Suso agrees four-year Milan deal, the Rossoneri in for a left back and midfielder next?

Liverpool's Spanish midfielder Suso celebrates scoring during extra time in the English League Cup third round football match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough at Anfield in Liverpool, north west England on September 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS
Suso celebrates scoring during extra time in the English League Cup third round football match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough at Anfield on September 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS

Suso is a Milan player but may only join in the summer. However, it’s claimed Filippo Inzaghi wants a left back and midfielder as reinforcements this January as well as some sales.

Milan have signed Alessio Cerci on an 18-month deal, swapping him with Fernando Torres who went to Atletico Madrid but despite the (exaggerated) claims of Silvio Berlusconi that this squad is enough to get back to being leaders, Inzaghi wants reinforcements.

In any case, Milan have already secured a transfer: Liverpool’s Suso can now be considered Milan’s Suso. The 21-year-old Spanish midfielder / winger has agreed a four-year deal and according to the Milan Channel he will undergo medical check-ups in the next few weeks. However, it’s likelier that he will join in the summer, rather than now.

“I can confirm we have a four-year deal between Milan and Suso,” the agent of the player, Jaime Serra, told “Can he join Milan from January? It is a possibility, we’ll see what happens at the end of the transfer window.” Signing Suso in January will cost Milan money while he will become a free agent in June.

Paris Saint-Germain's Italian midfielder Thiago Motta controls the ball as he warms up with his teammates prior to the French L1 football match Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) vs Montpellier (MHSC) on December 20, 2014 at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. AFP PHOTO / FRANCK FIFE        (Photo credit should read FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)
Thiago Motta controls the ball as he warms up with his teammates prior to the French L1 football match Paris Saint-Germain vs Montpellieron December 20, 2014 at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. (FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

As reported by today’s Tuttosport, Milan want to sell some players this January with Saponara, Niang, Armero, Zaccardo and Albertazzi all linked with an exit. Van Ginkel could also face an exit and return to Chelsea as he’s said to be unhappy with how little he’s been used this season (when fit).

The Turin-based newspaper claims that Inzaghi’s main priorities are a left back and a midfielder. Manuel Pasqual (32) of Fiorentina is the choice of Inzaghi while the club prefers a younger player like Luca Antonelli of Genoa or Leonel Vangioni or River Plate (both 27).

MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 05:  Marco Van Ginkel of AC Milan in action during Luigi Berlusconi Trophy at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 5, 2014 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Van Ginkel: is he already going to leave? (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

In case of a Van Ginkel exit or some other movement in midfield, Tuttosport expects Milan to be on the market for a midfield with the names of Mario Suarez of Atletico Madrid, John Obi Mikel of Chelsea and Thiago Motta of PSG all mentioned as possible candidates (as well as the name of Marcelo Brozovic of GNK Dinamo Zagreb for whom Milan made a bid) to improve Inzaghi’s midfield capabilities. Milan talked with Atletico over Suarez but they are reluctant to loan him out.

The agent of Motta confirmed he’s had contacts of Milan, although there is nothing too concrete.

“A player like Thiago cannot stay at a club for months after they voiced doubts over whether he’d stay past the summer,” his agent, Alessandro Canovi, told “We need clarity, otherwise we could look round at other options. January is a long month, so we’ll wait for the moment. I am sorry to see this situation, especially as the problems within the club are certainly not Thiago’s fault.

“I received many phone calls, including from his former Coaches. Milan are particularly receptive, especially considering their own doubts over the future of Nigel de Jong. I won’t say there is something concrete in this, but there is certainly a lot of interest. The next few days will be decisive to understand Thiago’s future. We’ll see what the club says and wait to hear their intentions.”

There are also reports, especially on il Corriere della Sera, that Milan want Mattia Destro of Roma on loan with option to buy and Giampaolo Pazzini could be included in the deal. January is here.

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With suso in, what does it mean for el shaarawy? Or will he be played in midfield a la isco at Madrid? The position in which we all hoped Saponara would break out in? If used as a winger i dont think we need him… Our attack is seriously set. Midfield should be the priority. None of the candidates are good enough, only Brozovic is an interesting name. I think that keeping De Jong, who wants to stay should be a priority though as he is classes better than the alternatives. Hope we wont make another mistake like pirlo and… Read more »


Trust me for Galliani and Inzaghi midfield is MORE than set. Muntari, Essien, POLI (!!), de jong and montolivo. For Inzaghi he has the best midfield in the world, inzaghi thinks his problem is strikers or defenders Agian, its basic knowledge. You have a V10 Engine with no transmission and the car doesnt move, then inzaghi thinks the problem is that he need a V12 engine instead. But he doesnt understand, he can KEEP changing his engine, but with no transmission (poli, essien, muntari, de jong, monty) he will NEVER make the car move. He can keep changing his brakes… Read more »


Who would you bring in the midfield? You seem to have opinions on everything he does, but never back it up with anything factual. Poli is not a defensive midfielder, and he scored the loan goal today. He works hard for the team, something Menez doesnt. Menez is very selfish, and kills a lot of attacks because he refuses to pass. This is a problem. This team needs a solid CF who can hold up play, if we stay with the 4-3-3. The midfield is not the problem. Our defense on dead ball situations is, has been for years. And… Read more »


Go and search the web for the word PLAYMAKER and after you realise what a playmaker is you will start understand that a playamker is what milan been lacking for 5 years. If you see milans midfield as Okay, then you should go and watch ice hockey or basketball. Inzaghi himself was a striker, how many goals do you think he could make without kaka seedrof, rui costa, pirlo? Imagine inzaghi as a striker and poli, dejong, muntari behind him. Do you think inzaghi would be a icon today? Our strikers HAVE NOTHING TO WORK ON. NOTHING, that is our… Read more »


Dont think anyone will take you serious on here anymore, nor should they. You literally know nothing, are condescending with an incredible amount of ignorance, and say that Inzaghi should kill himself. You are no Milan fan, as much as you try to convince yourself and others

uslar ses



Instead of spending more moni to get motta dat dejong has more quality than y don’t we use d more 2 keep dejong ?gallani shud leave milan . We keep loosing good players


Milan must change management because Galliani is inconsistent as he does the magic today and makes the worst move tomorrow. Why Thiago Motta? and truly ive seen different press reports that Inzaghi wants Pasquale personally and for what? 2 freaking 32 year old washed off players. I feel sorry for Milan because those who make decisions are ruining the future more and more, every club success starts from decision making and not just on pitch performance and clearly Milan are going wrong. The difference between Milan, Juve and Roma is how decisions have been made in last 4 years. Roma… Read more »


We seriously need to hurry and to make De Jong sign an extension, also replacing Muntari and Essein with one of the midfielders listed above and one young player Baselli or Cristante would be ideal transfer moves. And I hope the rumor about replacing Armero with Antonelli will come true. And finally to use money from Balotelli’s sale, Niang and Pazzini to get Destro. Plus get rid of Zaccardo just end his contract and sell Zapata, Albertazzi, Saponara and Agazzi.


P.S. writing Bonera was useless no one would let him leave and he’s friends with Inzaghi so let’s wait him to finally leave in summer. But so that you would know i believe 10 players should leave Milan:
Agazzi, Muntari, Saponara, Pazzini, Albertazzi, Essien, Zapata, Niang, van Ginkel, Bonera, Armero, Zaccardo.
IN: Antonelli (Matri can be used and we can also get some cash), Destro (Balotelli’s sale’s money), Cristante, Bronzovic.


Suso is exactly the type of player that Milan needs; a young, technically gifted player of great quality and potential. He can play in midfield as well, like Bonaventura. And to be honest, I don`t see a problem with SES. If SES plays bad, he should be benched, as simple as that. This is the problem with Milan, players are played based on their name/reputation. This does not only go for Essien and Muntari, but for SES and MDS as well. I don`t care if they are shiny gems from the Milan academy, if they play bad, they should be… Read more »


Agreed my friend. SES is even more of a worry than MDS in my opinion. He hasn’t really been anywhere near top form for about two years now.


Mikel – Motta – Suarez? Please… Just give De Jong his contract!!! If we buy a midfielder it should be an attacking playmaker type like Modric/Kroos/Isco. Not that we are getting them, but we need someone who can feed the ball to the attackers, and not run around like a crazy headless chicken like some of our other midfielders.


Inzaghi sure loves the wings…!!! The Midfield though…!


With the arrival of Suso,we can switch to 4-2-3-1 as the primary formation and there is room for El Shaarawy.
This means we should sell Honda for €10m and use it to buy Brozovic.
The attacking midfielders should be SES,Jack,Suso,Menez,Cerci,Brozovic,Mastour,Niang and Saponara(should the 2 stay).
Strikers-Menez and New striker.
CDM-Montolivo,Modic,Brozovic,NDJ(should be renewed),Poli.


Sell Honda??…you are worse than Galliani


I feel honda and bonaventura are the only consistent player we have

Hamid Tavakoli

The 4-2-3-1 DOES NOT work if your striker is a false9. You need a target man who will bully defenders/hold the ball/libnk play with inside forward and wingers. If we HAVE TO stick with the Menez false9 then 4-3-3 it is. This means that we will LIVE or DIE depending on Menez’s performance. Menez whould be played on the wing and we need Pazzo and another striker up front. HEY I DONT KNOW maybe Petagne? someone we had already? And why are we getting a midfielder? I thought the reason we sold Cristante and never gave a chance to Van… Read more »


Even if Honda was playing bad (which he’s not) we can’t sell him because of the money he brings in


My my..the Milan I used to know is being run by clueless people. With no disrespect to Pippo, he should have already noticed certain mistakes that he keeps on doing such as : Bonera is a big nono. Had a few, very few decent performances but most goals conceded when he plays are somewhat the player he is marking. Essien is not a footballer. Paying him anything is a sin to a club who buy only free players. Rami is a CB, not a right back, a center back. Zapata is risky at times but can be a solid back… Read more »


My excitement level over this team is currently running at minus 30. On the one hand we’ve got a mad president claiming “this squad is good enough to get back to the top” and refusing to spend any of the 9billion he’s got hanging around. On the other hand we’ve got a mad CEO saying “we’re fine as we are” while scrimping around for bargain bin leftovers like Obi Mikel and Motta. Then there’s a team being dragged down by deadweights like Muntari, Zapata, Bonera, Essien etc. and can’t defend to save its life, and a rookie coach who seems… Read more »


Mikel and Muntari are far beyond bin leftovers


If we don’t buy midfielder,we can say bye to Europe


Dejan 10
I completely agree 100% with you

Milan really need to start from scratch or berlusconi should sell coz he obviously does not care any more as he’s still among the top richest men in the world


Simply put, no game plan from Mr inzaghi


Suso won’t get playing time when he arrives, saponara, niang, didac vila, van ginkel(when fit) are examples

Shams Arafat

Why we are getting Suso? We have honda, cerci, niang all for RW. I don’t understand


Honda isn’t a winger and Niang isn’t exactly up to standard yet and so that leaves 30 year old Cerci.


Cerci is 27 🙂


Is he? oops


honda is playing as a winger for both japan and milan. cerci is 27. niang has been always deployed as a winger and at milan more than suso. suso at best can be third choice. just because a player is free doesnt mean we have to buy him. it will cost in wages. we need balance in the team. a midfielder and a left back what we need, not another winger


its simple coz he z free….milan have no plan of what kind of players tho can fit in the coaches game play….all what they kno is looking for free players…clubless….for a club nt to renew a players contract ..that should question any club coz for sure…no club can let a gud player goes free except milan of course….we had the 1st chance to sign tevez,iturbe,ljajic, etc…players that are hounting us nw…….we hv a chance to sign brozovic…..jst for 10 mil…..we cant jst add 3 then we forget…..we kno we dont hav a striker then we want to depend on menez…..remeber… Read more »


There was roumora that someone eanted to buy the team and spend millions in it. Then i heard another guy wanted to buy 30% of the team but what happen. Is it that berlusconi doesnt want to sell milan?


I like honda, de jong, and suso. I hope we can have all 3 and actually use all 3 in their positions

Rosso Neri

Are you thinking about Lim who bought Valencia? Who again bought Enzo Perez for 20m €? @chicopepsi


Look here is the link.. I wish berlusconi eather spend in the team or sell it


It was a thai businessman named Bee Taechaubol


inzaghi go an **** youself


Kind of tired and sick with this team ,so can’t Inzaghi see that our problem is from the midfield and this silly 4-3-3 formation , as for the defence the least said about them the better.


Milan has became a phony topclub like arsenal

I can cry load out when readin such nonsense interest in seniors

Berlusconi is suffering
I think something is holding him from spending

Oh i forgot hes a maffia all his money is black


The defence is not so bad, it’s just the tactics, teams, even sassuolo press from the front, but in our case, once the opponent has the ball, we just sit back and watch them play through us, inviting the pressure, elsha is obviously becoming a liability in front, his movements are so poor, his left foot is not functional and he’s playing in his favorite position, I can understand MDS, he’s forced to come onto his stronger foot when he gets to the byline, so Mr inzaghi is telling us that after a year working with the Primavera, he can’t… Read more »


is the right foot of Arjen Robben functional or by how much is van persie’s right foot a sharpshooter? please the boy is out of form simple, it has nothing to do with which foot he plays with. stick to the problem at hand. Poli scored his 3rd goal? his first 2 came in allegri’s time when his runs gave us some penalties. Now, he is banded as a super flop! well, try and tell Menez to pass the ball rather than try to dribble all the time, lose the ball and wait like a prima dona for the likes… Read more »


I really don’t understand why we always fall asleep after going ahead. The arrogance on display yesterday after we scored reminded me of Istanbul on a smaller scale. Sassuloso are a tough little team who’ve already drawn with Juve and Roma and so where this blase attitude comes from is beyond me. We really need to wake the hell up.


Suso plays in right MS-Position.


When last did Milan put 4 unreplieed goals against an opposition?


Interesting, up to now i don’t know whether Saponara can play or not… i never see him, save for the friendly games

blessing chivave

my wish is that we lose our nxt 3 matches, maybe Berlusconi and Galliani will wake up from their sleep and buy good players. if they can just sacrifice some old horses and spend 50mil on 3 good players a defender, mid and striker


I’m hearing that saponara has asked to leave and ggalliani is looking to swap him for baselli. Honestly I’m all for it because even though saponara hasn’t been given a great chance, when he has played he hasn’t looked anything special at all. Very weak and to be honest he never looks happy or that his head is in the game and he wants to play. Baselli also looks promising and is young. I’ve seen him play and he looks like a good cm.


Guys I hav no issue with cerci…but when we think of our rebuilding phase…does cerci help the cause…..Instead of him ..ife we would hav gotten berardi and zaza….for attackers . .and baselli for cm..Santon for left back..perin for goal keepers…i dont think all these signings would empty our owners pocket…This is all about taking efforts…just my view . .


The best attribute of de sciglio is tackling and defending……..His runs and crossing are poor…why doesn’t Mr. Inzaghi shift him to cb….and buy nastasic..This serbian is for 8 million sale…man city got him for 16 millions…He is just 21 year old..i remember watching him agaisnt madrid…ronaldo had a tough time . .him and de sciglio would rule for years to come


As a long standing Milan fan I’m worried with the direction Milan are taking in transfer windows. Granted the economical side of Italian football doesn’t allow us to ‘splash the cash’ any longer however considering just two seasons ago Milan said they were going to start from project 0 and focus more on youth players and developing stars – I find it rather worrying that most players we are linked to are past their prime (no offence). I think Milan should get rid of the following players: Agazzi, Mexes, Bonera, Armero, Essien, Alex, Pazzini, Saponara and niang (loan them out).… Read more »


I don’t think our defence is the problem. They are pretty solid. Problem is midfield. They either loose the ball so cheaply that a counter attack almost always result in a goal. You might notice our full backs are always up to join the attack. It leaves the center back flat footed On the other hand, when is the last time you have seen the midfield playing a through ball. As much as a good defender dejong is he will never join attack or do a key pass. You might wanna check whoscored for his stat of last season. Really… Read more »


Am I the only one who wants Milan to get a coach with experience instead of relying on one of our legendry and inexperienced players…FFS MILAN SI


Wow I thought Milan is in rather good mentality and condition at the moment, but I guessed wrong. Milan need an experienced coach, that’s it. Looking for a moment where duo milano could kick juve asses soon. From an interisti who just came by. Ciao