Baresi: “Milan motivated to improve, no luck for Allegri this year”


FRANCO BARESI spoke about the situation at the Milan Foundation Gala, while Kaka assured he’ll stay up front.

Milan have been disappointing this season, especially at the back, with 19 goals conceded from the first 12 rounds of Serie A and the team could definitely use a guy like Franco Baresi both for his qualities at the back and for his leadership.

The legendary No. 6 was a guest at the charity gala held by the Milan Foundation (10 years anniversary) and discussed the situation of the team. Baresi believes that Milan have the right desire and that coach Allegri is not entirely to blame.

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“Nights like this do everybody a lot of good: the team and everybody who works for the club. The Milan Foundation is something that I care about,” Baresi said. “A new stadium for Milan? I think it’s too early to speak about it. At this moment in time, the present is what counts.” There are reports that both Milan and Inter want to build a stadium (in the same place).

“The squad has the right desire. I’ve seen them motivated to improve the situation in the league. Allegri hasn’t had much luck this season, he has never had a full squad to choose from. The squad is rich with talent, they just need to start getting better results that will then give confidence to the team,” continued Franco. “I believe that Ronaldo deserves the Ballon d’Or. Kaka?  He is an extraordinary player, he can play anywhere with his class and temperament. He can help us a lot in attack.”

Kaka and his wife Caroline Celico (left), Balotelli and Baresi (right) at the Milan Foundation event (source: Milan’s Instagram account)

Kaka was also present as the event last night: “Milan Foundation started when I arrived at Milan and I am very happy about that,” he said. “I feel better in every game. I am fine and I’m trying to take over responsibility for the situation we are in. In Switzerland we tried a situation (Kaka in front of the defense), but it was only a test. I’ll continue to play as an attacking midfielder. The coach and I agree about that. These two weeks have been important. We need to return to winning ways.

“Everyone understands that. Being the captain on Saturday is an honour but Montolivo is the captain. We want to get through in the Champions League and give the fans a present in the league too, hopefully I will score my 100th Milan goal.”

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This is not unlucky year fot Alergi. AC Milan is unlucky that Alergi is still coach for Milan


Yet another delusional person, basing our performance & league table standing on the lack of “luck”…smh!


I dont understand why Milan want to build a new stadium when SAN SIRO is classic and amazing stadium .. No Emirates or new Juve stadium is better than ours ..i think it would be pointlessly spended money of our team. It needs just little renewing and less capacity to dont look half empty during the regular matches .


Milan want to build a stadium cos san siro does not belong to Milan, it belongs to the municipality. Building our own stadium just like juve did will give a great boost to our financial situation by giving additional revenue from attendance and all commercial aspects that come with the stadium (merchandizing, museum, daytime visits, restaurants, cafes…) Another idea would be to buy the san siro and modernize it but that has to be after inter leave it and move to their own stadium. In all cases, i am all for having our own stadium provided that the conditions are… Read more »


Allegri is crazy,hes thinking of playing kaka in front of the defens? Just want the seasen to end quick so he can just leave.


Then we schould buy it or to build stadium that looks like classic San Siro does ..or like Coloseum 🙂 i dont like too modern experiments like is Emirates stadium ..i dont say it is ugly but classic is classic San Siro .. it just fits to Italian buildings and culture

Milan fan

No penalties you mean ?