Milan-Nainggolan: Only Berlusconi’s ‘yes’ is missing


RADJA NAINGGOLAN is very close to joining Milan; announcements on Honda, Rami & Niang-Montpellier on January 3.

The market only opens next Friday, January the 3rd, but Milan have already signed two players for the rest of the season and are reportedly on the edge of completing their third purchase of the winter: Radja Nainggolan of Cagliari Calcio.

Nainggolan has been a target of Milan for a while but only now the Rossoneri have made the concrete move, with the midfield needing upgrades after Milan’s terrible 17 rounds of Serie A football in which they only collected 19 points.

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According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Adriano Galliani and Massimo Cellino, President of Cagliari, were in contact on Monday and came closer to reaching a deal. All is needed now is Silvio Berlusconi’s approval and willingness to spend an additional €750k  to meet Cagliari’s demands which are €7 million plus half of Bryan Cristante for 50% of Nainggolan.

“Nainggolan to Milan? I don’t know. We will see. It’s pointless to talk about the transfer market now,” Galliani said last night before flying to Brazil for a vacation with his girlfriend (he’s expected to meet Clarence Seedorf there as well). Cellino was a bit more direct when he was asked about the situation: “If I was only interested in the money, as some people think, then I would sell Nainggolan to a foreign club. However, given the player’s ability, I want him to remain in Italy with Juve or Milan.”

The story on today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Unless Berlusconi decides to veto the move, Nainggolan is expected to become the third signing of the winter after Keisuke Honda and Rami. Milan have announced today that these 2 transfers will be made official on January 3rd when the mercato opens. “Milan’s representatives told us that they hadn’t had any contact with Honda, but they had contacted him in February,” CSKA President Yevgeny Giner said this week. “Honda and his brother had promised me that they would sign a contract extension. We could have sold Honda to Everton or another club last summer, but he wanted to join Milan.

“I don’t think that Honda will get much playing time at Milan.” A player who did struggle for space at Milan is M’Baye Niang and he leaves to join Ligue 1 outfit Montpellier HSC. Niang is going there on a six month loan but Montpellier have an option to purchase him in the summer for a fixed amount of €10m. “I don’t have any regrets about joining Milan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Rossoneri are still interested in signing Danilo D’Ambrosio, Torino’s 25-year-old left back and could include Antonio Nocerino or Riccardo Saponara as part of the deal to lower the demands of the Turin-based club.

Translations credit: @Milanello
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isaac ayala

As long as Crystante doesn’t go, it’s a yes from me.
Maybe we could trade Muntari instead?

Pa ibra

no thats not possible… allegri just wont allow that. lets be patience till the summer then do bussines on muntari and his friends


Say yes to the deal. He is perfect replacement for Muntari and Nocerrino. Allegri and his friends can be sent packing in the summer.


right,muntari and his friends…lol…..


I think nainggolan is a useless player at this time. I completely disagree to sell niang cristante and saponara. I consider d’ ambrosio another mediocre player like constant etc.


I agree. Nainggolan has been overhyped for many years, even though I’ve always fancied him. He’s a bit good at everything, but does lack dynamism, composure and a bit of that star-power. So if they’d give Cristante’s 50% away, I’d go mad. I’ve followed Serie A closely since I was 5 years old and I’ve followed Bryan since he was 15-16. If it goes through on this path, it just verifies the fact that they have absolutely no clue of what they’re doing and there’s not enough passionate personal in charge of the marketingplans. If there’s anything we should avoid… Read more »


Niang is definitely in need for a loan move… He won’t be sold. Neither will Cristante, hopefully both Cristante and Saponara stays, but I think Sapo has a bigger chance of staying. Nainggolan is better than most our current midfielders, except for De jong and Montolivo, although Cristante is way more talented and has more potential to be a “Da Milan” player, I know this. Considering that both Montolivo and Muntari are suspended for the first leg in CL, we do need a new midfielder, and if Berlusconi gives the green light for it, then it’s cool. D’Ambrosio is a… Read more »


well said mate. if you are good enough you are old enough. Just look at messi alaba for example. Cristante has so much more to give. I think he’ll surpass monto in 1-2 years if he plays consistently.

The things that bothers me is that with ambrossio joining milan, we might let abate go. U never know what galliani wants to do.


Very true, or the best example within our own ranks – De Sciglio and El Shaarawy.
I agree about D’Ambrosio, the reasonable thing would be to let go of Constant and Zaccardo (even though I have nothing against the latter), but like you said, you never know what Galliani is thinking.
D’Ambrosio is what I think will prove to be a valuable squad member, capable of filling in to good effect for either De Sciglio or Abate whenever needed.


finally someone with a common sense! O LORD where have you been all these days? I’ve been jumped on a few times for stating that


Sounds good, if Berlusconi agrees to the move, then he’s more than welcome, as Berlu knows more about football than most people think, and we can’t let Cristante slip through our fingers. About Niang’s move, we should insert a buy-back clause, that would be wise, so he won’t turn out to be another Aubameyang. And regarding the D’Ambrosio move, include Nocerino in the deal, and it would be a very good mercato indeed. Not Saponara, he should be with us and get more playing time. This is what we need this mercato, and get rid of more mediocre players. Forza… Read more »

Some Guy

We don’t need a CM. We don’t need a RB. We don’t need attackers. We need a defender!! Of course, I would welcome Nainggolan with open arms, but we still need a defender.

Pa ibra

i think berlusconi should first ask the next coach about this naingolan before making the move. infact the player seems to be very pricey. really worth that much?? i even doubt he’s presently better than cristante, let alone in a year time.

with honda and rami joining, i would only send niang/saponara and vergara on loan with no stupid 50% selling, no option to buy either. then swap d’ambrosio for nocerino till the summer.


A years ago they said that they sold Ibra and Silva, because of their age and that they were starting a youth project, but Berlusconi is too cheap to pay for players like Nainggolan; Krul; Santon… He has to involve talanted players like Saponra; Cristante; K.Boateng; Vergara; Petagna. We need a new owner.



Allegri’s plans is to have a squad looking like this:

————–de jong—-MUNTARI————-

a very defensive line up which is allegri’s top plan. even torres has a better chance of scoring than matri! LOL




One player too many, but that does look like Allegri alright.


We can get Messi and not go forward and not win anything with this coach. Milan do have a good team but some things are simple; Out= Niang loan out – option with buy back clause Zaccardo – Montpelliere want him on loan, sell him 1.5M Nocerino – pointless mid, should be used for D’Ambrosio Matri – We have Pazzo as Balo’s back up, use as a part exchange for some defender and add some cash (maybe Astori) and Lazio want him…maybe Hernanes ? Gabriel – loan out for experience, no option to buy Amelia – AS Roma want him,… Read more »


Allegri out

Don’t sell 50% of Cristante,if they don’t agree give them Muntari or Nocerino or they should forget it.

If they get 50% of Cristante,is Cristante staying or leaving for Calgiari?

Pa ibra

its like this… end of the season if both clubs are interested in having 100% of the player, each of them will have to forward their respective bids via email/letter (i seem to forget which one) to something and then the highest bidder have the full right of the player. example if milan bid 16 mil versus cagliari 9 mil…. milan get the player, and cagliari the 16 mil.
i’m not very good at explaining through words but hope you understand this one.


the board is filled with headless chickens

Milan fan

Who wants to bet they’ll end up with Lodi,Parolo or some other mediocre player instead of Niangolan ? Plus we need defenders more than anything. We need a proper LB,Constant Emanuelson(isn’t even a left back) suck,D’Ambrosio isn’t any better. At least they can get Santon for now and in the summer a real DC. Someone better than Zapata,Bonera and Mexes.


Honestly nothing will sensationalise me than news of Allegri’s sack even if he wins d CL. Naingolan is a solid midfielder and will help but our ONLY problem is Allegri.


please..i really beg you PLEAAASE man PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEE just fire allegri :'((((( thats the ONLY thing we need..we dont need new players…new managers (u dont believe but fester is still good > he is just not allowed to spend lots of money)..or new stadiums..the ONE AND ONLY thing is that we just need a new coach,with new ideas,modern tactics,good psychological talents and who can work with talented young players..thats really what HAS TO be done..nothing else


In serie-a maybe milan can survive with nainggolan honda bla bla bla
but in ucl… it’s bleak
Look at barca they use 3 midfield but really excellent at passing ball control and flair
Iniesta is really good
Xavi too
Busquets is balanced player who can pass dribble score and doing some defense work
In munchen there are javi and schweini as well
Better sign some star


Expected lineup in CL:

StartingXI:Abbiati; Abate-Rami-Mexes-DeSciglio; Montolivo-DeJong-Nainggolan; Kaka-SES; Balotelli


Lineup CL2007:

StartingXI: Dida; Cafu-Nesta-Maldini-Jankulovski; Gattuso-Pirlo-Ambrosini; Kaka-Seedorf; Inzaghi


Milan fan

JustMilan what the hell are you saying ? We don’t need new players ? How old are you 14 ? I too think we need a new coach but we sure as hell need some new GOOD players too !
Especially in defense,we concede in every match for F. sake.


It doesn’t matter who comes to Milan as long as Allegri is coach, the team will still play horrible.

Even Boban labeled this team as the worst Milan team in Galliani era.

I think Milan need sort out their internal affairs before they sign or sell any players


@Milan Fan what the hell has my opinion to do with my age man?are you serious??? only the kiddies are just asking always for new players life just so easy??do you think milan got all the money in the world to buy players the people here are talking from?no..i think u underestimate 1. the potential the current squad have..2. that 5 million € is for nearly every club much money (as is see milan the only club behave depending on FFP)3. what a GOOD coach can do with our squad..(defending included) calm down.. the squad in my view can… Read more »


Nainggolan is overrated.


Cristante should stay!


replace allegri with seedorf or tassoti starting from jan not summer and ask them what kind of players they need.

sulexdinho pato

I just want a new coach and i want saponara emmanuelson niang cristante elsha and desciglio to remain a milan player…forza milan


I think he is a solid player but you gotta ask, is it really who we need right now? I think we need more than just a solid player, we need a superstar in the midfield


The whole confusion at Milan generally is making Galliani think backward, he doesn’t seem to know what step should be taken first or the last one. The first step is FIRE ALLEGRI because even Messi will wobble under this pathetic coach.



Nianggolan is surely good player but again he is not milan calibre. I see this as waste of money. Just give me link to watch on youtube if there are videos to convince he is top player we need. Honda is way far better and we got him already. Its ok if he will be bought to rotate de jong whenever he gets tired. Other than this i am aganist his purchase especially giving half of cristiante.


What do you guys think of Candreva, he impressed me at the confed cup but i havent followed him since. Could he be an upgrade for this Milan?

Merry Christmas!


This is just another average player! There is nothing special about Nainggolan. We need a player like Mata, Fabergas, Ozil, Goetze, Ribery, Hazard,Oscar, Robben, etc… A world class talent not another average player who will most likely be a benchwarmer! If we cant get a player like the ones I mentioned above then we should look at players like: 1. Shaqiri-age 22 2. Xhaka-age 21. 3. Thiago Alcantara-age 22 4. Marco Verratti-age 21 Quality worldclass talented players! Cant wait for Mastour to get called up for the senior team! It’s signings like these why I strongly believe Galliani has to… Read more »


Sorry mate, but for how much do you think Bayern and PSG want to release player like thiago, etc.?


Before Ac wont get new coach players gonna help one .. nobody can save us when Allegri is still the coach ..
Iam even worried about Honda and Rami that they will lose their abbilities under Alegri ,,

Zacx-(CiapusBogor_Indonesia -Milanisti4eva)

In : Honda,Rami,Nainggolan,Pirlo,Hernanes,Vermaelen,n Akinfeev…Out : Matri,Constan,Zaccardo,Bonera,Nocerino,Birsa,Amelia,Emanuelsen,Muntari,Robinho n Saponara..


Id agree with you but,i wouldnt sign Pirlo,and Akinfeev is cup tied,id go for Krul instead,and you dont even have a full back to replace the out going urby and constant,
so for me.
Honda,Rami,Nainggalon,Krul,Santon,D’ambrosio,Vermaelen now N’Koulou later,i dont kow if id sign hernanes,dont forget we\re makig the squad younger,and he’s 28, and all the other departures yu spoke of but the youngster for loan(Saponara,Vegara,Cristante,Niang,Gabriel)


You guys are really good at forgetting that business is about negotiation. You can’t just tell another club “hey buy nocerino/muntari cuz he’s been playing horribly. Oh and take christante on loan, but no you don’t have an option to buy. Sorry”
You think other clubs don’t notice our problems?? lol they know muntari/nocerino/constant/whoever-else sucks. And they know niang, christante, and saponara are promising.

muhsin young

i thing allegri replace tasotti
line up new year for cl 2014 StartingXI:Abbiati; Abate-Rami-Mexes-
DeSciglio; Montolivo-DeJong-Nainggolan;
Kaka-SES; Balotelli


D’Ambrosio, for the defence

Wellington Martins, for the midfield

Diego Simeone as our new manager and i’m more than shure that we will make it to the top 3 of Seria A.


Allegri Out-Frank De Boer In


Milanistas we will b making a great mistake if we include the future of milan in those deals. Giving Bryan and Saponara as part of those deals means we have no future. Give them playing time and in sm months to come, they will b Milan stars (Bryan and Saponara). Despite d fact dat our targets in d market may b gud i disagree d inclusion of Saponara n Bryan as part of our deals. Dortmund or Barca won’t gv away their wonder kids with ease so why on earth must we push our wonder kids away? If we gv… Read more »


Please,don’t be stupid with this buying and selling of players, don’t you have marketers to market some of the players that is outdated. Cristante,vergera and saponara should please and stay


no matter how good the player. it will useless if allegri still in charge. we need new coach.


Montolivo has not been impressive this year

With the new signings , we could play like this:







Joe Argani

I thing they have to start with a new coach from January when 3rd place is likely impossible to be reached. It would be better to prepare for the next season. Rest of the season also can be used to meet the best formation & team composition for the next season. It means that they have to sell the players whose are not identified as Milan level players: Zaccardo, Constant, Amelia, Nocerino, Birsa, Nocerino, Muntari, Matri & Robinho. Give more space to play for young players like De Sciglio, El-Sha, Cristante, Vergara & Saponara. Bring in higher quality players in… Read more »

Joe Argani

When Nainggolan come to Milan, the formation will be:


Abate — Rami — Mexes — De Sciglio
Nainggolan — De Jong — Montolivo
Honda — Kaka

Substitution: Gabriel, Emanuelson, Zapata, Bonera, Poli, Cristante, Saponara, El-Sha, Pazzini

Note: Cristante, El-Sha & Saponara should stay. Cristante sub for Monto, Poli for Nainggolan, Saponara for Kaka or Honda, El-Sha for Kaka, Pazzini for Balo.


totally agree with you


It will be so great to have Nainggolan in our squad we need a player like him in the mid imagine De Jong,Montolivo, and Nainggolan in the mid will be outstanding because 2 strong players and one skimmer that will be great for our squad and i pray hard for the negotiation to go through

Please Berlusconi give the green light for Nainggolan Please we need him


I agreed with you. He brings more to the game than either Muntari or Nocerrino. He will be a perfect compliment for Monti and De Jong. The best part of all is that he will be available for the Champions League. You can’t ask for a better deal than that.


Well many unlikes i will get i guess but i prefer Poli over Montolivo . Montolivo is perfect infront of stikers where De Jong is playing ..but De Jong is by far better than Monto in that position … then in the middle Monto is too slow ..Poli is much more efective as a center midfield


OR, we could play with Monto AND Poli, with De jong in the middle.


Abate Mexes Rami De Sciglio

De Jong
Montolivo Naingolan

Honda El Sharawy


Subs: Kaka, Poli, Bonera, Zapata, Emanuelson, Cristante, Saponara, Gabriel, D’Ambrosio, Balotelli, Robinho.
Any questions?


Good player but I don’t think we really need him. Italian teams need to get over their obsession with box-to-box midfielders.



Abbiati, Abate, Rami, Mexes, De Sciglio, Montolivo, De Jong, Nainggolan, Honda, Kaka, Balotelli


IMO the only strikers Milan should keep are

Kaka, Balotelli, Pazzini, and El Shaarawy

and offload the rest


Poli really isn’t getting any playing time now… 🙁


Now he will because Muntari got banned


Not if Nainggolan arrives. He doesn’t get much playing time now. Imagine after Honda and another midfielder arrive.


Poli played 24 matches and 1512 minutes already. Only De Jong played significantly more in the midfield this season.

Milan fan

He will sign for PSG who are also interested,he can’t wait for Milan’s cheap a** transfer policy. They can’t even sign one good player.


we don’t need nainggolan, he is not the player wee need. Milan has a lot from this type of players! allegri will make cristante leave and he is the only player with montolivo that has creativity in our midfield! we need verratti, clasie or koke!