Allegri: “Parma game fundamental, Milan need to get a result”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI is hoping for a consecutive Serie A win and says Parma will be different from Barcelona.

Milan have earned two important results last week as they beat Udinese and drew Barcelona at San Siro but tomorrow they have a difficult game at the Ennio Tardini and the Rossoneri will be looking for their first away win in the 2013/2014 season.

il Diavolo haven’t managed two straight wins since beating PSV Eindhoven and Cagliari at the start of the last month and Massimiliano Allegri wants to get the points tomorrow against Parma, which will help Milan climb further up the table.

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“We played two good games from a defensive point of view and in terms of the team’s attitude,” Allegri told the press. “We were less careless and we have to keep that up. Tomorrow’s match is fundamental for the league and we need a result as we haven’t won away from home yet and we need to change our position on the league table and stay close to the top six.

“Montolivo has been training apart since the Barcelona game as he took a knock and I’ll decide today if he plays. De Sciglio is available and Pazzini should be back soon. The team is doing okay mentally but we can’t focus on the match against Barcelona. Tomorrow will be a different match and we can’t afford to slip up mentally. I can’t see De Sciglio starting the game. He’s trained well this week but we have big games coming up. What’s important now is the management of player’s physical strengths. Birsa came here without pre-season training and that’s why he hasn’t got 90 minutes in his legs.

“Kaka played with real intensity after his injury. Parma are a good team. Amauri and Cassano complement each other. Cassano is  player that everyone knows and not many can pass a ball like him. Amauri is strong and we’ll have to be attentive in defense and in the middle. Acqua, Valdes, and Marchionni are experienced players and it’ll be a tough game. We’ll need a big performance and there’s no point thinking about the games to come. We have to get back up the league.

“Before the match against Udinese something changed in the players’ mentality. We realized the mistakes we made and we have to reduce that to a minimum. We played well against Barca but it was easy to build ourselves up for that match.

“Tomorrow will be very different but we need to get a result. I tried to play M’Baye Niang, Mario Balotelli and Robinho in training and then I changed to Birsa, Alessandro Matri and Kaka, but it could be a completely different forward line. We have players with certain characteristics and we don’t need to invent anything. The team is balanced with this formation and the players help out in the defensive side of the game. The work done should be evaluated at the end of the season.

“You need steady nerves to coach a team like Milan. I focus on training the team and preparing the games as best I can. If, at the end of the season, we have what’s necessary to move forward and we all agree on it, then we will. If not, then the club will have a different coach. There are many telephone calls between myself and the president. I listen to everyone and especially him as he has passion for the game and is competent. I explain my ideas, he explains his and sometimes they’re complementary and sometimes not. I choose the lineup and assume the responsibility. We (Allegri and Berlusconi) have a fine relationship and I don’t think I’m the only coach who talks to his club president. It’s completely normal.

“Balotelli comes back in tomorrow and we hope he’ll have a good game and will be decisive for the result. First of all for himself and then for the club and for Italian football. He’s not just another guy, much less just another player. He has charisma, personality and footballing characteristics way above average. As far as his tutor goes, that’s for the club and his manager to think about. He’s trained less than normal this month but in the last three days he’s trained well.

“Niang is still a teenager and he has a lot of enthusiasm. He did well last year. At the moment he’s going through a tough period and he has to find balance. He has to grow as he’s very young. When you perform as we did against Barcelona, your confidence grows and everything looks rosy but that was a game apart. It was a good point but we have to focus on the league. If we don’t get a result tomorrow, the team will be back getting criticized from all angles. We can’t celebrate too much because of Tuesday and we can’t let ourselves get too down when things don’t go well. We have to find balance.

“We are Milan and we have to look to achieve big objectives. It’s madness to talk about the title now but the league is long. We focus on tomorrow. We always need to do our best and then at the end of the season, if we’re first, that’s great and if we’re second that’s good and if we’re sixth then that means that five other teams were better than us but we have to give all we can. I’ll decide who plays in goal (Gabriel or Amelia) after training. I don’t want to switch goalkeepers if I don’t have to.

“We have four reliable keepers. Gabriel has shown that. Amelia has shown that and Abbiati too. His career speaks for itself. Whoever plays tomorrow will play until Abbiati comes back. He might be ready for Wednesday’s Fiorentina match.”

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All we need tomorrow is the 3 poinst and 1st away win this season.go guys go.FORZA MILAN.


All we need is a new coach


All we need is the players feeling comfortable ! wich is not the case when fans like you start criticizing every thing they do! A new coach won’t make our situation more stable ! It’s not easy for the players to play with huge pressure on them, and that’s why a draw away is good enough for me, there are other away games to win . The whole squad is new,Abate is the only one to play in san siro for 3 seasons , our captain for God’s sake has joined us ONE year ago! The results we are getting… Read more »


Forza Milan


He mentions the whole team but no word about his true love Bonera? Strange…


For the first time he talked about big objectives!! But I am irked if he thinks the performance on Tuesday was the best.


Why is the coach always a problem when we loose? It’s not a fair approach the guy is a great coach that can keep milan moving forward for the best of this club. I m tired of hearing the negativity and it is a team team after all, an organization, so the blame should not be focus on one individual. Milan is a building team looking to be the greatest in the future. Rome wasn’t built in one day so be patient


Allergi out


We played the draw with Barca at home, won no game away and now the coach is great ??? With the team we have we schouldnt be at 8th position right now and hoping to be third at the end of the season ..Now we need to win every game possible to get where we need ..and Milan schould fight for the first position not for the third . So wake up ,sack Allegri and support Milan! !! !


we must start winning now, i’m tired of draws n cautious(defensive) game won’t take MILAN anywhere.

M Milan

3 points, clean sheet and to start playin d way Milan should play!


it seems like seedorf will be the new coach, I love seedorf and he is a true gentleman and very smart but he has zero coaching experience, and dont try to give pep or conte as example, conte has managed many teams before juve and pep coach barca B team. I would go with Inzhagi or some new good coach from another league who likes to play creative fotball. I hope seedorf dosnt end up like king kenny in liverpool= stupid signings and later kicked (carroll and downing). but who knows maybe thats exactly what milan needs. Someone who donst… Read more »


Anyone but allegri!!


Good level headed approach by Allegri. I expect the team to follow his example and grind out an away result Sunday. Don’t understand why some are calling for the chop. No other top coach has had to deal with what he has – the selling of Ibra and Silva completely unbalanced the team and led to a horrid start last year but no one was better than Milan in the 2nd half. A rash of injuries has set us back with another poor start this year but there is a long way to go. Milan will come good


One of the things that make Allegri ‘allegri’ is his BIG HEADED, “I AM THE COACH, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING” spirit. It started with Pirlo’s departure, then the purchase of matri instead of good defender, now he is forcing SES out, he was playing BOATENG out of position, constant is still playing out position, the defensive approach of every single game, Allegri is in every way the reason we now look like CAGLIARY. Enough with these so-called experienced mid table coaches, I’d rather have Seedorf than another Allegri who knows nothing but mid table football. Plus, last season… Read more »


All I know is dat the president can’t just tip seedorf as Milan next coach, he must be aware of his technical abilities. its a gamble I’m willing to play.


the reason why not to give Seedorf a shot is because he lacks experience: He was a great player one time .. but that doesn’t automaticly qualify him to fit as a coach and , especially a coach for such a big team ! Allegri is not the best coach in the world right now but he’s OK ! the real trouble will begin IF WE SACK this man ! because as you know there are not many free coachs better than him ! Just saying bringing an ex-player directly to the head of the management if a mistake just… Read more »


If you want to know whether allegri is a great coach is simply by asking him what his objectives this season are and how flexible his tactics are during serie A and CL games? I don’t understand why allegri keeps using 4-3-3 tactic when he has creative players like kaka, SES, poli and saponara in the same team. Why the coach keeps playing muntari, de jong and montolivo at the same time? OMG, milan are downgrading with allegri. Milan will never win CL again with a coach like him.


If Matri still cannot performance, he should be on his way out by Jan 2014. Nocerino is also lack of fighting spirit, whilst Bonera is totally missing in action!


I think the management should show the door to Matri and Bonera (and Zaccardo too). Almost all the ageing players underperform this year.

I believe that Nocerino is an important player in our squad, even if he is not in the starting 11, he can be a good sub/backup for the entire season. Remember, we only have Muntari, Montolivo, De Jong and Poli ahead of him. And i believe that some Kucka-typo player wouldn’t be a good replacement for Nocerino.


3 things won’t happen this season…..

1. Allegri playing champaign football

2. Roma winning all matches

3. Cyborg stop complaining


Injury is our major problem not d coach,I wonder Y no one is talking abt our medical staff,every season we alwaz av injury concern than any other teams in the league,infact in world,WAT A HEAL IS D MEDICAL TEAM DOING ON DIS? Pato is a gud example

Centurion Saklek milan

Guys,when Pazzini is coming back?


So where is your great coach now ??? no win away of homa blaah Allegri is destoing Milan and Berlusconi is letting him to doing it


Allegri : ,,If we finish 6th it means another 5 teams where better,, …lol it even gonna hapen and it means that another 17 coaches r better than u u fhuck


Shame on You Allegri!!!
Post Your Resignation NOW!!