Videos: Training match – Milan Rossonero 3-2 Milan Giallo


MILAN PLAYED a training match at Milanello yesterday and it was between the red and black team to the yellow team. Michelangelo Albertazzi scored first for the Giallo team, 9 minutes into the first half. Giampaolo Pazzini scored from the penalty spot to draw Milan Rossonero level on 21 minutes. Primavera’s Alessandro Mastalli put the Milan Giallo formation back ahead one minute later. Pazzini scored his second goal of the game with a header to take the teams into the break 2-2 in the 28′ minute. Three minutes into the second-half Menez got his first unofficial goal with the Milan jersey and gave the Rossonero formation a 3-2 lead. il Diavolo continue to work ahead of the next season with Inzaghi.

Rossonero: Agazzi, Zaccardo, Alex, Mexes, Constant, Poli, Piccinocchi, Saponara, Menez, Pazzini, El Shaarawy.
Giallo: Gabriel, Simic, Bonera, Albertazzi, Didac Vilà, Mastalli, Modic, Benedicic, Di Molfetta, Mastour, Robinho. Sub: Tamas.

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Piccinocchi played class. Reminds me of Modric


We should give Didac Vila a fair chance, apart from some ball control mistakes he played fairly well and his pressing was a decisive factor leading to mastalli´s goal. And despite some mistakes, probably due to nervosity, most of the youngsters looked very promising. But Mastour will definitely need some time and some weights to lift. Loved it how El Shaarawy, Saponara and Menez owned Bonera & co., especially Saponara was a pleasant surprise, extremely creative and always looking for a trough ball. I really hope he continues like that.


Think Saponara did well in the midfield position and he can do even better with time. He has to increase his work rate without the ball though to really make a difference to the midfield!

1. gabriel better than agazzi
2. mastour not good enough
3. el92 on top performance


Can’t wait to see El shaarawy back at his best. Missed him so much last year.

Saponara looked good in the mid, can he be like marchisio??


Doubt he’ll be like Marchisio. Poli is more like him – more all round. Marchisio isn’t very much involved in the build up play, his specialty is to go deep and creating space or receiving the through ball from Pirlo. Sapo participates much more in the play, seeks the ball and spreads out play. If he could work on his work rate to the same extent as Marchisio, he’ll be an absolute gem to our midfield I’ll tell you that!

M L Milan Bah

I hope milan gives the youths a chance, saponara and even didac villa needs a flair chance. I’m use trust in youths will bring us smile back. They ll take us by a huge storm for sure! Forza milan!


Did mastour nd menez play well

eternal paolo

Mehn!!,sumbdy hating of hachim already?,da boy is sixteen or their about man,ease up on him,plus milan always got promising youngsters,integrating em has always been the problem. But now we must since our 9billion worth owner doesn’t want 2 invest a dime anymore


Mastour needs time he needs to improve his strength and Balance but like i said that will come with time but its good that he trains with the first team and feels how it is… El Shaarawy seems to be very hungry he is in good shape




“Milan could include one of Abate, Albertazzi, Mexes and Zapata in the deal for Criscito.
@mimmo_criscito4 [GdS]”

If we use abate in this deal we better get another right back. Who will we use if de sciglio gets hurt? Zaccardo? Get out of here…..


I don’t see why we need crisis at the expense of Abate and one of mexes or zapata… Shouldn’t we be looking to get rid of constant and zaccardo instead? II’d rather keep the team we have then to give Abate and money away.

I don’t get what’s going on with Cerci now because we clearly aren’t going to get him. Why be closely linked with him? Will we go after someone else like griezmann or r we now trusting Menez and niang


Well said brother, exactly my thoughts!


Not seeing Balotelli in the team list gladens my heart.


Milan needs to move in the market.


off topic, but conte resigned from juve today. he just signed a contract extension in may also so this is quite interesting.. hmmmm


I think its because the mangement i juventus are eager to say goodbye to vidal and maby even pogba. Will be interesting to see how this is gonna effect the comming battle for the scudetto and Milans chances to get in the top 3, i know its bad maners to be happy for loss of others but if this juve mercato means the loss of Conte and maby pogba and vidal or at least one of them can make the competition easyer for milan, and make it easyer to come back to the top then i am welcoming it with… Read more »

cuore rosso

A very very big loss for Juve they will not be the same, I believe conte was key to their success he used the players in perfect way. Juve will no survive this change unless they get a really really good new coach, If I were Galliani I would use this and get Itrube since Juve don’t have a coach at the moment. And Its risky for a player to join a team before the new maneger arrive (cause the new maneger maybe don’t want him).


totally agree. now is the time to push for iturbe. it makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes at juve though and how it will affect this next season. Conte is a major loss for them but who knows what else can happen now, maybe vidal leaving


Conte out, and allegri is reported to possibly takeover. WOW


Iturbe is going to roma. Milan was not serious.


30 mln 4 iturbe?I don’t think he’s worthed.he flopped at porto.Cerci Griezmann,Ahmed Musa or Salvio would be better


Did someone just say Ahmed Musa? *Laughing in Hausa* hahahaha


Ahahahahaha juve signed allegri as contes successor i actually feel bad for the juve fans. But on another note romas team is really starting to shape up, but regardless Forza Milan