Highlights: Inter 1-0 Milan


MILAN STILL without a derby win since 2011. Rodrigo Palacio scored the only goal in a rather average and very physical Milano derby on Sunday evening at Stadio San Siro in the 85′ minute. The Rossoneri were a lot better in the first half but couldn’t turn possession into goals. Inter stepped up their game in the second half and got the lead. Sulley Muntari was sent off in the stoppage time. Milan finish 2013 with a 6th seasonal defeat and with their heads down.

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🙁 I dont wanna see this.


I think the 4-3-2-1 that Allegri insists on using ruins what little talent we have in the squad. Kaka and Poli become completely useless. When Kaka goes to the left he no longer has the speed to dribble past players. Poli never had speed to begin with so he is confined on the right. The former plays better under the strikers and the latter in the center of the park. For Allegri to throw Saponara in the most tense game of the season could have backfired but luckily it didn’t. Clearly Saponara does not have match fitness, that’s why he… Read more »


i’d prefer milan loosing agnst athletico but under some other coach dn allegri….
if someone else is given to be in charge i m sure we can get out better results….
it was clear inter overran our midfield consisting of de jong plus two half goats who only ran after the ball,i m really depressed seeing poli in this kind of form..but its not his fault..its allegri’s….so first things first…
1.sack allegri+tasotti
2.bring nainggolan
3.swap matri with hernanes
4.get seedorf or any good enough coach…

sackallegri Forza Milan

isaac ayala

On the bright side…
Muntari has a 3 match ban
And Constant injured his foot!


Is it just me or Bonera actually looks really solid? I have never seen him play this good. I think we’re gonna have a much needed mini overhaul in January with a few players leaving and some coming in like Rami, Honda, D’Ambrosio, Nainngolan and probably more. But it doesn’t really make sense if we don’t replace Allegri now. This season is well and truly over. We may already start getting ready for the next and that means a new coach, too so he can have six month so prepare for next season. If we want to appoint somebody like… Read more »


To every Milan fan who hates Muntari.. You have a point. But calling him “cancer” is just beyond disgusting. I mean people die from cancer, leaving families broken. This “cancer” has no cure, its just evil and calling another human that is just awful. I mean yes he is not an Milan material player, but he does try his heart out every match, but he isn’t as talented as Pirlo or Xavi, which I understand. Call him rubbish or garbage but cancer? No. Just no. At the end of the day, he is a better player than you, that is… Read more »


Kaka is finishd guys. always loved him but he s done.


allegri playstyle is ruining him. not that he is finished. but with other coach, he would be back again.


IT COMES DOWN TO THE COACH. Yes the coach knows the players better than any of us but our midfield has been running back and forth the entire game and you expect them to make something happen. We needed fresh legs in the midfield. Why matri instead of pazzini. Why would you put pazzini on for 3 minutes and expect results. Too little too late as usual allegri. This has to be the final straw


AC Milan is in trouble because the teacher does not have no lucky no tatico please sack alegri because milan have a players but don’t have goach look rigkard and guus hiding pleasse


-First of all Milan should sell all those players which do not have that much space to play (meaning all the old players sell or let them go) and loan the young players so they can get some more time on their feet and have an option later in case some young player mature to be able to play a first class football. -Second Allegri should leave and here it is why: 1. Starting with the striker Balotelli! Allegri plays him as a target man. It is wrong to waist the talent of such a player. Balotelli plays in that… Read more »


Normally when ever a game is done I always go to goal.crap to see the player ratings and why they were rated like that, I just love how the rate the players even though Allegri plays them completely out of their element, put poli in the position he started in the beginning, don’t play with wingers because all our wingers are injured, I think in this case the Diamond formation would be effective because it has been a while since we had this many Trequista Kaka, Saponara and still Honda coming in, and now that Honda is cup tied for… Read more »