Video: El Shaarawy against Hellas Verona Primavera


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY returned to action after four months in the Primavera’s win over Hellas Verona 2-1 on Saturday. El Shaa came on in the 61′ minute and earned a penalty in the 88′ minute; the Italian was supposed to take the kick but was denied of it as he was assisted by the medical staff. Andrej Modic and Andrea Petagna (pk) scored.

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Mohammed Jibran

I hope he didn’t got injured with that hit. 🙁

isaac ayala

he didn’t


Seedorf should find room for Petagna, the kid is ready, and it will solve Dorf’s problem of only having one striker on the bench.


So glad to see him back on the pitch, finally! Can’t wait to see him back with the first team too. And totally agree with JaRossoneri, Petagna is ready. Annoys me so much, just focus on youth as the fans has been told, I’m fine with us not spending as long as we get to see some structure in where the club is heading. Although new investment in the goal keeping area is needed, Scuffet or Perin. With Abbiati renewing his contract and sharing his experience to one of them would be ideal. He said that he doesn’t have to… Read more »


roma 0-1 milan


You people pushing youth don’t understand. SEEDORF CANT DO IT THIS SEASON. He needs to win the rest of the season to prove Galliani wrong and relieve this pressure. What he’s doing has been working and nows not the time to try new things. If he’s here next season (would be ridiculous if he’s not) he can begin to integrate our talented youths into the squad. End of story.


You’ve said it all Rkay. We share the same thought brow… Forza Milan


Hey man, maybe this comment was spurned on with my comment, but my comment wasn’t towards Seedorf, it was towards Galliani and the management and I was thinking of the summer, that’s why I brought up the summer mercato and said “I’m fine with us not spending as long as we get to see some structure in where the club is heading”.
It’s a delicate time where results are vital of course i know it’s hard to let the youth get playing time brother, and he has done very good so far.


You said it all RKay,all Seedorf’s transfer targets non of them is above 27years of age,so Milan will be full of youths with Dorf next season.
I hope we manage to beat Roma at Stadio Olympico on Friday but it would be tough.
I would like this lineup against Roma…
Abate-Rami-Mexes-De Sciglio
Montolivo – Muntari
Poli- Kaka -Taarabt
Play the match like a final,its a pity that Nigel De Jong is suspended for the match,i hope we win Roma 1-2 Milan.FORZA MILAN,FORZA SEEDORF[Our Alex Ferguson(long term coach)]

Pa ibra

aside from not been talented enough, muntari is just from injure. so drop him for robinho then move poli in midfield. did like to make one more changes to your set up but dont mind.


Perin Richards Rami Doria Coentrao Clasie Taarabt Ljajic IN

Amelia Coppola Abate Zaccardo Silvestre Mexes/Zapata Urby Nocerino Muntari/Essien Traore Birsa Niang Robinho Matri OUT

Pa ibra

this galliani-seedorf situation make me think allegri was doing lot of things ordered by galliani which is why he’s been backing the cheap guy up all that while. foturnately its like seedorf does not want to listen with his “you must start montolivo. i’ll hire agazzi and essien for you”. you know trying to controll everything and if you disagree means disrespecting him. soo dificulty this galliani.


@milanista121. Nah man no disrespect towards you. I agree with most of your comments on this site, I’m just talking in general a lot of people (not only on this post) want petagna cristante and saponara to all play regularly. Trust me, everyone wants our talented youths to get a chance including me but at this particular moment in time it’s just not possible due to the reasons I stated earlier. The thing that spurred my comment was I noticed a LOT of people on previous posts blame seedorf for not giving them a chance which is wrong. Like you… Read more »


Re: “You people pushing youth don’t understand” I have supported Seedorf from day one, I fully understand the situation, and your post is very similar to what I posted a few weeks ago when I stated that Seedorf is under too much pressure to play youth. With that said, there are reasons I singled out Petagna and did not mention Cristante or Sapo: 1. We have a shortage of strikers. 2. Petagna on the bench allows Seedorf to play Mario and Pazzo together if neccesary. 3. A striker making a mistake is usually not as damaging as a DM making… Read more »


Oh yeah okay cool haha, non taken, I just felt like I wanted to clear that out in case my comment was misinterpretated. I feel the same way about your comments man. I agree with you 100 %, it all comes down to the circumstances, although I do believe that efter these two tough games, and based on how they turn out we’ll get to see more of our youngsters against Atalanta and/or Sassuolo.


it feels so right to see EL92 on the pitch…
ANd num 10 of our primavera looks like 100% like Abate


Forza milan forza ES


@jarossoneri Honestly I reread both you and milanista121’s comments and there was nothing I really had a problem with. Sorry if I came off as rude or disrespectful, but there are tons of others who post nonsense on this blog and my comment was not directed towards you or milanista121. I’ve lost patience with a lot of others who aren’t aware of our situation. One example I can think of is a number of people posting lineups with all the youngsters in it and people complaining saponara and cristante don’t get enough time and even about promoting Pacifico. And most… Read more »


I appreciate the clarification brother, and I too appreciate the more educated opinions on this blog such as yours, @cowmagnet’s, @milanista121’s, and several others.
To be honest, I thought of Petagna after I heard Seedorf say he couldn’t start Mario and Pazzo together because he would have no strikers left on the bench. Petagna reminds me of a young Diego Costa, but I must be careful not to create such lofty expectations for a youngster.