2014 Summer mercato comes to an end


MILAN SIGNED 12 and waved goodbye to 18 players in this mercato between loans, buy-outs and permanent deals.

The madness is over: the transfer deadline day is behind us and the clubs (and especially the fans) can now focus on what really matters – the football and stop worrying about which player their team will bring or sell. The mercato is done.

Michael Agazzi (30, goalkeeper, Chievo, free transfer)Marco Amelia (32, goalkeeper, free agent, expiring contract)
Alex da Costa (32, defender, PSG, free transfer)Urby Emanuelson (28, midfielder, Roma, expiring contract)
Jérémy Ménez (27, forward, PSG, free transfer)Bakaye Traoré (29, midfielder, Bursaspor, expiring contract)
Diego López (32, goalkeeper, Real Madrid, free transfer)Ricardo Kaka (32, forward, Sao Paulo/Orlando City, free transfer)
Fernando Torres (30, forward, Chelsea, free transfer)Ferdinando Coppola (38, goalkeeper, Bologna, free transfer)
Pablo Armero (27, defender, Udinese, €0.5m for the loan)Jherson Vergara (20, defender, Avellino, loan)
Marco Van Ginkel (21, midfielder, Chelsea, €0.4m for the loan)Alessandro Matri (30, forward, Genoa, loan)
Adil Rami (28, defender, Valencia, €4.25m for the buy-out)Valter Birsa (28, forward, Chievo, loan)
Andrea Poli* (24, midfielder, Sampdoria, €4m for the buy-out)Antonio Nocerino (29, midfielder, Torino, loan)
Riccardo Saponara (22, midfielder, Empoli, €1m for the buy-out)Robinho (30, forward, Santos, loan)
Michelangelo Albertazzi (23, defender, Verona, €0.55m for the buy-out)Andrea Petagna (19, forward, Latina, loan)
Giacomo Bonaventura (25, midfielder, Atalanta, €7m)Dídac Vilà (25, defender, Eibar, loan)
Gabriel (21, goalkeeper, Carpi, loan)
Bartosz Salamon* (23, defender, Sampdoria, €1.6m)
Alberto Paloschi (24, forward, Chievo, €3.5m)
Kevin Constant (27, defender, Trabzonspor, €2.5m)
Mario Balotelli (24, forward, Liverpool, €20m)
Bryan Cristante (19, midfielder, Benfica, €6m)

The figures are from the Milan Channel.
* Andrea Poli was bought out for a sum of money plus half of Bartosz Salamon so Milan really paid €2.4m.

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Lovely jubly. Now to the football. Top three. Come on lads. Forza Milan! Dai Ragazzi!

Achmad Julianto

Double winners for Milan !!! Forza Milan !!!


Check out the number of dead woods that left and number of quality signings that arrived, it is obvious that Galliani got it right.

Join us or leave us because it’s time to move on.



Too bad most of them are on loan but yes, I agree. With the eventual permanent sell of most of them (we all know which ones Im referring to) along with Essien’s contract expiring next season and Zaccardo bound to leave sooner or later along with Agazzi, I’s say are squad will look soo much better and so much more fresh tbh. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s a start in our rebuild and hopefully next season we can add to our midfield and central defence. On another note I hope both Nigel De Jong and Ignazio Abate extend… Read more »

Milan Mendicanti

The was a good mercato, best we have had in years.


pls stop targeting top 3 n aim for the scuddetto


Overall, it is a good mercato for Milan. Without spending alot of money, the team has been strenghened cleverly in every department. I give kudos to Galliani.. Milan never hold any player against his wish, so good luck to Cristante.
The team is stronger than last season. Balo exit is a blessing in disguise as team spirit is high now. Let us support Pippo all the way. Forza Milan.


How you guys are easily convinced amazes me. but then again that is why we are where we are. 10 days ago this man said Balo was 99.8% stayin at Milan. 2 days later he was sold. he said kaka was 99,9% staying, the following week he was sold. Bryan is gone but that is not the end of the story. at this rate you should be afraid of next year.Logically with all the signings we mad will Crisante not be 7th choice? behind De Jong, Monto,Honda, Muntari,Essien, Van Ginkel and Poli? Galliani must be very good with women in… Read more »


You are truly stupid. You say that the team ended up in 8th place because of the fans being deceived? Hahaha…ok So you are talking about Balo, Kaka and Cristante and then you are talking about what players are left from the last year we won the scudetto. None of Balo, Kaka and Cristante were with us when we won – so your point is Null and Void! Just stop complaining and stop trying to come across as smart and that the rest of us are deceived by the vicious Galliani – or maybe you should just go and support… Read more »


same rubbish as Usual… if u criticize the club, another one springs up and tells u to go and support another club. Have you seen the number of tickets sold? what does that tell you? clearly am not alone in being disappointed how the club is being run. suddenly u are jubilating? apart from Bonaventura and Rami, all the players signed were rejected by their teams, the same way we also tried to get rid of dead wood. And if i change clubs to support another, would i be waiting for your permission to do so?


Going on a Free transfer doesn’t necessarily mean that you are rejected by your club. If you know something about football you would know that there can be multiple reasons for a player not being wanted or needed by a club – changing formations and tactics could be one of many reasons as a example. But people like you only like to spew your negativity and useless comments.

Would it matter or make a difference if we payed 10 million euros for Diego Lopez? – Maybe he would have saved two PK’s against Lazio?


We need to stop living in the past and realize this was a good mercato and I am content. Got rid of a lot of our mediocre players whether it be loan or permanent and we brought in a lot of quality for cheap. Now what I hope is in January, we continue this and sign a quality player or two and finally get rid of zaccardo. Zaccardo, bonera, and agazzi are the main players who have to leave in my opinion. (Although I don’t mind bonera as an emergency substitute he has worn the shirt for years.) We should… Read more »

Milan Mendicanti

So Trying to come up with the first 11 and it was more difficult then in years past so we must be improved. My first stab:

SES / Torres / Menez
Bonaventura / De Jong / Poli / Van Ginkel
MDS / Rami / Abate


probably this is the worst formation ever posted on this blog..

3 defenders, 2 being lb, and 1 of them is abate… we have to score 8 goals to win a match with this formation


too bad that we can’t get zaccardo leave for biabiany to come. still, this mercato is good enough.

Forza Milan ^_^

This market has been a good one. As I said before the squad has improved from last year around this time. In my opinion I would like to see Agazzi, Bonera, Mexes, Zaccardo, Albertazzi, Muntari and Essien leave in the next two markets and 2-3 quality signings in place of there spots. Also get rid of any other dead weight that will arrive back from loan and replace them with quality. But this season looks very bright, we can all see success (I believe we will make top three without a doubt) but if all the excess dead weight is… Read more »

Joe Helmy

Milan Squad Sept 2014 Lopez/Abbiati/Agazzi Abate/De Sciglio – Rami/Alex – Zapata/Mexes/Bonera – Armero/Albertazzi Poli/Ginkel – De Jong/Essien – Bonaventura /Muntari/Saponara Honda/Niang/Mastour – Torres/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez Milan Squad January 2015 Lopez/Abbiati/Agazzi Darmian/Abate – Rami/Alex – Zapata/Bonera – De Sciglio/Armero Poli/Ginkel – De Jong/Montolivo – Montolivo/Baselli Honda/Bonaventura/Mastour – Torres/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez Important signing Darmian and Baselli Albertazzi, Saponara dan Niang go for loan Essien, Muntari, Mexes, and Zaccardo are ruled out Milan Squad Sept 2015 (In Champion League) Lopez/Perin/Agazzi Darmian/Abate – Rami/Alex – Doria/Zapata/Bonera – De Sciglio/Armero Poli/Baselli – De Jong/Ginkel – Montolivo/Saponara Honda/Bonaventura/Mastour – Torres/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez New… Read more »


Best market in a while for sure – got rid of some dead wood and high salaries, plus Balo who was killing the locker room. Lets go Milan, aim for yen first place, nothing less!!!


best mercato that i can remember!!!!

we sold so many garbage… robinho, balo, constant, birsa, amelia….

the next one is abate, then we are good…


Balo and Abate are both quality players… The others, yeah, they could go


Definitely this was a good transfer window for Milan. However, I wanted to share my personal opinions. 1. I honestly don’t know much about G. Bonaventura. I’m sure he’s a good player. But apparently he is our most expensive transfer during this summer market. I really hope he can prove his worth. 2. I’m glad that Cristante left. Don’t get me wrong, but when a player lose his motivation for a club, there is no point to hold onto him. 3. I’m jealous of Atletico Madrid. They signed Mandzukic,Griezmann and Cerci- these three will make them La Liga champoins. Mark… Read more »


I think this has been an ok mercato. I think it will give Pippo a lot of options and I hope our star players will stay fit.

Line up:





Van Ginkel

Zaccardo (Stay home all season)


One of Bonna or Honda should be replaced by Montolivo or van Ginkel to make it balanced defensively and offensively.

Redouan Arafat

I think this marceto was pretty successful exept for cristante ofcourse but of he wants to leave there is no point of keeping him (but I believe we couldve gotten around 15 mil for him look at psg and rabiot). Another thing that bothers me is that the talks with balo were going on for 3 months yet we didnt search for a proper replacement untill the last minute. You never know with torres if we get the liverpool one then he will be a great replacement but the chelsea one will just be a matri 2.0 although he is… Read more »

Zacx Tea

Forza Milan…..!!!


folks, you’ve made my day. happy to read all this interesting comments. milan 4ever! forza milan!!!


So Saponara still in our squad. That’s good. I’am still sad though about Christante being sold and Biabiany failed to come.


I rate this Mercato a 7.5/10. First off I may get some thumbs down, I’m upset that cristante left but he demanded to be sold so let him go. He was never favoured by allegri, seedorf, or inzaghi so how good can he be? Plus getting bonaventura was a great purchase. For the past couple of seasons he has been one of the best midfielders and it was just a matter of time before a big club got him and I’m glad it was milan. To hear that he cried when signing for milan just shows his heart and motivation… Read more »


@Rimp….:hahaha…Zacardo (Stay at home all season)…but we must thanks Zacardo for that….cause we get Bonaventura…He will be shine this season also van ginkel will showing us an ultimate performance…our midfielder is better than Inter this season…can’t wait to see Derby Della Madonina…FORZA MILAN!!!


precious and amazing signings for my angelic Milan….all the best my lovely and passionate red and black….forza Milan…..


HAHA have you guys seen how bonaventura celebrates each and everyone of his goals, all that emotion..RESPECT.. kinda reminds me of inzaghi….can’t wait to see him play


Galliani is a genius .. all credit for this successful market goes to him.. he spent the last three months sealing 27 deals including in and outs and excluding expiring contracts !! GdS rated our market 7.5 which we did not get since long time ago!! I am so excited to see our next games and see our new arrivals on the field !! Forza Milan !!!


Good mercato,Galliani all credits to you.
RKay,Hasowayne,Jibola,Cowmagnet,Milanisti 121,please you guys should add me on facebook with-Mbanude Massimiliano Lumen Deo,i would like to have you on a group chat.Thanks.


Ayt Lumen.. That sounds like an honorable mention.. lol.. I will sign up on facebook now, not really into it, twitter makes my life easier. Catch you there and thank for the I.V.


cristante left because of playing time? This guy missed it, why is saponara still staying because he belives he will make the 1st team. Cristante is looking for easy rout to first team even without fighting.


only Roma better than us for this mercato…

Thanks to Inter’s Thohir for bring nothing, and Juve’s director for bring Allegri.


Still not satisfied with the mercato, every year we get very much money from selling our star, n spent a little with a garbage, n then baldhead said we must balance the book, why on earth every club even a mediocre n poor club can spend much when we can’t?? I can’t understand this !!..
Please any one on this blog who know how much milan spent in 6 years in total, n how much milan get in total?
Any way, I still hope for milan glory, with bloody tears..
Forza Milan Always, gtfo Management!!

Kwabena Adu

I think Galliani lost all the suggested targets.Cerci,Iturbi,Costa,Lavezzi and Rabbiot but in all it was satisfactory as compared to the previous marcato.Now let’s wait and see Sforza


@Raph,Thank you very much you made a good point.Abate and Abiatti were patient enough when they were seeking to be in the first team,they were out on loan for several years and at last they are now in the first team as Saponara is about to follow their foot steps.Same for Van Ginkel who rarely played at Chelsea though because of injury,but he didn’t asked to leave,even initially rejected Milan move to fight for his place at Chelsea,unlike Cristante who was impatient.In this world without patience you will hardly succeed. For those complaining why Essien came in instead of Cristante,We… Read more »


Best mercato in a couple of years imo. Still…. Bibiany’s transfer (or lack thereof) should serve as a reminder for Uncle Fester to not only get his deals done earlier in the mercato but also to stop buying junk like Uncle Zaccardo in the first place. Again it was a good transfer window considering our shoestring budget (thanks a lot Don Berlusconi)


@ arielkampong.indo,IMO they are saving money for the new stadium,we made income for reaching the UCL Knockout stages and other incomes we had,so i think they are saving money for the new stadium and perhaps thats why we normally have low budgets for the mercato atleast to sign a few players though not world class players,Thanks to Galliani who made a good mercato despite the low budget and thats why Berkusconi isn’t invesing but his usual arrival to Milanello seems positive.I think he will NEVER sell the club because Milan will come back to top after having a new stadium… Read more »


im a lil upset how balo not here ne more but he look like he is goin to shine at anfield

Milan fan

To be honest I wanted a younger Milan with talented players and this was the right time for that,and although I don’t like Armero(another Constant if you ask me) and Essien/Muntari who should have leaved instead of Cristante I must say that I loved that Baloteli was sold,did you see the team chemistry on the last match ? And thank God for Torres,he’s a class player and he’ll prove it,plus here is Pazzo to help. Is Bonaeventura worth 7 mil ? We’ll see,but sure as hell is better to have him than BdahakfhIani


Transfer a lil bit above average. We should be able to compete well dis season, We aren’t playin much competition. Lookin’ forward to a splendid season.

milan freak

my concern now: shaarawy would be the next big player to leave the club as it is now a tradition of milan to sell its asset and end up with a push and start kinda player. God help us


Considering Berlusconi refuses to spend any money, this has been a pretty good mercato: – Galliani grabbing Bonaventura at last minute from under Inter’s noses. – Getting quality players like Lopez, Menez and Alex for free. – DeJong staying with us rather than go to Man U. – Balo leaving so we can lighten the mood in the dressing room. – Getting rid of Amelia, Urby, Traore, Matri, Birsa, Nocerino, Robinho, Gabriel, and Constant. My only real negatives are: – Cristante and Paloschi leaving – Still not solving left back problem. But I’d probably play DeSciglio there and Abate at… Read more »


If only we get Taarabt, this would have been much better.

Pa ibra

improvement is satisfaction, so we can say a good mercato. however you’ve to remember that is still not a big club standard mercato. for example torres (though i’m getting to believe in him more) is a good move for milan but other big clubs and their fans won’t be as excited. i’m rating this mercato solely because of the improvement, not as quality as the name milan deserves though.


I think that the signing of D.Lopez was the most important sign of, that Galliani finally understood milans main problem. With all respect for Abbiati, who I find as a B+ keeper has delivered memorable saves through the years, has never had the quality to stand between the post for Milan. I finally see a GK with great technical abilities and a higher standard have not been seen in Milans squad for years. Thank you Galliani for finally investing in the main core of our team, great job!


@Lumen..iam appreciate much for your respon bro, I still support Ac Milan from 1994 (from I was at junior high scholl till now) coz of I am patient enough and coz I love Ac Milan, but I can hide my anger, hate, dissatisfy and love mixed in one moment because of how b&g have treated we as a fan and our beloved Legend (as a sample Paolo Maldini and clarence seedorf) he use to be a professional when he face their coach not bring personal problem to take the action like he did for Paolo Maldini and Clarence Seedorf, (he… Read more »

Pa ibra

i believe this squad can do nice things and i’m trying to be calm and positive but the sales of cristante has ruined everything for me. I was willing to be patient with our midfield problems bearing in mind bryan will one day sort it out 🙁


Well said by you all really love the spirit back to our normal position forza pipo forza milano but I still hope to see taraabt someday despite the fact inzaghi does not need him forza red and black


Laporte, Nastasic or Savic would be great replacement for Bonera. 1rst 2 out of these centre-backs can play on left flank, but Savic on the right flank. also Rabiot wasn’t signed so he will either be sold in the winter or will leave PSG for free in the summer, he would be a great replacement for Cristante. and the final peace of our team should be an upgrade to Pazzini, i prefer Torres to him, we just need to sign someone young and talented like Destro or El Haddadi. I have a Plan B for a striker but not that… Read more »

Thulane Sidney

I love the new improved Milan, now I can even go back and play with Milan on my Fifa 15


i think it was a good mercato for a team that struggle like milan. the problem sometime is not admitting when things are not going well and for milan things are definitly not right at the moment but after this mercato it seems like at least we’ve the fans have been heard as some deadwood have been let go although some not permanently but they are not here and maybe who knows maybe some will get there form back like nocerino or matri though i highly doubt it. and with struggling team shit happen you cannot make omelet without breaking… Read more »


grading this marcato 7.5 itz seems the new stadium is affecting milan and gali know he has to maintain the standard of the team, no money to buy new players, but able to bring in more than average players, i don’t think el is going anywhere because he and deseglio will transmit the milan sprit into players coming in when we build our stadium.


This was a good mercato. Best we’ve had in years no doubt. Bonaventura was a great signing and him crying while signing the contract was amazing. With the players we have at our disposal it really is a lot of pace, creativity, and skill. Under the right guidance and them working as a team this can be a very successful season. One thing too is il faraone is finally back and had a great game the other day. With Mario gone he can get back to form. Can’t wait for this year. All the best milan!


This mercato could be 10/10 if P.Maldini was handed a position around the 1st team. Mister Inzaghi and captain Maldini would be a perfect mix in managment to implement our so called Milan DNA in the new generation of players in Milan.


Berlusconi should have let Galliani leave. Galliani is what’s wrong with Milan. Galliani only keeps those who get on thier knees for him. Cristante wouldn’t do it, he chose leave. MILAN WAS HOLING HIM BACK. If you have essien and muntari in your team why would you keep cristante waiting on the bench! Cristante has been patient enough for Milan to give a chance and when it seemed like this season will be like past seasons he saw that leaving was the right move. Benfica is not like Milan; they have coach who can handle talent, Milan have inzaghi who… Read more »


already bashing the coach???

maybe you should wait at least 6 months to start complaining…


Strange ppl .. now we are moaning again lol … I remember some of you were okay 5 hours ago.. ppl are going crazycrazy lol