Allegri: “Milan will have to play like a team, we have to win”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI believes Milan will have a Champions League approach against Udinese and targets a win.

Many believe that Milan’s chances of finishing in the top 3 this season are almost zero as they are 11 points off the desired seat just seven rounds into Serie A but the Rossoneri will continue to play in hope to snatch that place in late May.

If Milan are to make a comeback (they are currently 12th), they will need to start picking up points, starting from tomorrow when they face Udinese at Stadio San Siro. Milan will be without Balotelli, but the fans will be at the stadium.

Milan-Udinese: The Rossoneri squad
Balotelli picks up thigh injury, out of Udinese match

“I would have preferred to play the game both with the fans in the stadium and Balotelli on the pitch but we’ll have to do without Balotelli,” Allegri said. “It’s the fourth match he’s missed. He’ll see the doctor on Monday and we’ll decide if he can play on Tuesday, although it’s unlikely. It’ll be better if Balotelli plays. Barcelona? The most important game is tomorrow.

We have 8 points and we’re 12th in the league. It won’t be an easy game as it never is against Udinese although every year they sell their best players. They have a well-organized game and a great coach in Guidolin. Di Natale up front is always ready to score. We’ll have to be careful and patient. We have to cut out the mistakes that we’ve been paying for so far this season.  We’ve been together for the past day and we’ve used that time to study certain situations where we’ve to improve.

“The team is focused. Football is a team game and we’ll have to play as a team. The team work brings out the best of individuals. The players have done well in certain games like against Napoli and Torino. We need more concentration. Compared to last year, we’re improving as a team but of course if we’ve conceded 13 goals then there’s something not right. If we let in two goals, we can’t think about always winning matches and it’s a question of focus. We have to work on this in certain situations, playing more as a team. When we show the videos to the lads, they realize the mistakes they’ve made.

“Kakà, Silvestre and Birsa are all back fit and Kakà will start from the bench,” continued the former coach of Sassuolo and Cagliari Calcio.“Bonera has suffered a setback in his comeback from injury. Pazzini is already back running. In terms of muscular injuries, we’re about average but when you play every three days, there’s an higher possibility of getting hurt.

“It’s good to have six players that play internationals but the more important games you play, the easier it is to pick up injuries. Silvestre should play as he’s worked well this week. I think Kakà has at most 30 minutes of match time in his legs. We have to bring him back slowly. The team always does well when we’re in emergencies. Silvestre is a player who’s done well when called upon in friendly matches against big sides. He has international experience and I have a lot of faith in him.

“I have to make the team understand, and I think they do, that winning or losing a game of football can be a question of centimeters. The team will have a different attitude tomorrow as they’ve had in the Champions League matches we’ve played. Antonio Di Natale is a great player and despite his age, he can score goals at any moment. They have Luis Muriel as well who’s fast and technical. It’ll be a tough game as they’re a tough team to face. It might even be an ugly game but we have to win tomorrow against Udinese. At the moment we just have to look at ourselves and focus on winning.

“Balotelli? Balotelli is a media magnet as well as a great player and so he has to try and manage his life as best he can. He’s 23 years old and he has to understand quickly that he’s not just another 23 year old and certain sacrifices have to made, just as when he’s in training. It’s not possible to prohibit Twitter and the club has no big problems with these things.

“But there have to be rules that are followed by everyone. We have a lot of faith in the national side and if they let him play, they must have declared him ready. He pulled out of training yesterday because of a pain in his thigh. I’m happy to have 6 internationals on my team. After 4 years with the club, I’m used to certain situations. I’m sued to analyzing what’s not going well and making it work in one way or another. It’s important for me to have Balotelli on the pitch and as for his life off the pitch, I can give him advice but so can the club and his agent Raiola. Balotelli has never injured himself with Milan.

“I can’t see De Sciglio starting against Barcelona. The President is always close to the team and I hope we can give him some joy. The team is very focused and they owe a lot to the club and the President Silvio Berlusconi, but also the fans who have always been behind them. Adil Rami? He is an important player, an international with great personality. Gabriel? He is a great keeper but at the moment, Abbiati is our man.” Gabriel was the MOTM in the 3-0 friendly defeat to Caen.

According to Allegri and the Italian media, the XI tomorrow will most likely consist of Christian Abbiati, Abate, Zapata, Silvestre, Constant, Andrea Poli, Riccardo Montolivo, Sulley Muntari, Valter Birsa, Alessandro Matri and Robinho.

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He never updates el sharawy status


he’ll probably be ready for barca, de scig too, but that’s another story. De scig might miss barca match too

isaac ayala

wich one? the one in november or october?


Sack Allegri now that he is a failure.


Allegri!!!you’ve been saying these since the start of the season”we have to cut our mistakes and concede little”but we seem to make more mistakes and concede more.what’s up?

Michael Reks

Ma man Muntari’s gonna score Hat Trick tomorrow, Borriello with 2 acrobatic kick goals. Milan 5-0 Udinise. Froza Allegri!


?????? wake up..




Michael Reks, first of all are you high second of all have you been living under a rock, how is boriello gonna score if he plays in genoa


Actually he plays in Roma, but point taken hahaha!


If you’re all so brilliant, tell me what you would do that allegri hasn’t so far. Cut the man some slack, we’re not in 12th only because of him.


I would have…

1.Bought a defender instead of Matri
2.Started Monti De Jong and Poli in midfield
3.Would not have benched SES
4.Would not have loaned Petagna
5.Would not have loaned Salamon
6.Give Chritante more playing time
7.Benched Matri
8.Speak up about Balo being fouled so Balo doesnt have to defend himself.
9.Etc., Etc., Etc…………..


1) he asked for astori before matri, but galliani didn’t pull through 2) we have played monti de jong poli when we can (montolivos been injured) except for the juve game (and muntari scored all our goals so don’t complain) 3) ses was only benched for one game, and I’m sure we’ve all learnt from last year he needs to rest every once in a while 4) this one I agree with you, 5) salamon is on sampdorias bench, you think he can start at milan? 6) playing Cristante means benching de jong. Look at our defense do you really… Read more »


even a blind could see that the best mid will be poli de jong n monto. y are we conceding so many???? reason is simple. Yes, we do not have the best defenders but the main reason is starting with so many def mid. players like muntari n noccerino can’t pass ard n keep possession. As a result, lost possession give opponents the chance to pile pressure on our defence. we should be


abate zapata mexes de sciglio

poli de jong monto


baloteli Niang

FOR NOW!!!!!!!!


he has a very weak personality.

khaleed sm babura

Why are we always talking about balotelli and not el shaarawy?I prefer pazzini than balotelli.


me too!


In 3 years he still coulndt make this bunch of players plays like a team..

We should believe he will now??

Udinese 1 x 0 Milan


Birsa is the only danger player we have for tomorrow’s game as far as I’m concerned! He’s gradually becoming one of my favourites, to be honest. I only imagine him play alongside El Sharawy and Balotelli.. Just maybe one day!


I like the probable starting line-up, however, Cristante should certainly be given a go along with Saponara!
All the best tomorrow!
Forza Milan!


max 1-2 udin


They need to get guidolin(udinense manager)and sack allegri.


That is a truly revelation, I was wondering what is wrong with this team for three years and now I know the answer. We need to play like a team. Thanks Max!


4 crying in out loud…stop all these b*tching about SES. Elsharawwy has started all d games we’ve played dis season when he’s fit except one. Dnt lets givd dis guy a big head @ dis age, he z only freaking 20!


Agreed! he was benched in one game and then he got injured, once he’s back he’ll probably start playing from the start once again!


yeah, if I said I hated allegri, u probably won’t moderate my comment. Eejit!

who brought matri

1five1, are u saying Meytar is supporting the sacking of Allegri and thats why your comments are moderated? pfff. everybody’s comments go under moderation. and only a blind man Like Both you and yusuf will.not visibly see there. is tension between max and ses. say one thing that max said in the press conference that he hasn’t said before? then again, let’s make a bet you and I, after the game he will complain that we didn’t play well in the first half


If Milan loose tomorrow, I hope that it will mean the end of Allegri era. Galliani is stubborn guy who is out of touch with the modern game.

Milan need a change from the top down.

Out Galliani
In Paolo Maldini

Out Allegri & Tassotti
In Inzaghi & Seedorf


Even my little cousin can give speak like that. Less talk more action. Otherwise, gently resign ur self.


“Have to play like a team”

The coaches MINIMUM job is to have to football “team,” play as a unit (aka as a team). If you have to public make a statement saying that your team has to play like a team then you already failed as a coach.

Just step down, you useless coach with ZERO character.


shame unto you Max.. U can’t make these set of playerz play like a team for 4 yearz?? Pathetic! Teams with new coaches are already playing beautifully well take a look at Roma,Napoli etc.. I dont think we all need a prophet to tell us that Allegri isn’t good enough for Milan… Always have an excuse for every defeat… Hope he loses tonite so that we get him sacked by Berlusconi just to save our future as a club


we should hav gotten cerci not matri

Kwabena Adu

I hope he loses 2morrow,garbage manager.


matri wil most likely score 2day bt it wnt change anytin coz d result is gon b max 1*3 udinese


he keep saying the same thing, sack him



Milan @ Ghana

Milan confirmed that abiati wont start todays game due to calf now gabriel chance


I hate to see comments like that of Reks and Yusuf. Allegri have started this way in all 4 seasons as Milan’s coach with over 45 different players in total and you prefer to look elsewhere for the problem with the team. He blunders in simple decisions to make, choosing to buy a striker instead of a defender at the start of the season, clearly shows he has no clue of the weak-link in his team. He even added salt to injury when he said we are okay defensively! You all thought Berlusconi was delusional when he said Max knows… Read more »

isaiah shevy

Anoda injury abbiati wit a calf injury


I hope he starts Gabriel ahead of amalia. But with allegri as always…expect the unexpected.



Blazing R'n'B

Don’t think Montolivo deserves the captain arm band… He does nothing to inspire the team @ all!