Highlights: Livorno 2-2 Milan


MILAN HAVE a very important match on Wednesday against Ajax but played a poor game on Saturday at Stadio Armando Picchi when Livorno hosted them. It started well for Milan with a quick goal already after 7 minutes: Kaka sent the ball from the left flank to the box, Mario Balotelli made a touch and it was enough to beat Francesco Bardi. But after the goal, Livorno took charge and were a lot better for almost the entire rest of the game and in the 26′ minute they hit Milan as De Jong and Mexes couldn’t handle Luca Siligardi, who sent a curler to the back of the net to defeat Gabriel. In the 58′ minute, the Rossoneri were caught on the break once again – Cristian Zapata fell to sleep and Paulinho ran past him and scored Livorno’s second. Milan got the equalizer in the 83′ minute: Balotelli scored a wonderful and powerful free kick. Milan perhaps deserved a penalty in the final minute but the ref didn’t think so. Overall, Milan played a bad game and they will have to step up their game at Stadio San Siro in four days against Ajax.

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Well i hope if we lose against AJAX at home ..the ultras gonna beat em up ..


If we lose we r out of champion league. Only Allegri deserved to be beaten!!!!


Losing is not an option, we have to win, to gain confidence once more ahead of our games against Roma and Inter.

El Greco

Why do we always play with 10 men?? Because i can’t count Birsa as a footballer…


Birsa was very important in the beginning of the year… So many fair-weather fans on this site.


I always maintained that Birsa is not Milab material even when he scored the 2 wonderful goals against samp n can’t remember the other team. This guy has no skill technique passing pace. You expect with such calibre to add quality in Milan’s attack???? So what he scored 2 wonderful goals, if we had played saponara over him I believed we would have won matches which is much more important than his 2 goals. Just like muntari. I prefer he be dropped and we pkay offensively to win matches than seeing him scoring goals once in a while. Dude you… Read more »


Hahaha. So u count nocerino as a player? We r playing with 9 in fact. Nothing against nocerino and actually you are not that bad. But we really can’t play with 3 def mid. This is maddening. GET LOST ALLEGRI. I preder to see saponara over niang.


why on earth should Allegri start poli at right back when Bonera is there or Dsc & also start Birsa when Els92 is there.instead of playin a 4-3-3 & poli replacing Nocerino, he opted for 4-3-2-1,dis is insane.for Galiani,he should quietly stepdown because as time goes on he wil regret staying after his must have professed.luk at how his is draging dis Milan 2 a mediocre level & tryin aswel to push Balo out cos of his attitude.if balo leaves & d so called menez comes,mayb both wil be cup-tied & for us it is disastrous considerin dat pazzini wen… Read more »


Nothing’s really changed recently except that Balotelli now uses his amazing physical skills to good effect instead of diving, hence the goals and occasional good results.

The return of SES and specially MDS is an excellent boost.


By the way Milan played 4-2-3-1 in the latter parts of the match and after Niang’s arrival. It was a very useful system when going forward with many players participating in attack but I don’t see Allegri using this system much because it’s too vulnerable when the opposition counter attacks. Allegri has always been too scared to leave gaps in defense.

It’s a real shame about Niang’s chance, as that was a good example of the kind of opportunities this system creates.


Balo is superb, but i’m scared Milan are Balo-dependent. I’m sure Kaka will get his 100th vs Ajax. If not, against Inter, he already scored this season with real madrid in usa. Honda, Rami and 2 other signings could still see Milan in the top 3, but I think it will be Europa League next season :/ but don’t stop beleiving remember last season…


Our offense is better with Niang & EL sha , with Birsa all he does is loses the ball too much!
4-2-3-1 system i think works better if niang plays right wing & el sha left wing but they need playing time


Niang is not what we need i think he didn’t do anything i hope he will be out and Kuck in


Miss me guys 😀


Shame poli had to play out of position at right back again. he gave us nothing at all on the wing. Can’t wait till de scigs and SES get back to full fitness. Also, I hope we really don’t sell balotelli, I don’t know who talked some sense into him, but these past few games, he’s looked more mature and uses his strength instead of diving much more. He can be great if he keeps a good attitude. At a recent interview he stated how he needs to step up, and he did.


Zapata and mexes communication is horrible…they are never in synv those two


Niang has repeatedly shown us that he is not a footballer…but i wonder why some peeps here still believe in him…that guy s so dumb and should not be playin for milan…give saponara a chance




I pray we dont get killed by roma.


Rami is d only solution we ave in. Defence.pairing mexes and rami 2geda will b great cuz dey’ve both played 2geda at d national team as 5 and 6.so I tink we will ave no problem pairing dem 2geda.


Pazzo we milan faithful missed u a lot.b fit quick and fill d space…forza milan…