Rami: “Seedorf will be a big help, Milan need to fight on Sunday”


ADIL RAMI has said he needs to play more in order to get back to his normal level and has welcomed coach Seedorf.

Rami joined Milan officially at the beginning of month but he’s been training with the Rossoneri for a few months now and yesterday (Wednesday) he made his starting XI debut in the 3-1 Coppa Italia round of 16 win over Serie B side Spezia.

Rami played alongside Philippe Mexes and two faced very little challenges during the game but did concede a silly goal in the 91′ minute. Although some of his passes found the wrong man, Rami had a decent game and he’s happy with the win.

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“I’m very happy with how we played yesterday. It was tough to be on the pitch for 90 minutes after being out for so long,” Rami, who got the rating of 6 from La Gazzetta dello Sport (described him as ‘still cumbersome’), told the Milan Channel today. “To get back to my level, I have to play a lot more. I did some things well yesterday and some things not so well.

Some of the Milan 3-1 Spezia review on La Gazzetta dello Sport including player ratings (left) (screenshot)

“Playing with Mexes is easy, I know him well from time spent with the French side. We need to play more together though, yesterday we conceded a goal we could have avoided. Seedorf? He has won everything and he’s a very strong personality. He understands the dynamics of Calcio and he’ll be a big help. He knows well what he has to do. It’s disappointing to see teams come to the San Siro thinking they can match us. We have to fight to win against any team and try to intimidate them.

“I know Luca Toni from Verona, he’s strong physically and good in the air. We’ll have to fight on Sunday and look for another win to get up the table.” Rami will have to convince coach Seedorf that he deserves a place over Mexes, Zapata and Bonera.

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Seedorf,welcome back,bring back the glory days……..


It’s disappointing to see teams come to the San Siro thinking they can match us. We have to fight to win against any team and try to intimidate them. Mentality of a winner, that’s what am talking about. Forza Milan.


I seriously wanted to quote dat part of d story again bt since u did, no P….mentality of a true milanista…Seedorf myt hav told them dat 2day, who knows


Yup, the players need to be given that little extra mental push, and be drilled into winners. Hopefully Seedorf can manage that part and get his tactical knowledge and pieces together!


I personaly think that Sedorf going to be one of the best coaches in Europe in a few years .. and if MIlan will become one of the best again it means that Silvio Berlusconi is the best fotbal club owner ever .. but will be very important if Barbara will be like him .. Who knows but AC MILAN is more just than a fotbal club its historical,cultural,traditional story ..I cannot believe that Juve has more fans than AC in Italy ..I think without the …scandals Juve would have much more less Serie A league titles than US if… Read more »


He even has a name for a top cla*ss manager, just say it out loud – Clarence Seedorf 🙂


Rami and Mexes with that french chemistry. They should be starting CBs


Rami’s physical presence will be key for our next match so Luca Toni won’t dominate our defense again….