points off third place,” Pippo added. “This time last year the team was 17 points off third place. There is still the entire second part of the season to play. Nothing is lost.”

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 18:  Head Coach of AC Milan Filippo Inzaghi with his players during the warm up before the Serie A match between AC Milan and Atalanta BC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 18, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)
Inzaghi with his players during the warm up before the match between Milan and Atalanta at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 18, 2015. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

Speaking to Sky, Inzaghi had this to say: “We just have to roll our sleeves up and work. There’s nothing else we can do at this moment. We have the determination, but that’s not enough anymore and we need to wake up. We take our share of the responsibility, but the only medicine for these issues is work.

“It’s above all a shame that we gave away the ball for the goal. We created chances, albeit not enough and we need to do so much better for a team of our quality. Our style of football that we had early in the season isn’t coming out on to the field anymore and the team is feeling the tension.

“Let’s not forget this team played on a par with Roma and Napoli, so cannot suddenly lose all their talent. On Tuesday we played well against Sassuolo in the Coppa Italia, which is an important tournament for us.

“We need to get back to doing what we did before the Christmas break. Maybe the defeat to Sassuolo at the start of 2015 damaged our confidence. We might not be able to play the best football in these circumstances, but we must try to play better than this. We should be tighter and more compact.

“Perhaps the excessive desire to win made us lose our bearings and get stretched out. We’ll analyze the game and try to improve. It’s the only thing we can do at this moment.”

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 13:  AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi (R) looks on before the TIM Cup match between AC Milan and US Sassuolo Calcio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 13, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Inzaghi and Tassotti before the TIM Cup match between Milan and Sassuolo at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 13, 2015. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

In the post-match press conference, Inzaghi said similar things, admitting he’s ‘disappointed’:

“Up until a short while ago we were competing with Roma and Napoli, but I didn’t get ahead of myself then and I won’t get down now. I take the blame and we will try and turn the whistles into cheers.

“I am calm but at the same time disappointed. I don’t like to look for excuses or who is to blame. It’s down to me to turn the whistles into applause. There were 30000 people and we have to do more. We have many fans and we cannot play like that. We have to roll our sleeves up.

“Saturday we have a big test, that if we play with the right attitude, can go well. I have to give everything to get the team back to playing how they did against Napoli and Roma. The situation is not dramatic, but we have to turn things around. With work and desire we will get back to what we were before.

“I feel very supported by the club. I go forwards with my convictions, ideas and desire. The team follows me and we have to turn things around quickly. We’re 7 points behind third and we have to try to fight.

AC Milan's coach Filippo Inzaghi looks on before the Italian Serie A football match Torino Vs AC Milan on January 10, 2015 at the "Olympic Stadium" in Turin.  AFP PHOTO / MARCO BERTORELLO        (Photo credit should read MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Inzaghi before the match Torino-Milan on January 10, 2015 at Stadio Olimpico di Turin. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“I chose a midfield today based on quality and for this reason I played with 2 wide midfielders like Montolivo and Bonaventura. We didn’t manage it today, but the idea was to dominate the play. We conceded after our error, which we should have avoided. Everything is up for discussion when you lose. We have to understand what isn’t working and find a solution.

“We could have played with 2 forwards today, but Pazzini hasn’t been well in the past days. We started with what we know and then I brought on Pazzini, but it wasn’t enough. The training sessions had told me that we were more confident. Obviously we had some fears and I’ve to get rid of them as soon as possible.

“It’s not a question to do with the formation, but rather a desire to play with heart and desire. We have to wake up quickly and get back to doing what we have been doing.”

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Ya ya ya inzaghi same old BS
YOU PICK THE WRONG TEAM OVER AND OVER AGAIN and it’s not just inzaghi who’s hapless, how on earth is tossoti still in a job?


The problem of the team lies in midfield and defense(centre back and left back).Why do we keep on playing De Sciligo at left back when he is a natural RB. We play a Abate at right bAck when his qualities can be used as a wide midfielder or a DM. Those are the 2 main problems of the team. Inzaghi goes and buys attackers when the problems are mostly in defense. We ALREADY have quality attackers in El Shaarawy,Menez,Honda and Cerci.They just need that 1 link between them and the defense .


another day; same bull s__t


You can see even the players get very annoyed: Rami taking a stupid yellow card and even De Jong knocking Sportiello in the head with a foot.

I think the players don’t really believe in Inzaghis tactics or then they just don’t understand them because to me, Milans playing looks like bashing head against a wall.


So sick of these excuses… Just be brave enough, quit the job and take all the staff with you.
I respect Pippo as a legend but he sukcs in managing… especially in terms of improvement, so many games gone the wrong way and Inzaghi has not learned even a single lesson ffs!


Please instead of buying unnecesary players just buy a coach and a midfielder

Nino Divino

Considering the fact that Inzaghi had a pre-season to try out tactics, formation and players, plus the fact that he has been coaching for a while, even if it was with younger players; I think the right thing is for him to throw in the towel. Tassoti should be fired, because Seedorf was absolutely right. Seedorf had never coached. He came straight from the playing field and took charge of a battered and bruised team, and achieved something respectable at the end of the season. Yet, some b*** players betrayed him. Even the Curva Sud that went on to report… Read more »


They removed him from hall of fame?????
How come I didn’t read that somewhere?
What a shame… If they do the same with Inzaghi (altrough I dont think they will cause he is Itallian – and yes, I think b&g didnt give seedorf that much support cause he isnt Itallian… ) fans must rise up against managment.. It is a MUST… Dude, we have huge history, cause of that players, every single one of them mathers… Even if he is as bad as Bonera..


They say that but he is still a legend.. digitally atleast. check out the official ac milan website.


Both inzaghi and galliani should leave,
Inzaghi can’t turn This araund we Will play lazio and juve next, to more losses…
Inzaghi should get fired now so the New coach Will have time to get one or to players he want and try to save milan…
inzaghis ship is siking very fast.. ac milan should not wait for him to save it anymore…

As for galliani its hard hes contract is worth around 100 mil.. so we are stuck with him…
but galliani should eat his words for he fired seedorf and tryk to get him back…



Lets make these hash tags popular on Acmilan pages, we might save milan


I dont like to criticize Inzaghi since he was favorite player but i have to say that great players do not become great coaches. Difference between inzaghi and seedorf is that seedorf had the balls to change things around and his fottball was more attractive especially with such a player like Taarabt.




Yes but we all know Bonera is an Inter mole.


i am not surprised at all. not one bit.


at this time with this sh1t i dont really care if bonera is in team or out, team sux anyway


The only thing missing is a good coach and a better formation, we sick and tired of that useless 4-3-3 ,as for the assistant coach the least said about him the better. Forza milan!!!!!


1st we need better management which will led to better coach appoint which will led to better formation and possible better signings..


I woke up at 9 right when atlanta scored i just went back to sleep. Same old bs my room is full of milan flags my bed pillow all milan everything milan but i will not be a fan of this squad noone call me a trador im sorry but i will not watch no more of this team untill i head of a amazing signing and new coach. Yes pep u were a great stiker but no coach. Btw i have the loggo tattooed on my back. No europe leage no champions leauge no top 3 who is this… Read more »


The blessing went to Seedorf.


Inzaghi’s comments is very troubling. The problem today was definitely the formation and the players selection. How on earth can you play like minded players like Cerci and Abate whose style of play is to go down the wing and cross the ball into the penalty box? And who were they crossing the ball to when we didn’t even have strikers on the pitch? The same thing on the Left flank with El Sharaawy and Amero. Then you bring in Niang another winger to play on the right wing where Abate was doing a decent job. Playing 4-3-3 with this… Read more »


Dumb & Dumber To 2015 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Hilarious, like that…!


The whole point with this formation is to use ving backs to owerlap our wide strikers. Cerci and El 92.


I get mad and annoyed by milan playing like this But as we know milan plays now 3 years like sh*t I lost my emotion in watching And have even no hope annymore that milan turns the match to a win F…… Ing Phony sh*t happenin right now Milan doesnt play as a team f…ing mexes thinks he is sergio ramos And f…ing menez looks like handyquak with his outside boot passes and fail backheels And especialy boner is a stiff player that loses the concentration in fatal moments Seedorf was actualy a coach like mourinho in setting the players… Read more »


We desperately need to strengthen in the midfield. Montolivo was invisible. I still think that he is a quality player, but someone needs to clearly definre his role. IMO he plays best as a central deep lying playmaker. Although far from filling an obvious Pirlo shaped hole in our midfield, he does have an impressive passing range. Too many times inzaghi has fielded him as a box to box midfielder when he neither has the pace nor skill to run at and unlock a defensive line with intricate short passing, nor the physicality to defend infront of his own back… Read more »


spot on. i’ve saying these for a while. montolivo must play center of midfield


We had a very decent squad for this game and yet we loose playing bad football against a minnow. This shows there is something wrong with the coaches tactics.


i dont no what the milan management want to see for them to believe that inzaghi is not the man for the job this is not primavera that can run with energy to prove them self this is seria A men play with wisdom and understanding will need those men that read football not as inzinghi he can not do it ,,,,,,,continue with inzaghi seria B await milan if u like buy ronaldo with his formation and the spirit that i saw in him it will not still work inzaghi is an italiano whom is ready to leak the as… Read more »


Get rid of Inzaghi and Tassotti. Bring in Shevchenko (head coach) and Jap Stam (defensive assistant coach), and have Paolo Maldini as Director. Then we will have AC Milan at full circle of this suffering and embarrassing era.


Inzaghi’s comments are very troubling. This is not about the team lacking heart or desire. The formation and the team selection was ridiculous to say the least. Why play 4-3-3 with El Sharaawy and Cerci on the wings when our wing backs typically play down the flanks? No wonder Cerci and Abate were at each others throat! They are getting in each others way. And who are they crossing the ball to in the box when we don’t even have a striker on the pitch? That’s Insane at this level!!! I believe Inzaghi thinks good coaching is down to motivating… Read more »


Agree, especially with crosses without ST on the pitch… Problem is, with this formations, that we dont have real striker (only pazzo, but Inzaghi dont want to play him).. in 4321, 4231 formations, that 1 striker must be Inzaghi type.. Mandzukic type.. The one who sits inside 16m, and waits for a cross… And if we had one, we still wouldnt be good cause we dont have right midfield.. ST would stay in box, we would have one less player to defend… And with our midfield we cant afford it… So.. whole squad is poorely built… Squad MUST have a… Read more »


Comment: We start the league great bcoz the players where fresh n when the going is getting tough teams with more experience coaches start climbing on top of us bcoz we have an inexperience coach with no better tatics to combat them…..
What a shame …..


It is sad how Galliani that was so good has suddenly lost it. Perhaps, he is trying to get back at Berlusconi over something by destroying Milan. The whole situation is puzzling… 1. Consider this: We let Andrea Pirlo leave free of charge to a direct rival… 2. We offend and insult our legends: i.e. Leonardo who brought us the like of Kaka, Pato, etc… 3. We insult Seedorf, after forcing him to quit playing to come and take over a team, and then when he refuses to kiss somebody’s ass, we erase him from Milan history books – as… Read more »


Comment from 8 hours ago ChrisTorrano I certainly agree. Pippo is completely clueless when it comes to tactics and getting the best out of the players he is handed. I said before, the difference between Inzaghi and Seedorf is that Clarence was wise and had an understanding of how to make things work with what he was given. Meanwhile, Inzaghi is the complete opposite and it shows almost every week. At this point, I say just let our youngsters play and get time to develop. Ship out all the washed up trash in the Summer instead of offering them… Read more »


somtyms i laugh when i hear milan fans blaming formation,choaches,players, when all of u kno that the problem z with SB & AG… football is now business,u spend u win,its somthing so eazy…u cant have a club with free players,,milan has gone to the dogs…SB wanna take the team he found it…low level club see what allegri is doing with juve…juve is stil playing the best football…pogba z rated 100m nt coz of himself …if he was at milan he cudnt have developed into such a kid but its coz pipo around him… pirlo,manchisio,vidal, tel SB to spend nt getting… Read more »


Sorry for the double post. I thought my first comment didn’t get posted.

Milan have the funds to sign better players. Galliani is Mr. El Cheapo! He doesn’t buy the right players that fits into the team.

If we have scouts they all should be fired along with Galliani. Why does he sign players like Essien and renew horrible players contract like Muntari?

Nonetheless, we have a team that can do much better than this. Inzaghi is not using the players in the right formation.

At this rate Milan will end up like Borussia Dortmund.


Inzaghi is as worse as allegri…if he doesn’t use d wrong tactics, he uses d wrong players..y d hell does he kip using menez as a striker? Y cnt he just use him on d wings where he belongs..and inzaghi neva penalises him for being too selfish or playing poorly…y cnt he(inaghi) try d 4-2-3-1 formation…jz tired of him being d coach of milan.
I still tink pazinni wil perform beta dan menez in d striking position.
Seedorf is a far beta coach dan inzaghi.


Look at that,he scrwed up again. You dont play 4-3-3 with this team Pippo. De Jong and Bonaventura are the only players who are doing something good currently in Milan and thats Inzaghi’s and Tassotis’s fault. He must use these players right
if we gonna play 4-3-3 we need: (veryverygood)Striker,(veryveryawesome)Left Back and at least two (goooood)creative midfielders.

For 4-2-3-1 we need: (awesome) Striker and (good) Left Back

So Galliani please do your math and think about new coach,or retiring!


The midfield problem is that De Jong is the player who leads the midfield because he plays in front of the defense. With respect to de jong he has not the ability to play this role. He is only a hard worker but not a quality player at all. He does not deserve this responsibility. De jong is the hidden problem in midfield. This type of only defensive player in midfield should not play in a big club like milan. He could be useful in certain matches but not all. We need to dominate the field not defending especially against… Read more »


dejong never passes to any midfielder to connect offensive football. i’ve posting this like 8 to 10 times. he can only play 442 or 4231 formation. thats it. in a 433 we all know we need dynamic and charismatic midfield to work like barca. dejong staying back in his own half the entire match essentially leave our midfield in 2 player, with bonaventura attacking the ball, its actually is only 1 midfield, montolivo. its why he is playing so poor. coz midfield needs rotation of ball. plus inzaghi montolivo as box to box which he’s not, at all. dejong must… Read more »


Is this true that Milan have started selling their properties one by one?


I find it difficult to believe that Galliani still has his job; the Allegri to Inzaghi transformation is an example of how our Milan is run. Every decision that Galliani makes is trouble for Milan and yet we keep him and hail him as a genius. Our beloved Milan is becoming a laughing stock, we can’t play and even get dominated by midtable teams. We don’t make profit and can’t even attract fans to the stadium. He has taken Milan to mediocrity and we still think he is the best thing that has happened to Milan. A CEO that transforms… Read more »


De Jong is the last player we should be complaining about…smh… NDJ does what he’s asked to do on the pitch, which is to protect the defense and quickly distribute the ball to our LCM/RCM. If it makes everyone feel better, call it a 4-1-4-1 instead of a 4-3-3. On the rare occasion when he’s asked to get forward he is effective (Inter/Sassuolo). The problem isnt De Jong, the problem is that our LCM and RCM rarely, if ever, pass the ball to each other. When the ball is on the left our RCM is nowhere to be found, and… Read more »


Montolivo can’t the rcm or lcm role. He can only be the regista.


4-4-2 Mr Inzaghi
Lopez ,abate,mexez,Alex,armero,dejong van ginkel,Cerci,el sharaary,Pazzini,menez