Game recap: Milan 3-1 Lazio


THE ROSSONERI kicked off the 2014/2015 season with a comfortable 3-1 win over Lazio, in front of the home crowd at the San Siro, as Coach Filippo Inzaghi picked up his first official Serie A win, thanks to goals from Keisuke Honda, Sulley Muntari and a penalty conversion from summer signing Jeremy Menez.

The game started very positively for Milan, as in the 7th minute, midfielder Honda opened the scoring after a rapid counter attack that saw wonder boy El Shaarawy race down the left and send in a cross to Honda who slots past the Lazio keeper.

Ten minutes later Frenchman Menez took to the races down the right hand side and sent in a beautiful cross as he reached the end line that was just a hair too long for SES to control. Had he been able to bring it down at the far post, the score surely would have been doubled.

Highlights: Milan 3-1 Lazio
Milan-Lazio: Official line-ups

The next few minutes see Lazio go on the attack as Keita and Antonio Candreva get involved in the action and muster a few efforts that the defense pushes away. Following that spell, the game all but slowed down as any dangers to either goals became few and far between. That is how the play ended at half time with the Diavolo players earning a much needed break from the action.

Out of the break it was Milan on their back foot thwarting away a few Lazio attempts to find an equalizer. The 56th minute is when Milan doubled their lead when right back Ignazio Abate played in a pinpoint cross that found Muntari making a forward run and he finished it off. Seven minutes later Menez converted from the penalty spot and it looked to be smooth sailing from there.

The only hiccup that occurred for Milan all night was a defensive blunder, when Alex da Costa tried to slide and clear a low cross to safety, but instead the ball creeped into the net. Five minutes from time the boys nearly had their fourth of the night when Milan’s heartthrob SES found substitute Mbaye Niang but the ball breaks for fellow substitute Pablo Armero who drills the ball first time into the side netting with lots of goal to aim at.

Lazio was awarded a penalty when Abate tripped up Candreva in the box but keeper Diego Lopez comes away with the save which should boost his confidence in the coming weeks. Overall Milan played very well, with the defensive line showing some cracks which will surely gel over the next few weeks as they players begin to play together more often.

As always, Forza Milan!

Milan 3-1 Lazio: La Gazzetta dello Sport ratings (screenshot)
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I want Essien outta this team.


I thought Abate made the tackle which gave Lazio the penalty.. Great game from him anyways and a nice recap!

El Greco

My impression is that we didn’t play too well, but of course there were signs of improvement. For example, Abate, SES, Zapata, Muntari, and Menez played fairly good, even Bonera was solid defensively. I’d like to see a more dominating Milan though, but that of course requires time.

But there’s some optimism at last!!!

PS: I like Van Ginkel. Updgrade to current midfield with no cost. Doesn’t matter we don’t buy him, next year we’ll see what happens….

shev jhb

so let me get this straight, torino just sold cerci to atletico for the same amount that we offered? juve & roma must be paying other clubs not to sell to us lol!


we offered 15mil, thats 1mil less to the actual price.


Cerci doesn’t want to go to milan


Good one,but we need to reinforce our midfield,the midfield is poor,they can’t hold ball,poli and muntari were poor only defence and attack were brilliant

Some Guy

Van Ginkel until Monto returns, and Muntari/Poli are good alternatives.


Midfielder Problem Solved…Van Ginkel Has Arrived…FORZA MILAN!


It was Abate who tripped Candreva.


I dont really like that we loaned van ginkel we already have Cristante who is better and has more potential than Van ginkel and he needs playing time i was surprised that he didnt play yesterday


They are different players. Van Ginkel plays in an advanced role while Cristante is more of a Pirlo-esque type player. I am a big fan of Baselli to be honest but with Mastour I doubt we will ever go after him.

uslar ses

Van ginkel has sign taarabt plz I beg u


I saw a very positive improvements in the spirit of our players. It seemed that the passion of Inzaghi was transmitted to his players. We played with very high intensity and determination. Our defense was strong and solid. Our attackers was quick and deadly. Indeed we still need to polish many things, but with the spirit we have showed yesterday, it turn my self to be optimist to face the season



This a very good start for Rossoneris. I’m very pleased with the guys performance. Any time Milan wins especially when is an important match I always have this inner joy, I was so happy last night. The only shot comings I saw in that match was just our midfield is very weak poli n muntari are not at their best in that midfield, but I’m pleased with the attack and the defence. I see better day ahead, let support the team. And for fans in Italy please watch milan’s matches I’m not encouraged with the turnout yesterday, san siro was… Read more »


You are one of those who want Muntari to drop his head on the pitch before you appreciate him. Technically he’s not the best but Muntari is truly Rossoneri by heart, Show some love man!


Il Rossoneri battano la Lazio! The players seem a lot more united than they have been for a very long time. Perhaps the pessimism of some tifosi and the press in the last few weeks, served as the glue to bring the players together. I’m sure the team’s belief has risen and this is very good for the future. Apparently, zio Fester is working on bringing Biabany which should help the depth of the squad and offer more options to Mister Inzaghi. It is still early but we have started very well and I hope there will be more people… Read more »


Er I would hardly call that win “comfortable”. Anyway it was a great win, I love the fact you could see how the players are all behind Inzaghi. We have a decent team, we just need to keep up this kind of passion. FORZA MILAN


Biabiany? Why no Taarabt…..


We don’t want biabianby, we want taarabt,


We are getting Biabiany in exchange for deadwood Zaccardo and working on Suso. Sounds good to me.


Biabiany???….sounds good to me….extreme sprint running midfielder…please welcome…we need him to be king in Europe again…help inzaghi to build various tactics depends on what opponent who will be face…MILAN REINCARNATED….Forza Milan!!!


Taraabt still needed as back fr any flaws upfront he can be a super sub yu knw forza milan


Biabany deal done and he’s having his medical now. Exactly the player with characteristics Inzaghi personally asked for and i can only thank Galliani for giving him his specific request. With Biabany, Milan attack is OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED BEAST. Contacts ongoing for Suso… I very technical midfielder that i don’t think we need with Honda and Saponara available but if he comes that means more strength and depth. I do say here that “I pray Dr Galliani gets it right this time” and to me Milan is ready to fight for scudeto. Roma only better than Milan in midfield and with… Read more »

Milan fan

5 mil for Bljaljani ? Yup,they had to take a poop in the last day by getting another worthless midget.



Who is he?

Where he plays?

Show me the site that proves about Suso and Biabiany..


benfica offered 6 M for cristante. we should absolutely refuse any offer for cristante!!!


Muntari is a real Rossoneri..

All haters of Milan players get out of this blog and change team..

El Greco

Flashako ti egine? Neo poulen o Muntari meta ti fygi Robinho???


Biabiany good?


Muntari can be a Rossoneri all he wants but that does not make him a good player. He is a shame and a terrible player.


So go away and change team hater of Milan players..

He is a very good player and a starter!

peter kenyon

how i wish essen can move on with his life out side milan .


sell essien or muntari instead of cristante. this management is antifootball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Di marzip reports that Cristante is going to Benfica for 6 Mil – YOUTH PROJECT

King of Milan

Cristante looks like he’s on he’s way out of the club 🙁


This management sells players only!!!! They don’t buy. They are cutting wages not giving bonuses! Loosing a player like cristante with a bright future for only 6 millions is a huge blow and a failure!!! This is really a disaster!! It is a big mistake. They keep average players like muntari and essien and sell promissing like cristante ! A team with no vision!!!


This management seems like they trying to make the fans hating the club. Ridiculous!!!!!!

cuore rosso

Cristante sold OMFG!


Where can I follow the transfer window? Sky and Goal seem to only report major transfers.


i think the boy is not happy about van ginkel deal and i agree 100% he has no future…cristante is the much needed creativity we lack in midfield against lazio poli just runs nothing more…he deserve a starting spot.How can we send away a great prospect like cristante and keep essien…and for just 6mil…i was really angry to see essien in lazio match, he was useless..what makes it worse is he earns 2.5m per year…inzaghi has gotta trust the youngsters…this whole youth project is a facade…didn’t we learn anything from aubameyang. this is downright sickening


: I use the app BR Bleacher Report. There u can choose your favourite team etc. And u get all news.

Biabiany is a very fast player and a good dribbler.


Samurai! Samurai! Lol this announcer is funny calling Honda samurai. LOL. Seems like Milan got Biabiany, I guess he will be OK to warm the bench and used when needed. We got rid of dead wood Zaccardo and brought in another one in Biabiany, I would prefer Taarabt instead but I guess Galliani didn’t want to spend 3-4 mill but he spent 5 mil on Biabiany – only he knows why. We should absolutely not sell Cristante – same goes for De Sceglio and Hachim Mastour – EVER. You know there will be offers for those three all the time… Read more »


Biabiany-zaccardo is a good deal but y on earth r we selling cristante??


great job milan

win your opening game…start to restore the fans’ faith…then do this

loan in a young chelsea midfielder so you can train him up and then give him back, and sell one of your most promising young midfielders

how dumb are the people running this team? o yea…van ginkel comes for like 500k, cristante sold for 6 mil, 5.5 mil PROFIT$$$$$

thats all that matters to them in the end

Milan fan

Here is Kojak for you ! 😛

Still support this failure of a team ? Lol pathetic.


Milan selling Cristante shows Berlusconi is a crack head who would take anything that comes his way to fund his bunga party. Big shame.

On the other hand, we move on as painful as it is. We chose to support Milan and we stand by the realities of the difficult times.

Cristante’s case will surely be like Aubemeyang’s case no doubt, Milan will regret this. Let’s stay calm and hope for a good season.



We sold cristante for 6 mil but it is ok cuz fester has plan to sign him in 15 years for free. We should sell el shaarawy and mds and get maluda for free. Keep up good work mr B & G


I hate Galliani for Cristante deal, we could make a deal like Ginkel with Benfica but permanent move is not acceptable at this point.


I think Inzaghi knows what he is doing. If he wants to keep Cristante, he would have blocked the transfer.

With Biabiany we have a very fast and good midfielder/ winger!

So dont judge too quickly. Maybe he isnt good enough like Gabriel and Didac.


Christante being sold?? Is this real?? 6 Mil € is a good amount for youngster though, but Christante is not just a youngster!!!


With Abate,Amero,SES,Niang,Menez,the pace in the wings and during counter attack is going to be outrageous now that we have Biabiany..still hoping we can get Taarabt


personally…I don’t mind if Milan sell Poli…cause we’re already have van ginkel…”u must have a natural talent to become a midfielder…u must have that feeling in your soul”…from what I see…it’s better if Milan sell Poli rather than Cristante…Ginkel & Cristante have different style of play…but both are Good and have natural talent to become a great midfielder someday…FORZA MILAN!!!


Cristante asked to leave.. I read an article that said inzaghi wants speed more than possession .. that’s why he is out of inzaghi plan ..


Biabany to Milan, Van Ginkel Arrives bout our second best young player Cristante sold to Bendica for 6 million. This is absolutely horrible. Worse than Balotelli sale in my eyes


Hey, people in here!!
Stop complaining all the time! Does anybody know what the finances in Milan actually look like? Do you know what outstanding debt we have? NO you don’t! So start supporting the club for real or get the hell out of here! And by the way, one our long term goals is to build our own stadium – that takes money! So think before you spew your stupid and hatefull comments.



those saying €6m for crisante is good should please come to live. how old is adrien rabiot? he cost roma more than twice this crisante amount. lets face these facts why the deal is bad: 1. Crisante is the kind of player milan will need this season (ball controll and good passing skills which are suitable for an ( counter)-attacking football. 2. crisante has a different role as compared to de jong. muntari. poli. ginkel. bibiany and monty( crisante scores more than him) 3. crisante is young and has at least 15 years of high level football 4. milan wil… Read more »


I hate to say this but Cristante is a bit over hyped. He is not in the coaches plans. Let him play in Benfica and lets see how good he is. Its a bit painful but its the harsh truth. I have not trained with him but am sure Inzaghi has and even used him in primevera matches last season.


Selling Cristante for 6mill € and getting Van Ginkel on a meaningless loan for a year. Milan in a nutshell


I just say on sk now as reported by Gianluca Dimarzio. Cristante actually asked to be sold to Benfica, his agent almost forced the move the first time Benfica made their bid earlier this summer. According to Sky, he conceded that he could not have any space with arrival of Van Ginkle.

This is a jewel Milan just lost but what can we do now? He’s gone and we have to move on.