Finished: Torino 1-1 Milan


Teams news: Torino are without Amauri and Barreto. Milan have to do without Michelangelo Albertazzi, Daniele Bonera, Marco Van Ginkel, Keisuke Honda and Hachim Mastour.


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Torino F.C. (3-5-2) – Giampiero Ventura
Daniele Padelli; Nikola Maksimović, Kamil Glik, Emiliano Moretti; Bruno Peres, Giuseppe Vives, Alessandro Gazzi, Alexander Farnerud, Matteo Darmian; Josef Martínez, Fabio Quagliarella.
Bench: Gillet, Castellazzi, Jansson, Bovo, Molinaro, Gaston Silva, Benassi, El Kaddouri, Lescano.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Filippo Inzaghi
Diego Lopez; Mattia De Sciglio, Philippe Mexes, Adil Rami, Pablo Armero; Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel De Jong, Sulley Muntari; M’Baye Niang, Jeremy Menez, Giacomo Bonaventura.
Bench: Abbiati, Agazzi, Alex, Abate, Zaccardo, Zapata, Poli, Essien, Saponara, Cerci, El Shaarawy, Pazzini.

Referee: Gianluca Rocchi.

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It is an awful and a shameful milan!


Inzaghi makes small team coaches look like mourinho.


Galliani,Tasotti,Mattia De Sciglio,Andrea Poli,Giampaolo Pazzini all conspired and sacked my Seedorf and then brought a legend to be hated by the fans despite being loved as a player.
Seedorf won 5 straight league matches conceding only 2 goals despite pairing Zaccardo and Rami in some of those matches.He is consistent enough despite having so many weak and uninform players than Inzaghi have now.
We shall see Inzaghi’s excuses and the reaction of the management.


Amen. Inzaghi/Allegri isnt even a coach for me




Seedorf also lost five games in a row. Worst losing streak since the 1980s. Seedorf isn’t any better than Inzaghi so stop pretending.


If this is Inzaghi’s output with the support of the management, I wonder how his team will look without their support.

Inzaghi had the benefits of preseason with his players, a good keeper, a healthy SES, an utility Bonaventura plus the fact that he has just the league, no UCL or Coppa Italia distractions yet he is outputting this crap. Even when ‘Dorf loses, you could still appreciate the standard of play!! Let be honest and tell Inzaghi the truth.. His output is below par.


You forgot the useless captain Montolivo. Anyway, the Pazzini, how many matches has he played under Inzaghi now? Inzaghi only has enthusiasm without tactical depth. Now the enthusiasm is all gone.


if Inzaghi continue with three defensive midfield we will not taste 4th position not to talk of 3rd because no chemistry from midfield to forward so once we score we will sit back even against relegation team, even the B


Awful, awful, awful match. Honestly the most painful to watch from the entire season for me personally.


Do we really need the third place with this type of game? What would we do in the Champions League if we even got there? Even the teams from Pot 4 could give us a hard time, I assume. The team looks clueless almost in every department, starting from the coach. Our corners are simply “fantastic” – 8 of 21 goals this season were conceded from this set piece. Didn’t surprise me when Glik scored another of his goals with a header from a corner, cause all of his goals this season came this way – and still we were… Read more »


I blame Inzagi and only INZAGI, f this shit. I was waiting for this game all week , so exited to see the game and than you get disappointed and mad as a f seeing Milan play like that. How the hell am i going to get sleep now???
Why o why and when is this sh…. going to finish?


1 inzahgi most be tasted ,,,2 he can’t do this job sorry to say this he inzaghi have operated so long with the spirit that sedoof left he is now proving to us that he can not do this job ,,,how can u be playing with 10 men with out a striker up front no shot on target nothing nothing ,inzaghi will take this team to seria B when that happen some of us will understand why seedof told them that he can not work with haf of this team and he was sacked


Seedorf also lost five games in a row since we like our selective history.

We perhaps would have played the second half better with all players. Abate should have started period. De Sciglio cost us this game.

And anyone who says I am too hard on him… He has been bad for quite some time. Bring back Darmian… He was good for Torino. Bring Coentrao… I don’t know. De Sciglio isn’t a left back, but he was atrocious as RB today. And plays like a Reggina player.


Seedorf lost five games in a row people… He wasn’t good. Stop with that. I would rather have someone with more experience. Inzaghi is a nice guy, but perhaps doesn’t have the experience. I think he deserves better players than the ones given to him though. So maybe this is a signal for Galliani to do something now!

And please stop making excuses for De Sciglio… Who wouldn’t make it in the Serie B.


This should be a signal for Galliani to make a move for new players. Brozovic, Baselli, witsel, Coentrao and Luiz Adriano or Destro. We need new players.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Like those players would make a difference Milan need 1-3 stars or future stars in the right positions but first Milan need a new owner and management i dont even like Milan anymore and i have been a Milanista for 15 years i like good entertaining football but this Milan play ugly football and thats why i dont support them anymore they have become a big joke


You don’t support them anymore…so you’re a plastic fan? What are you even doing on this site anymore?


As a real Fan u Would never Day that. U are that Kind of Fan that only support a Team when its winning. But u habe to go through the bad Times too with your Team. Go and support inter. Forza Milan per sempre

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

If i just support a team when its winning then i would have supported Real Madrid or Barcelona along time ago you really think you have me figured out do you?


Ur A plastic fan. My comment was a real suggestion. Yours a baseless attack. Learn how to make a real suggestion instead.


Seedorf isn’t a top coach. Stop pretending. We wouldn’t be in the top two with him. Our team lacks midfielders and it shows. No he hasn’t got everything given to him. And we need a real left back.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Seedorf quit football and started coaching in a matter of days and he did a A + job with the squad he had and with no support from Berlusconi and Uncle Fester at all you could see on the players that they were much more motivated with Seedorf they all loved playing under him except the players he wanted to get rid of like Montolivo Bonera for example they fired Seedorf because he had his own plans that Berlusconi disagreed upon and didnt want to spend Money Seedorf could have made Milan best again he only needed support and trust… Read more »


Milan management logic: we have problems in midfield and defense. So, let’s get an extra striker (Destro)


Yeah like a few years ago when we had defender problems.
Galliani and Allegri: We need strikers and they bought us pazzini, matri etc

What a joke for managment.


We are linked to midfielders. We need a real striker too though.


We just need new couch. We can have the best team in the world if they do not play well we lose


And Seedorf is a real coach?


Inzaghi had all he wanted-
-Support of the president,management,team and fans
-A set piece specialist
-His transfer targets-D.Lopez(world class gkp),Alessio Cerci.
-An inform Keisuke Honda,Ignazio Abate,Phillippe Mexes,D.Lopez and Giacomo Bonaventura.
-Versatile players to switch to any formation(Bonaventura,Menez,Montolivo,Saponara,etc)
-A peaceful locker room.
And yet he is so awful,inconsistent and unreliable,full of excuses and protecting the player’s awful performance.
Oooooh! Where is my Seedorf???Bring Seedorf ASAP.


Many people say that seedorf was awful… But I would rather watch seedorf’s attacking milan, attacking style of play… Than Pippo’s booring, without inspiration football… Dont get me wrong, Inzaghi is my idol, along with gattuso best player for me… And im sad to see him fail… But for milan, as a coach… He is not what we need… Sorry but that is true… Seedorf also isnt a coach for milan at the moment (altrough he has done miracles)… We need real coach with expirience…


Sad very sad we need an experienced couch


I prefer new couches to already used ones 😉


Experienced? Hmm.. casting couch? 😛 If you know what I mean 😉


de Sceglio is as useless as Inzaghi


Maybe darmain was the next Maldini we missed not MDS

Forza Milan

That was an embarrassing performance in today. Inzaghi did a terrible job managing today with his lineup Cerci should’ve play on the right and El Shaarawy on the left with Bona in the mid and Abate at Lb can’t stand this lineup


I must say I am so ashamed of this Milan team .smhh.. it’s a shame that teams like torino, sassoulo,Palermo can now play milan and go home with a draw or win . It’s a shame! Inzaghi is a disgrace. . if milan don’t buy a creative midfielder we are doomed this season .. (still a milan fan tho)


What an embarrassing game… Torino should have pumped us 3/4-1 , EASY! I really hate to say this, but our CL hopes are running thinner and thinner. There’s too many other teams that are hungrier for that 3rd spot, plain and simple. These are the games we should be grabbing points on, but instead, get completely out worked?? We got exposed on so many attacks because there’s no discipline in positioning, players are all over the place. It’s definitely time to play with 4 in the middle because clearly there’s not enough being generated to our guys up top. We… Read more »


I must say I am so ashamed of this Milan team .smhh.. it’s a shame that teams like torino, sassoulo,Palermo can now play milan and go home with a draw or win . It’s a shame! Inzaghi is a disgrace. . if milan don’t buy a creative midfielder we are doomed this season .. (still a milan fan tho) I can’t even categorize the match as a training match .. it looked like some 50 year olds playing against 15 yr Olds ..smh


Sad, so so so sad, Milan better wake up and get some dissent MD other ways we might go further down! We need fast, strong physique and good in the air MD’s who can shoot the ball from distance and score once in a while, we need players with good technique, young and not some chip left overs. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Galliani other wise no CHL for Milan!! Get: WANYAMA MD, TIELEMANS MD, LUCIANO VIETTO S and let go the some of the garbage we still have in our club. SEEDORF WOULD BE IN TOP 2… Read more »


Seedorf would be 15th or 16th. And none of those players are any good.


I will always love Milan..Eventhough they hurt my heart..


Giancarlo, you’re probably italian, which is why you are afraid to face the fact that Seedorf is a better coach than your fellow countryman. Italians are afraid of reality. Stop hating and face reality. In one half of an already terrible season, Seedorf managed to get us 31points. Had we allowed Seedorf to spend the whole season he could’ve collected us atleast 62points, which good enough for 3rd place. Inzaghi “has more experience” than Seedorf, everyone loves and supports him, he has a better squad, the curva sud loves him more than they loved Seedorf, he has everything a coach… Read more »


Brother, I never realised it could be like that. Spot on!


Seedorf didn’t “make it”. He didn’t “make anything”. And no, he wouldn’t have got us third place. I even rate Leonardo above him, and Leonardo is Brazilian lol.

And the you made an incredible assumption that Seedorf would get us 62 points.


And there is no “racist motivated denial. You should be barred from posting here just for accusnig me of that. Seedorf is definitely not the better coach. Not by any stretch of the imagination. At this rate, I’d rather have Leonardo back lol.


We are lucky Milan got a point – they were completely, I mean, completely outplayed by Torino, I reapeat, Torino – not Real or Barcelona but Tornino. Our beloved old Milan would have won against Torino with 8 players!!! Inzaghi is no coach – we need someone who knows what he is doing. Good bye 3rd place. It’s a shame what this team has become.


It’s very painful to watch my beloved Milan for the following reasons
Inzaghi has no playing Philosophy, No game plan, Wrong Selections and Substitutions

IMHO, I think an inexperienced Seedorf was better than an experienced Inzaghi ATM

And Finally the Management have no Project, Personally as a Milanista, there’s nothing to be Optimistic about over the coming years


Being short sighted will get us no where…sell MDS…lol..okay, lets sell him to Real, let Carlo manage him, watch how that works out…smh… We cant continue to blame our players for the mismanagement of our squad…MDS, SES, Honda, MVG, Niang, Pazzini, etc… If they are being used at all, they are being used at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons, and in the wrong ways…(it should be obvious that Niang started because we are in the transfer window). Take AC Milan as it is today, same squad…now hand the keys over to the worst coach you know of, I… Read more »


On the same token, MDS is what he is… nothing more than a mediocre player.


seedorf is in a far away placesitting down with wine laughing at milan


I give up.


The constant gushing about Seedorf on here is pretty disturbing I think.

The fact that some think he would last all season and get us 62 points is downright wrong.

I am sorry, but some need to rethink their thought process and get back to reality.

In reality, I would rather have a coach like Rijkaard or even Benitez before Seedorf or even Inzaghi. A coach with a bit of… experience.


Or here is another idea… bring back Ancelotti! But some would not like that at all!

Ancelotti is one of the last great Italian coaches.

And please don’t accuse me of being racist ever again. I’m not Italian by the way, despite my name.

Take a LOOK at some of the players I want at Milan. Are any of them Italian? I even think Luiz Adriano is a good choice for Milan. Is he Italian? No, he’s Brazilian.

If you think I rate one skin color over another you are totally out of line!


Oh god enough already. Half the comment section is about you trying to shove your opinion down people’s throats. Maybe Seedorf would’ve been better than Inzaghi. Maybe an autocrat is just what this team needed. Seedorf maybe a bit over the line sometimes, but i feel he is made of the same material like Conte and Simeone who have very high expectations for their club and players. I felt it was great that seedorf was given the sack and Inzaghi took over. The team looked happy and the atmosphere at San siro looked positive. I agree that he needs time,… Read more »


I feel not. Seedorf isn’t like Conte or Simeone at all. Err… how about Simeone himself? Lets bring him in. He’s a solid coach. Inzaghi may need some time. I’m prepared to give him a season and then say perhaps we should look for a different solution. If he fails then I’m fine with the team moving on… but they need to bring in someone with experience. The last guy we had with great experience was Ancelotti.


There’s little chance that either of those two would leave for milan right now..


it’s none then what i’d expected. and i think it’s not about quality anymore. name player that can be brought to strengthen the team. but if they still play the same kind of football like this, they will failed too.


Milan is not even a subtop club right now

And with all the talk were milan we are afraid of noone proves aggain that milan has became phony topclub
Realy bad
It hurts my eyes and lust for watching milan play soccer

Milan must spend 100 million or they will lose more than money


And where would that money come from? Growing from trees?

Some here live in some other reality I think.

I’m with Milan all the way.

May I remind people of 1997-98? Before many on here were born I guess. Milan was in 10th. How about 1996-97? Milan was in 11th. I stick to my team through bad times and good times. I am not a PLASTIC fan that cries about everything. The later 1990s, barring one scudetto with Zacherroni, were BAD YEARS.


The more I watch this the more I hate that we didn’t pick him up.


Same here…we need a player like him


I do like what Taarabt did when he played for us. But the problem is that once he left he didn’t train. And he put on a significant amount of weight. People rate me down for saying that, but the guy has serious problems with discipline. If he cared enough he would have worked hard, and we would have got him later. Cerci didn’t train much with Atletico, but at least he didn’t put on 20+ kilos!


I must say I am so ashamed of this Milan team .smhh.. it’s a shame that teams like torino, sassoulo,Palermo can now play milan and go home with a draw or win . It’s a shame! Inzaghi is a disgrace. . if milan don’t buy a creative midfielder we are doomed this season


Giancarlo Giancarlo Giancarlo. you seem to derive pleasure from making seedorf look bad well I don’t blame you cos sometimes not everybody that have eyes see. inzaghi have only managed 2 winning streak with a squad he himself prepared with but under seedorf with the worst Milan squad ever he managed to go on 5 winning streak. Inzaghi is very poor as a coach. With this squad i think Milan should not be in the position they find themselves. This position they’re in is inzaghi’s doing and not the player’s. With this squad seedorf will achieve but of course the… Read more »


I don’t derive pleasure from anything. I liked Seedorf as a player and supported him as a player. He shouldn ‘t have been hired as coach. And perhaps Inzaghi wasn’t the right decision either. We should have been looking for a more qualified choice… maybe Rijkaard (yes he hasn’t done well lately, but he needs to find the right team)… or Simeone himself.

You give too much credit to Seedorf. Seedorf is nothing more than a mediocre tactician who stuck to one line-up no matter what. And people tend to forget Seedorf lost five games in a row.


I think we should leave Seedorf out of the plan. Galliani,Tasotti,Mattia De Sciglio, Andrea Poli, Giampaolo Pazzini,Abate and Montolivo all did not want him so there is no point bringing him. Maybe Tasotti should be allowed to take charge. He has been around for a while and will surely do better than Inzhagi. As for me and with all due respect to every comment, inzhagi lacks the basic knowledge of an average coach. All the manage is trying to do is to proof to people that he is better that Seedorf all because Seedorf think differently, will never field a… Read more »


wat a sad end 2 d game. Inzaghi sucks


It’s high time we all milan fans realize that we have to stop expecting things from the management. ..In the end it’s us who are suffering and not the owner…despite of the dreadfully football display we had…The management still have the balls for not spending. …oops I forgot italian football in crisis…inter got Hernanes. Shaqiri….roma got iturbe..30 millions…juve got morata…only milan is in crisis. .nowadays milan has become a universal joke about free transfers….when was the last time we spent money..balotelli…21 millions…….that too after selling ibhra and silva for 65 millions…nowadays football is not about history…its about creating a 1… Read more »


Inzaghi really has a judgement problem and the problem is that he has an obsession with his fixed assessment of his players. It must be in Inzaghi’s mind, once he has assessed some players as “good players”, these assessments will be stored in his memory permanently and it is very hard to delete or change it. For example, while the whole world can see Bonera and Muntari are error-prone, slow, and yellow-card collectors, Inzaghi does not see it; he seems always want to play them if they become available (after recovered from injuries or after suspension) no matter how bad… Read more »


We shid get darmain back
And also try DAT 3-5-2 formation


Guys we should stop fighting over seedorf and inzaghi. They both are club legends irrespective of race and color BUT both of them are not manager material especially when it’s about leading a top-tier club like milan. I don’t even blame them for their terrible run, how can you expect a rookie to coach a team like milan, which is under transition. I solely blame the management for appointing them. Our team is mediocre but we have the potential for champions League spot. We need an experienced manager, a manager with the vision of developing his own team rather than… Read more »


We should get playmaker and if we buy new striker i would gladly go with Gabriel Barbarosa awesome and young. Luiz Adriano would be good too but i think he will go to England.

I love MDS but he have been so poor this season dunno why maybe not happy in Milan or something.

Rami and Mexes have suprised me most (Mexes even more)

Montolivo, De jong, Menez and Lopez have been the best. We should tie De Jong’s contract before he signs for MAN UTD.


Now inzaghi claims they lack courage
Wow wat an excuse always comes
With wonderful excuses
Nice one Mr.Inzaghi…….


Younes belhanda. Axel witsel. Mario suarez. Adel taraabt Luis Adriano we need players like this wake up Milan plz essien. Bonera zacardo. Saponara muntari after his dis at getting subbed u r gone mate done never again put my beloved Milan shirt on again u disgrace taraabt has more love for Milan he doesn’t even play for them gtfo plz. They can get rid of loan or sell simple free up funds for new players pazini as well reallzy needs to go


Muntari should see the exit door right now after his attitude when he subbed!! He cannot act like this in a team like Milan.


You need to stop blaming mds for being out of form and the same goes for niang and ses milan is a bad club for young players no method no developing mvh could have been our saviour this season same goes for cristante our young players can become a world class players with the right guidnes but we need to give them time and believe in them


Muntari should be grateful atleast for starting for team like milan…..He’ll be rotting on a bench even for any low team…even Messi doesn’t do that after getting substituted……


Giancarlo seems to know more than everyone here but the thumbs down on his comments says it all. Think well Mr.giancarlo


Giancarlo seems to know more than everyone here but the thumbs down on his comments says it all. Think well Mr.giancarlo. the other guy accused you of maybe being a racist which i think is over exaggerated, the point is….learn how to accept people’s opinion this is a blog.


They don’t really say anything at all.

And I accept people opinions all the time. I don’t call others racist though.


How does the racist accusation have any merit?

Look at the people I want at Milan. I was even a big supporter of Kevin Prince Boateng and was really unhappy he left. Speaking of which, he could have been useful for us right now. A solid box to box player.

Some people blow a lot of smoke on here and rate up their own posts. Silly I think.


there can only be one maldini and milan should stop forcing that mediocre de siglio to be wat he can neva be. IMO inzaghi has no idea how he wants his team to play(identity) dats y i would anytime prefer seedorf to him, seedorf idea was clear attack is the best form of defence and that makes football entertaining. on d oda hand inzaghi may have his ideas but bcos he promise to do wat eva milan mgt wants he has little influence on team selection cos i believe team selection is wat ballusconi comes to do every friday. on… Read more »