Still no Milan-Seedorf agreement, case to be decided in court?

Clarence Seedorf last year (@acmilan)

CLARENCE SEEDORF is still demanding every single penny but there is no understanding between his representatives and Milan.

Milan fired Massimiliano Allegri in January 2014 and he was replaced by Clarence Seedorf, who was Silvio Berlusconi top option for the Rossoneri bench. However, the love didn’t last long between Dorf and the red and black club, for which he played for 10 full seasons, and the Dutchman was fired at the end of the season.

Filippo Inzaghi is the current coach of Milan but Seedorf still has a running contract with the Diavolo until June 2016. He left the club without an agreement over severance package and the case is far from being closed; the 38-year-old former midfielder is still demanding the full salary (€5m gross per season) and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he won’t back down.

“We hope for an amicable solution and one that satisfies both sides but the last meeting didn’t go very well and if the present state of things remains as it is, there is a strong risk that it will end up in court,” Tiziano Treu, a former Italian minister who has a law firm in Milano, told GdS. Treu is assisting Seedorf in his battle against Milan, who’re represented by their lawyer Leandro Cantamessa. In addition to demanding the full salary, it’s possible that the four-time UEFA Champions League winner will sue the Aldo Rossi club for moral and material damages. Of course, if Seedorf gets another job as a coach, Milan will not have to pay him anything.

A new meeting between Seedorf’s people and Milan could take place next week and they will again try to find a solution. Seedorf, at €2.5 million net is one of the best-paid people on the Adriano Galliani and Berlusconi’s payroll this season.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport today (screenshot)
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He should ensure he gets what’s due him…considering the way he was maltreated.


It’s only right that he gets what he’s entitled to.
Really sad to see how all this turned out as Clarence deserves better.


Seedorf take every single euro from them…you shouldn’t treat like are a milan legand


Seedorf must take every penny he is entitle to. Milan were very wicked. He forced to retire from playing football then in brazil only for him to be sacked just because he has his own idea and philosophy

خالد الشيخ مصطفى

They must pay you everything and tell you sorry. Milan fans really miss you.


That’s what we call professionalism….


You are all right about what you are saying..He should be paid for the work he has done but to let you know he was the worst Coach Milan has every had if Allegri where the one Coaching like we will be play Champions league by now..


Are you alright?


First of all – OLIVER – stop posting because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about!!! If Alegri was still the coach, we would be in serie B right now – wow, you must be high or something. Second, Kojak hired Seedorf who quit his footballing career to come and coach Milan – then he fired him 6 months later. What happened to project Seedorf? It’s a shame how former stars are being treated – Maldini is another one. I hope Seedorf sues Milan for tons of money – I would rather see him get it than it going… Read more »


My man Seedorf deserves every penny he’s being owed.
I wished this never happened,I would love Pippo&Dorf on the Milan bench.


@Oliva you are very wrong with your statement, Seedorf inherented a team who was almost relegated, as at jan this year Milan was around 14th on the league table, so it only takes a team with determination and courage to finished 8th on table. And mind you in second half of the season Acmilan gathered more points than any team in Seria A. You can verify. Seedorf did very well knowing fully well that he has no coaching experience. Milan Management forced him to retired from football and still treated him bad. So he deserve his full salary. He has… Read more »

General Gattuso

Greedy B&G. Collect all your money Dorf


@ don bee: milan didn’t force seedorf to retire from football. he did that as an individual with a working brain. if he wants his full entitlements, so be it. they should pay. next time they will not try it with someone else. BUT, till today, both parties are to blame. seedorf for poor man management and berlusconi not being able to keep his mouth shut. he dissed allegri several times, allegri moved on to Juve. he disses seedorf, seedorf carries him to court. Lesson learned: DON’T INSULT YOUR COACHES, EVERYBODY IS NOT ALLEGRI. but will he get any other… Read more »