Highlights: Empoli 2-2 Milan


MILAN DROPPED points again and this time it was in the ground of the newly-promoted side Empoli. It was a tale of two halves on Tuesday evening. Milan were very poor in the first half, barely doing anything in attack and defending in terrible fashion. Lorenzo Tonelli lost his marker (Daniele Bonera) in the 13′ minute to head Empoli’s first goal of the night. In the 21′ minute, Milan conceded again – Manuel Pucciarelli found himself free in the box (Bonera again out of position), finishing off a good Empoli trick off a free kick. After 40 bad minutes, Milan finally woke up and in the 43′ minute, Fernando Torres – who played a quite good match on his debut as a starter – scored a great header (Abate assist). It was a lot more Milan than Empoli in the second half and the Rossoneri dominated possession and had the best chances. In the 57′ minute, Abate’s ball from Keisuke Honda, who scored to make it 2-2. Milan pushed hard to get another goal but couldn’t manage it, although Empoli lost Mirko Valdifiori to a red card in the 86′ minute. It was not a good showing from Milan as Filippo Inzaghi paid for his mistakes of starting Bonera and Sulley Muntari while subbing off Torres for Giampaolo Pazzini. The Diavolo now have 7 points out of possible 12 in Serie A after 4 matches this year.

Empoli: Sepe; Laurini (69′ Hysaj), Tonelli, Rugani, Mario Rui; Vecino, Valdifiori, Croce; Verdi; Tavano (64′ Maccarone), Pucciarelli (75′ Zielinski). Unused: Bassi, Pugliesi, Barba, Bianchetti, Moro, Guarente, Laxalt, Signorelli, Rovini. Coach: Sarri

Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Bonera, Zapata, De Sciglio; Van Ginkel (31′ Bonaventura), De Jong, Muntari (46′ Poli); Honda, Torres (81′ Pazzini), Menez. Unused: Agazzi, Gori, Albertazzi, Armero, Mexes, Rami, Zaccardo, El Shaarawy, Niang. Coach: Inzaghi.

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It comes down to lineup choices it really does you can’t pick bonera and muntari. Our defenders really aren’t that bad bonera makes us look unorganized and awful. I believe we have the same problem as Manchester United. We need world class midfielders. Our attack is great just need players to hold onto possession and actually string some passes together. Blaming our defense is a scapegoat.


Its Official: Inzaghi is Re ta rd ed!

Playing bonera and muntari is tactical error. And when the attack doesnt work, what does genius inzaghi do? he change the fowards, it never came across their mind that, if the attack doesnt workout, it might be the MIDFIEILD that needs changed. Maybe inzaghi you should try to play a creative midfield that can PROVIDE our strikers with something.

Inzaghi is just like Allegri, brain damaged


F*** Bonera!!!! first goal he lost his marking, second goal he was too late to cover…

What the hell on this earth and inzaghi’s head to make him starter!?!?!?


Bonera! I think maybe his wages is being shared.


Thank you bonera that you lost us points again.

I cant understand why this guy is still playing.seriously.


im so pist of right now, why do inzaghi play bonera when you have rami, he was the resaon parma scored 2 goals last time, and then got the red card, he was the reson empoli socet the second goal tonight he is slow, weak and leave his place on the center and dont know what to do… just stupit now i can tell for shure we can forget about CHL next year
roma will win seria a
Juve will finish 2
and inter 3

Forza Italia

I just want to know who Bonairre has pictures of theres got to be a reason why he keeps getting in the lineup I don’t get it


I swear the solution in midfield is in the primavera team. We have really 3 brilliant players: mastalli, and especially piccinocchi and modic. Creativity and ball control. Core and especially milan personality. Be brave inzaghi and enough muntari!

suya tong

nope, the will end up like cristante brohhh


Wrote this on the previous post: I already miss Alex. Or maybe its because of Lopez, but our defence is soo leaky when we play Bonera i’m sorry to say. Can’t wait to see Alex back and see how our defense will look, hopefully alongside Zapata or rami. Abate has four assists already! It’s more than he had combined in all his seasons until now lol! He has improved allround and is showing his old desire and grinta, love it! Bonaventura looked lively and should start in midfield, and so should poli, people here always have one player they like… Read more »

suya tong

the problem just F****** bonera


alex coming back and he will still play bonera with him

Sylvester Italiano.

I ‘ll start commenting when i get to hear that Bonera has been sold!!!!!! GoddamnE it!


Piccinocchi is 19 , at this age you can play in the main team even as a starter. Verratti is playing regularly in psg . The guy is really good but he is injured but it is about the concept. We need quality and creativity in midfield. Bonaventura should play in midfield.


How the hell Mr. Inzaghi cant see the things that even we fans see? I mean what kind of special things does Bonera have? I can understand playing muntari is acceptable since we have no far better choices but Bonera… Come on how can he be better than Rami, Zapata or even Mexes? I mean ennough is enough, and why not play Honda in midfield and SES in front? Being milanista is getting harder these days ((((


Why bonera!!!!! Y u do dis!!!


Umm..actually its 7 points out of a possible 12..


How in earth we could tell inzaghi not to play bonera again? Doesn’t it clear that he is the culprit of the the 4 goals we had leaked?


Inzaghi is not experienced but it’s hard to forgive him for playing Bonerror when he makes mistakes over and over and is costing Milan valuable points. Rami is so much better and was siting on the bench. Why not play SES? He is fresh and young. Inzaghi is making stupid mistakes.


Great goal by Torres.

Both Empoli goals on Bonera errors and on spot kick


it’s frustated to see bonera n muntari played in every match. this little two shits should be out of milan’s first team. i could not see the reason why inzaghi kept playing them. rami or bona in midfield are way better. hopefully he will realize his mistakes soon


I shouldn’t say anything on Bonera or Muntari since it’s very obvious. What I’d like to point out here is Honda & Abate. With respect to all other players, IMO they both “improved” a lot since last season. Abate can ACTUALLY cross now, while Honda kept on scoring goals (he was also the closest to score a goal vs Juventus). Anyway, season’s still long & I have a pretty good feeling that we’d end up in top 3.


Bonera is Berlusconi bastard…that’s why they always play him…


I’m going to Italy and kill Bonera myself

suya tong

go for it broh

milanisti bali

Bonera the actor…muntari is a dumb again..i jusy wanna kick their ass..
Torres is our hero now..without him maybe will get no point..
Hope inzaghi belive the fact that bonera is cause of the draw against empoli and 4 goals of parma…




tassoti’s defending strategy is obsolete. He should leave years ago…Seedorf was right



suya tong

yeah some oldjunk never learn this days..


Can somebody tell me why all mangers play Bonera…please


I have’nt watched this match. But I think Milan should use Zapata-Rami/Alex for CM, and We must use at least one creature middle field, who will hold rhythm for Milan. Saponara/Honda-De jong- Poli/Van Gilken will perfect. We should get Armero/ Albertazzi subtitute for De Sciglio, he need rest.If neccessary, we can play 4-2-3-1. What about Verdi? He has been promise AM of AC Milan and Italia


Abate got two assists today….I hope he keeps up the attacking side of his game….caught offside too many times tho when we were building pressure What can I say about bonera thats not already been said? Year after year we claim to get rid of unwanted players but yet he is still there…bonera is rightly our 5th choice center back and yet he is starting (O.o) Rami, Zapata, Mexes, Alex, Bonera Alex hasn’t been convincing as yet The muntari situation… Some of the criticism is unfair…we all know he is not an all round CM but its not like we… Read more »


Alex hasn’t been convincing?! Do you understand football? Alex is the BEST CB in the squad. He partnered Bonerror in the first two games we won – and do you know how much effort that is to be covering for a slouch like Bonnerror?


it cost him an injury, right?

Forza Italia

I just want to know who Bonera has pictures of theres got to be a reason why he keeps getting in the lineup I don’t get it

Ross Oneri

While Tossati is there, Bonera will always play. This Tossati guy is our real issue here. All he want is just to be at Milan, he was once offered head coach position and he ddnt take it because he knew he would be fired if he ddnt perform. So he doesn’t trust his abilities. Seedorf pressed a wrong button by wanting his own assistant which was one of our former players. Guess what happened to him…

Nutzy Boy

Oh cmon Inzaghi.. We all know that Bonera and Muntari are playing like shit.. Just put Rami and don’t forget to use El Sha in the front three.. Pazzini only good for Coppa or any unnecessary match.. Use Bonaventura as three man midfield and he could create chances..


FIrst goal Bonera fault
Second goal Bonera fault

no more comments


Nearly third goal which was clear penalty, Bonera fault. I scratched my head hundred times thinking why benera is so indispensible for every milan coach.


First things, first: INZAGHI DOES NOT LIKE RAMI. Milan almost did not get Adil Rami because they knew they would get Alex. Rami had to make up the rest of the fees to be at Milan. The same Inzaghi does not like Taarabt. It had nothing to do with their fees. The reason is simple: Inzaghi had decided his CB pairing, Alex and Bonera. Don’t get me wrong: Alex is a great CB and he has proved to be a great signing. The deal here was for Alex to make Bonera look good. Zapata drops to the bench with Mexes.… Read more »


Pippo hate arabs..
it has something to do with his past


Bonera is the reason for this draw….. please, anyone, break his legs in training so that we don’t have to see him at the heart of the defense for a very long time. Nice one, El Nino. Forza Milan


A blind man can see that Inzaghi is biased towards Rami and he’s ripping the fruit if his sentiment with Bonera ruining his job already.

Bonera is his friend as you all know but somebody should advice Inzaghi that Berlusconi’s sword knows no friend.


@yike, Lol!

It will be very difficult to win against top teams considering the fact that we are still work in progress. Small teams we are supposed to be rapin pretty hard, we’re struggling to get a draw. Milan, why? I’ll tweet at Torres and any other Milan player to help with breaking of Bonera’s leg.


Its 7points from possible 12. Then I still don’t understand why someone like Bonera would be starting for Milan, Van Ginkel injured already after 29Mins of Play, then I don’t think inzaghi Train these guys @all cos De-sciglio is deppreciating and Muntari is getting worse Poli doesn’t even know how to Tackle or Pass the ball coming from a former attacking Mid…SMH


Believe it or not pazzini was the the correct sub to bring on as a presence in the box. BUT taking off Torres was the mistake. Having both Torres and pazzini in the box would have been overwhelming for them. We already had menez and bonaventura to dribble by players and deliver passes. We should have sacrificed honda for pazzini instead of Torres, SES is not the type of sub to bring on that late in the game when the other team is parking the bus. He’s better when the game is more stretched and he has room to beat… Read more »


ps: someone in italy, please shot Bonerror’s knee. end his pitiful career in a tragic way. and start an investigation of match-fixing scandal from this events


Bonerror sucks!!! And so does Muntari. Just get rid of them. NOT TRUE AC MILAN QUALITY!


Why does Bonerror keep starting? For as long as i can remember he has just been catching on a lot of rubbish at the back. Get rid of him. And Muntari.


what about vergara….???…