Inzaghi: “Milan have to be smarter on the pitch, Torino will be a good test, we need to win”

Inzaghi in training this week (@acmilan)
Inzaghi in training this week (@acmilan)

Filippo Inzaghi is considering whether to field Cerci and De Sciglio from the first minute and insists “we cannot lose games” like the one against Sassuolo.

Milan started 2015 with a poor 2-1 defeat to Sassuolo but tomorrow they face Torino and will hope to get a first victory in the New Year. Torino are 14th in the Serie A standings, but Inzaghi, who analyzed the defeat to Sassuolo with the players, has warned his men it will not be easy at Stadio Olimpico di Turin.

“Everyone has ups and downs, you see that with Napoli and Fiorentina who have had the same Coach for years,” Inzaghi said on Friday. “I don’t have a magic wand to solve all our problems. I want to get to a consistent level as soon as possible. I’ll be satisfied in May if I got the best out of the players.

“We need to make this leap. We must try to improve. Abate’s words to the MC on Milan’s mental level? We need to win. We’re judged on every game, but I have to be more rational and always pay attention to everything. It’s easy to prepare for big games, but against Sassuolo we lacked the ruthlessness which can only come from inside ourselves. The truth is in between and that is we have to pick up some points.

“I wasn’t depressed after the Sassuolo game. I’ve always said I’d prefer to lose matches where the opposition goalkeeper is the best player on the park. Tomorrow will be a good test. We’ve to be more attentive, as we lost a game from a corner against us. We’ve to be smarter and more cynical on the pitch.

“We’ve been conceding those types of goals for a long time, corners were always a limitation of ours. The same applies to goals from throw-ins. I can’t explain why for 10 years Milan have been conceding goals from set pieces. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the team, the setup or we don’t have enough height.

Cerci and Inzaghi in training this week (
Cerci and Inzaghi in training this week (

“In recent games we’ve been too naive, I can’t coach that. Hopefully we’ve realized you can’t concede from corners, hopefully it doesn’t happen again. Tomorrow will be a good test. We have to be more attentive, as we lost a game from a corner against us. We have to be smarter and more cynical on the pitch. We’ve been conceding those types of goals for a long time, corners were always a limitation of ours.

“The same applies to goals from throw-ins. We finally have a full squad. Given we’ve had two games in just a few days I’ll be spoiled for choice. We have to keep trying to play well and impose our game. We can’t give away a goal when we’re in possession. These are defects that have been detected.

“Chances are created but there is not goal? Every game has its own story but had to be good to get a result when the game had started in the right way for us. The best answer is on the pitch tomorrow. We need all our strikers and I try to use them all.  Sassuolo? I think there have been games where we’ve played worse, I was very critical because I was disappointed, we could easily have won, it was in our hands.

“With more concentration and ruthlessness we’d have gotten a second goal. Their goal made us nervous, we had a lot of chances in the second half. The Coppa Italia match with Sassuolo? We look forward to playing Sassuolo, and addressing what happened last time. For one thing, it’s a competition we care a lot about. Now the priority is the match with Torino, who can cause problems for anyone. We’re ready.

Inzaghi and Pazzini in training this week (
Inzaghi and Pazzini in training this week (

“The match? We all know what Torino bring. They’re well organized, and their weapon is the counter-attack. We’ll have to play well to cope with them, they have one of the best defenses in the League. It will be hard to break them down when they’re sitting in.

“Cerci, Abate and De Sciglio? It’s down to me not to be too hasty. Cerci didn’t train properly at Atletico and he hasn’t played in three months. We need to be patient. He has a great attitude, I’ll see if tomorrow or Tuesday he’s ready to play from the start. Abate I’ll assess in training, but he’s fine after his back injuries. I’m not sure if De Sciglio is ready to play again immediately.

“Mattia Destro? He’s a Roma player. I’m not going to talk about another team’s players, I’m not going to talk about the transfer window. If you want to speak about Milan and Torino, fine, otherwise we’re finished here. The Ballon d’Or? Neuer and Ronaldo are the favorites. Neuer has done so much and Ronaldo won it last year. Cristiano is the best player there is.”

Ignazio Abate and Cristian Zaccardo in training this week (
Ignazio Abate and Cristian Zaccardo in training this week (

Inzaghi also spoke to the Milan Channel ahead of the game: “We evaluated the game against Sassuolo. We are all convinced it went wrong and it should not happen again. Lack of concentration? We need to improve, Our attitude is the right one.

“We’ve played well in matches against the bigger teams, but we must improve. I’m sure we’ll be ready. Against Sassuolo we played well for half an hour. In the second half we had several chances and 60% of possession. You can’t lose a game like that. We need to improve from this point of view.

“Only Bonera and van Ginkel will be missing for us tomorrow. El Shaarawy has not trained after a knock to his operated foot, and with Abate and De Sciglio we need to have patience, it takes time after an injury.

“To risk all of them or a few of them for several minutes isn’t an easy choice to make. I can’t put them at risk, I have to think about the long-term, and not just the next game. I would start Cerci, but I have to think about what he’s ready for. He’s improving every day, and soon we’ll see him from the start.”

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Shams Arafat

Hahaha… Probable lineup. Muntari is in with bonaventura and niang playing in the wings


You ned to be god in the tactics…
and torrino should be a eazy test but for you everythink is hard tests, you have only succes when you lucky… ac milan have had Meny draw and loss under inzaghi that you can not put word to it…


Milan thought they’d won the match when they went 1:0 up and started coasting so how is that not an attitude problem?


Torino will be a good test? lol no offense to Torino but they are just decent. Although we don’t have many superstars in our squad it has a lot more quality players than Torino. Losing and even tying to them is embarrassing.


inzaghi thought too that they won the match… he is not serious, gives to much credits to the players becouse their score a goal, or a singel win, you should give creditc to your players when they won 3 to 5 games in a row.. and if anyone forreal remembers inzaghi as a player he was all ways in offside or in the line, and now you espect for him to run the team… i dont se inzaghi become a graet coach… the best coaches are them who have played in the midfield and have past the tactics on the… Read more »


He’ll field 3 DM today cos he feels torino plays on the counter


I hope we get tru dis very soon !