Highlights: Milan 3-0 Chievo


MILAN GOT a second win and a second clean sheet in less than a week as they managed to beat Chievo 3-0 at Stadio San Siro on Saturday evening. Milan started the game really well and four minutes into the game, Adil Rami crossed a ball which Mario Balotelli who buried it at the back of the net. The match was balanced after the Rossoneri goal but in the 27′ minute, a great Keisuke Honda ball got to Kaka, who scored with ease to make it 2-0. Honda had a huge chance to extend Milan’s lead in the first half but missed a sitter. Chievo were rather poor and their defense got exposed on several occasions during the game. In the 54′ minute, Kaka sent a wonderful-precise strike to the goal and celebrated his second of the night. Milan played most of the second half without having to put in too much effort and moved the ball around well. Chievo earned a penalty in the 92nd minute but Cyril Théréau could only hit the crossbar. Good game.

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Nice scoreline,keep it up guys
Forza milan


I’m happy!!!


Me too 🙂


This team Is playing so much better under Seedorf, they just need young quality players who are hungry to succeed with Milan.


I think bonera is performing well in that two ,but he would have pair Zapata with Adil rami ,I think we have good defenders, Adil rami, Zapata and mexes ,,,

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Great performance guys keep it up… That was exactly what i wanted to see from Balotelli keep up the good work, Kaka was fantastic beautyfull goals


Remember saying many people was overhyping and expecting too much from Honda. Like I said before he arrived, Honda is very static and lack explosiveness which isn’t necessarily anything bad. It just means you have to find what position and most importantly, what role to apply for the player. His characteristics reminds me of Seedorf himself and in an old Clarence central midfield role (the one in the old diamond formation under Carlo). Honda would shine the brightest in my opinion. Like Seedorf, he doesn’t possess a defensive play of mind, however, his discipline covers the most of it. He’ll… Read more »

Harrison Mifsud

Great From Honda … Milan Impressed Me!! Forza Raggazi We Can Do It for the europa league.


Honda was good against fiorentina. And he wasnt even bad this game, he is just so unlucky and thats because he feels pressure on him, too many expectations. When he will score, he will explode, thats my thoughts about him tho


I’m thinking the same thing. He got into great positions consistently, so it’s obvious he’s got that part of scoring down. The only other part is calmly connecting with the ball. I saw something similar with Taarabt in this game. His movement, obviously, is refreshingly brilliant. He’s just gotta calm down so he can get off better passes. If those two improve on those fronts, that’s two brilliant goal scorers. Add the fact that Balo is maturing so rapidly under Seedorf, and Kaka has seemingly reclaimed his brilliance, and we’ve got a scary starting lineup. We need to get Saponara… Read more »


@Rossonero93 He scored in the cup earlier this year. It has nothing to due with him getting on the scoresheet in order to activate his “inner dragon”. He just needs to be adjusted in his positioning and thus he’ll be able to perform on a regular basis. A goal or two won’t make any difference with his stealthy performances when a player with his characteristics plays on the wide. Honda will succeed once he is played on a more suitable position which in my opinion is a central midfield role with an identic role given to Seedorf from Carlo. Sort… Read more »

Arbër Cami

We will win the next 3 games with El92
we played really good tonight
next 3 games must be 9points and here we come Europe

Joe Argani

Honda will get his best so soon, so don’t be hopeless. I think Kaka will stay in Milan for a more year. Taarabt will stay for more longer time. We hope Cerci also will come to Milan in summer. Balo & De Sciglio also will stay.


give honda time, he is a great player! forza milan. balo and kaka amazing. keep it up!


Am happy……today!!! But still not happy…..with the absent of Saponara in the game when milan is lead by 3-nill. Saponara is good player u need to brush up cus he have the quality to be great player in future….remember taarabt is not better than Saponara either u take it or u leave it in the sense that.a winger,supporting striker that lack accurate passing is not a quality player….. Lack of passes can be padone only for a top striker,centre defender. Please seedof should please concentrate on develop the likes of Saponara,petergna,cristante,gabriel..try to make them a great player under you. It… Read more »


anoda gud display,still more to come.hapi anniversary ricky


I seriously hope that if we do have a strong finish this season, it doesn’t take away the fact that we still need reinforcements in the summer


Great game by Milan…I knew that we could win them by destroying them by scoring too much goals..! We were very well organised in attack and almost killers! We could have scored many more goals if Agazzi wasnt in goal. I think hes a good second choice keeper for next season. ..We ll get him for free! But I still want Berlu to spend money and by some quality players to fill the missing gabs in our team. Kaka was incredible so as Honda,Im sad that Muntari got injured cause Essien is horrible at times when he plays..hope Seedorf selects… Read more »


This is a tricky situation. If we don’t get into European league, maybe berlusconi will invest and get some new players. If we get in, they will say we have good enough team and no need to reinforce. Either way, good game Milan and kaka is still a beast!


we need a player maker to link balo more balls


At first I thought Honda’s miss was a total howler, but then after seeing the replay, it isn’t such a straight forward opportunity. The ball is bouncing, so he should keep his eyes on it, but the GK is also rushing out towards him, so Honda has to watch his movement as well. Lastly, the keeper did a good job getting into the shooting lane, which means Honda has to go for the top shelf. No doubt a natural goal scorer like Balo would’ve put that into the net, but then again Honda is more of a playmaker. He did… Read more »