Sassuolo-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Sassuolo are without Emanuele Terranova, Francesco Acerbi, Marius Alexe and Gaetano Masucci as well as the suspended Paolo Bianco. Milan have to deal without Marco Amelia, Ignazio Abate, Kevin Constant, Jherson Vergara, Valter Birsa and Stephan El Shaarawy and the banned Sulley Muntari. The match kicks off at 20:45 Italy time.

U.S. Sassuolo Calcio (3-4-3) – Eusebio Di Francesco
Gianluca Pegolo; Luca Antei, Lorenzo Ariaudo, Francesco Magnanelli; Marcello Gazzola, Jasmin Kurtić, Raman Chibsah, Alessandro Longhi; Domenico Berardi, Simone Zaza, Reto Ziegler.
Bench: Pomini, Rosati, Pucino, Marzorati, Rossini, Missiroli, Valeri, Marrone, Schelotto, Farias, Floro Flores, Gliozzi.

AC Milan (4-3-2-1) – Massimiliano Allegri
Christian Abbiati; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Daniele Bonera, Urby Emanuelson; Bryan Cristante, Nigel De Jong, Antonio Nocerino; Ricardo Kaka, Robinho; Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Gabriel, Coppola, Zaccardo, Silvestre, Mexes, Rami, Montolivo, Saponara, Poli, Honda, Matri, Pazzini.

Referee: Andrea De Marco.

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Gianluca Di marzio on his official website writes:
Allegri out Inzaghi in, there was a meeting between Barbara and the rest of the managment about Allegri
She had enough of these awefull appearances of Milan
Inzaghi should be in charge till end of the season when normally Seedorf should take over
Lets hop its true, fingers crossed


My beloved rossoneries am hrt broken i placed a bet of 100000 to win 350000 milan was d’last team remainin win or draw a frnd told mi to remove dat milan i should stop being sentimental i said no i av bin a milan fan over 15yrs nw dat dey must contribute to my i am am confusd wot av i dne to my beloved club to b treatd dis way y r da economisin to ruin us we r big club people am so sad av nt goten frm d’shock till nw.pls giv mi gud nws o… Read more »


Hahahahahahahah Bonerror, nice new name for that dude, I bet everyone’s been searching for a perfect one for sometime now.. Believe me bro, I was also brainwashed by Bonerror, he suddenly became a Thiago Silva overnight & we all fell for it.. lol


It was my 30th Birthday yesterday and I wished for the most memorable birthday gift ever from that Match.. Funny thing is, I couldn’t see the match even for as crazily much as I wanted to.. Though we lost, it still hurts that I couldn’t see the match cos I so much wanted to see Honda’s debut.. I had hoped for a day when Milan would have killed off Sassuolo with a scoreline of 3-0 or 4-0 and I would have had a wonderful end of my special day, but instead I come home to see Milan lost 4-3.. Rushed… Read more »

Milan fan

Even the guy who “updates” this blog doesn’t care anymore lol


you heard it here first i retire!!!! im sick of fielding players like kaka and balotelli i want to field my favourites like traore and matri!


Lolz…… U re right
GRAZIE CEO BB, if it was Uncles Fester, Allegri will remain….. IT’S TIME TO GET ADDICTED TO COACH NAMED PIPPO ONCE AGAIN


lars bender, marco reus, thibaut courtois, mehdi benatia, domenico criscito – players needed to make milan CL contenders again


There are reports that Seedorf will discuss with Botafogo leadership to terminate his contract which will take around 2-3 weeks, meanwhile Ta*ssoti and Galli could take over from Allegri until Seedorf resolves his contract… Only reports I’m afraid of Inzaghi takin over. We all have high hopes of him being a great coach one day so throwing him into flames now could collapse this whole project about him. Don’t get me wrong i would be happy for anyone to take over even a Milanello chef from their kitchen as long as it’s not Allegri but i don’t know if Inzaghi… Read more »


its official! Allegri has been sacked, Tasotti to take over!


OFFICIAL: Allegri is no longer the coach of AC Milan. Tassotti will take over for now.#dimarzio


Allegri is off the bench and out of the club!

Meanwhile Seedorfs agent said he has a clause in his contract that he can leave Botafogo if he wants to without any compensation as long as he is not leaving to another club as a player!


Allegri is fired!!! 😀


Best news of the century as i’ve waited for this day for so long. ALLEGRI SACKED


I don’t really know Tastotti isn’t he just as bad as Allegri?


No-one is as bad as Allegri…please


He simply can’t be as bad as Allegri but he’s bound to have picked up some bad habits by working with him for the past 4 years. I predict the football won’t be great and pretty defensive but we should at least tighten up at the back. I want Seedorf.




Inzaghi will take over together with Tasotti…
Inzaghi will be coach and Tasotti assistent writes di Marzio

Im waiting with impatience to the Official communucation that allegri was sacked…finally some relief



allegri sacked!!!!!!!


Allegri sacked! Bravo Lady B! You be our Khaleesi! 😛


That’s it!! From now on Italian defenders only!!


this blog should change names become… i want to know what these kids say if a new coach cant do something that satisfied this kids in this forum… hahahaahaha


English Grammar?????
Go home ur drunk


i know i’m drunk but i know how to comment about milan not like kids in these forum, tell about formation, players, formation, transfers.. and you know what?? all of you dont know NOTHING about football… hahahaha..


Make note of today’s date people as it is a VERY special day! For all Milanista. Today Milan gets its freedom from the tyrant that is Allegri. FORZAAAAA MILLAANNNNNN!!!!!

Ross Oneri

It’s official. I want to hear what that Galliani guy will say.

I so wish that Bolatelli follows with some of our average players. We need a serious change now that this season is over for us. I’m sure who ever gets sold and purchased Seedorf will be contacted as S. Berlusconi is firm on Seeedorf being our coach.


Allegri,Balotelli,Matri,Bonera,Mexes,Silvestre,Muntari, Nocerino,Zaccardo,Constant,Birsa,Coppola

Get 3-4Defenders
1 decent CF
And 1winger and we are ok

Ross Oneri

We can make atleast 40 mil frm selling these players. I also think Robinho should be sacrificed.


I would say close to 50million €
We can buy 3-4 solid players with this money….

Bright days are ahead dear Rossoneri


Finally……..but no seedorf please……we must not take chances……its time for some great and experienced coach to takr over Milan….and who can be trusted….along with him we must clear our junks….and bring some good players specially in defence….last night we could have won if there were monty>>nocerino and rami>>bonera and if honda was given more time to play…..n e ways….its good to see allegri sacked


Fiiiiiiiiiinalllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! What the hell took them so long??????


I have a son but still I cried over this great news I’ve been waiting for this day for the last 2 years.


AC Milan official communication.

AC Milan wish to communicate that Massimiliano Allegri and his staff have been relieved of their duties with immediate effect.

AC Milan would like to thank Mr. Allegri and his staff for their time with the club and wishes them the best for the future.

Coach Mauro Tassotti will take charge in the meantime of the team



Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! THE VIRUS IS OUT! CONGRATULATIONS MILANISTAS

Milanisti since 98

No no its not complaint, we love rossoneri so much that we dont want to see get beaten up every week because the manager can make them play proper footballl for 90 minutes…


I had decided not to comment anymore this season till that scam bag Allegri’s departure but I am vindicated by yesterday’s results. The day has come sooner than expected. Time to party my fellow Rossoneri fans. You guys are most welcome to have beer with me if you are around my area. Finally, waited so long for this day and I hope this is the end for his beloved bunch too; Constant, Matri, Muntari, Zaccardo, Nocerino etc.





Congrats pals!!! Barbara is a woman of her words,she went 4 Allegri head wc had been protected by Uncle Fester 4 years.Bad Lazy boy Balotelli shud follow him out,likewise Nocerino,Bonera,zaccardo.
Tassoti wud succeed,seeing how he won vs caglari(2:0)when countmax was suspended.Forza milan

Milan fan

Glad to see him go,but don’t forget that the TEAM is still below average


no its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross Oneri

Seedorf is said to have sent goodbyes to his teammates and is coming to Milan is the next 3 weeks if not less. His contract with Botafogo have a clause which states that he ca leave the club at anytime without penalties if he won’t be leaving the club to become a player of another club. I think it’s better he starts now as the season is kindo over so he can start next season with a clear picture of what he wants to do.


Hahaha the team is average? Monto de jong poli/cristante saponara/honda kaka balotelli. U call these average? Liverpool has a better midfield n attack than us. Y r they performing better than us in their own league. Even Everton. Honestly our midfield n attack, overall is better than even Man U. U call this average squad? We have an idiotic allegri who likes to use avrage player like constant muntari nocerino birsa robinho matri. Our problem is only CB and goalkeeper. Honestly I don’t think we have a bad squad. Not as good as Barca Madrid and Bayern but definitely our… Read more »


If we really don’t have any alternatives to muntari matri nocerino constant bonera robinho I have no complaints being beaten week in week out. But right now, everyone can see who is by far more superior than these players and it is FRUSTRATING to see these players playing every week and Milan getting beaten. To those who say that we Mediorce players, think again. Are our players so bad that we lost to Sassulo? Allegri is GONE and our season STARTS NOW!!!!


I would gamble with Seedorf. Who’s better out there to teach this bunch of players what it means to wear red&black and make them sweat bloody sweat in trainings for this shirt than our beloved professor! I really have a good feeling about him!

Oh i almost forgot… Thank u Berardi, Bonera and Zapata, without u we would still be stuck with this incompetent fool on bench


dis is d best news.I have been waiting for this for a long time .


Boban: this team doesn’t have a soul

Weah: Really need to change a lot in this Milan: lack of character and personality in the locker room

Costacuta:I believe in this team there are players who have too many highs and lows, possibly did not understand the shirt they wear.


Its official! Max allegri outttt!!!!!!


Thank u sassuolo,thank u barbra…thank u lord…bring out ur glass flutes every1,tym 2 party

Mohammed Jibran

Finally….. The end of Alegric era.


Now we can play monto/Cristante De Jong Saponara honda kaka Balotelli And guys pls cut Balotelli some slacks. His frustration is boiling over just like us. No. Hundred times more as he’s on the pitch esp as a striker. We all know our potential in attack but Allegri chose to be defensive. I put myself in his shoes and can feel his frustration that a striker is playing with so many def or deeplying play makers. The team can’t function as there is not enough movement. As a result he has to feign free kicks n everything to win for… Read more »


Dapito had two problems.
2, English.
One problem solved. (allegri is outta your life you should be thanking God for that).

The other problem is your grammar, what’s (this kids) take a look and find solution to that. it’s big problem at your age if you don’t know what /how to write.
who is kid??


my problem only one… how to face kids that always complaint about milan… they dont give nothing to milan but always complaint… and so funny when kids in these forum tell anything about football…. hahahahaha… milan dont need your solution, milan already have some expert employee to handle management… hahaha


Because it’s your way,
you don’t think everyone does.
drunkard :p


Best news ever!
Thank you president.


This is great to have Max. Allegri get throwed out. I’ve always insisted that Ac Milan’s only problems are lack of confidence, lack of proper formatiön and right team selection. With a good coach and two(2) additional players Ac milan will be great again. #forza milano.


I forgot you’re one of those employees in the management,one of de pple who always get behind allegri s stupidity ur so interesting in allegri that u can’t recognize a single shame anymore u showed up written articles about him after he got fired babara will know how to deal with you too no matter where u hide .. hehehe :v

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