Valencia’s Rami set for January Milan move?


ADIL RAMI will join Milan in January on loan with option to be bought according to the media in Spain and in Italy.

Milan had the money to buy one player at the end of August and coach Massimiliano Allegri chose a striker (Alessandro Matri) over a midfielder or a defender (confirmed by Adriano Galliani) and now Milan are regretting this decision.

Matri was bought for nearly €12 million and has so far been atrocious to say the least while the Milan defense has been incredibly poor as well, conceding 13 goals in just 7 matchdays while Roma, the leaders in Serie A, let in just 1 goal.

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It is far from a secret that Milan need reinforcements at the back and according to the Spanish AS, Milan have found their man in Valencia’s Adil Rami. Rami hasn’t been selected by Valencia in recent weeks after speaking ill of the club in the press and he’s expected to be sold in the January market; this is a mercato opportunity that is of interest for the Rossoneri.

Sky Italia confirmed the AS reports about the contacts (via intermediaries) between the Spanish and the Italian sides and both sources agree that Milan are trying to sign Rami, who will turn 28 in December, on a six-month loan with an option to buy him out. The talk is that the buy-out clause will be set at around €7 million and the center back, if he joins, will sign a four-year contract. AS reported on Tuesday that Rami has already reached an agreement with the red and black club.

Milan are fighting for a spot in Europe next season and are currently five points away from the fifth position which leads to the Europa League (-11 from third). Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio is also convinced Keisuke Honda is a sure deal.

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Allegri & Uncle Fester should think 1000x before bringing in the next player!!!!! STOP bringing in “Matri” type player, wasting time, wasting $ !!!!! Both Vergara and Cristante should be in, forget about Nocerino. Play Niang instead of Robinho and Matri !!!!!

Rami??? Just play Vergara. Use the $ to bring in Santon to cover the left side. Sell Matri bring in Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea.


And who will buy matri??And for how much? We have to deal with him, it’s impossible to sell him. Vergara? How many times did you see him play?? Just becuase he is new and young you automaticly want him to play…This is milan, we are not some mid table club, not a place for unproven players to test their capabilities. only top player can play! ( of course that excludes the likes of bonera and so on)


kaka is unproven player. see how he exploide? so do t.silva, pato, de sceglio. back to capello and sachi era. all of out top star before maldini, baresi,costacurta, tassoti, van basten, shevchenko,weah, all that guy is unproven. if they get enough chance, then they can show how they worth. good coach know how to use the best part from each of his player. carlo create unproven pirlo, kaka, gattuso to are world class and legendry player. sorry for allergri, i dont think he have enough credebility to be milan coach. he always go fovouritism (matri,mexes,zapata) althought they were not milan… Read more »


Hey guys! Look at the bright side!!

If we loose a couple of games more, im 100% sure that allegri will be sacked!! Insaghi might take over.

i believe we need someone as pippo, as he has the biggest winner mentality i have ever seen. Have u guys seen his celebrations when he scored?

Imagine having that entusiasm on the bench!!

Allegri has no damn face expression..


it would be a real gamble to bring in Pippo, but it might just work. like you say he could bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy like Conte does in juventus..

isaac ayala

or klopp at Dortmund


Balotelli left the field on international duty with a knee injury. reports say it isnt too serious. Lets pray

isaac ayala

it also said that he is in doubt for the second international game. wich means that he might play in that game wich means he is not injured for THAT long, wich means that he should be able to return to Milan in 1 or 2 weeks

milan man

It looks like Rami will be NEXT Didac Villa which sitting on the bench 4ever…:)

Go chase Santon or find similar type like Cafu/Serginho. I think Bastos will be suit on Milan style…It just my opinion…


Alright ladies and gentlemen… The truth is this… We have a team that really is not a bad bunch of players, except Constant, Matri, Traore, Zaccardo, Abbiati & Nocerino… We have a coach who in all honesty is a good coach BUT… Only a good coach when he has champions in the side. Fx. His first season, he had awesome players and most of them delivered and he won the goods. Today he has a side with a few too many egos (Mexes, Balo, Robinho) and he can’t rely on Balo like he used to with Ibra. Even though Balo… Read more »


Agree with most of this except “His first season, he had awesome players and most of them delivered and he won the goods.” Yes we won Serie A (when Juve were crap) but we were frankly embarrassed in the CL going out to Tottenham after losing at home. Part of the reason for that defeat was, if I remember correctly, being in the midst of yet another Allegri induced “injury crisis” and so he decided inexplicably to play Silva in midfield. The sooner we get rid of this loser the better. I hate to say this but I hope we… Read more »


Totally agree. Allegri is a nice guy but he just cant’ handle MILAN! Someone like Prandelli will be excellent for Milan. Looking forward to see Honda play along side KAKA. FORZA MILAN <3 <3 <3


If Allegri was at any other club he’d be gone by now. Di Matteo got fired right after winning the UCL. Ancellotti won the EPL in his first season just like Allegri, the following season he was fired. Mourinho gave Chelsea two consecutive EPL TILTLES, he went on a bad run and he was fired. People think we have a poor squad, but Allegri was unable to win the serie A with all the good players that left. Berlusconi has got to be the most patient boss ever, yet people still think he is the problem. This season he has… Read more »

isaac ayala

I agree. But all the examples you gave were Chelsea managers, and they only got fired because of Abramovich

Alan Frank

I think we need to sack Allegri and bring Di matteo back in. HE IS EVEN ITALIAN.


because astori is a milan youth product is NO guarantee of his class. BTW when el shaa didn’t score in the same number of games that matri has not scored in, it was said that he had psychological problems. so which mental block does matri have? has his being a milan product enhanced his scoring skills or has his scoring instincts improved in the superior environment at the milanello? astori may be a youth product but will he fit in, who will stand by him if/when own goals start coming in? getting fixated on a player because he started out… Read more »


@Cyborg u got all d facts. A team that has all the creative players n strikers and midfielders and as well as defenders will be untop of the league if am not mistaken. Fire allegri and u will see a change both in defence and attack. Under ancelotti it was maldini and favalli was two central backs then with age 39 n 36. N they did more than mexes n zapata. For me mexes n zapata is tryin but d coordination of the d coach is the problem.

r kenny

it wld b nice signing 4za milan.

Izhaar Ali

makes me cry every time i hear milan losing…. 🙁


In retrospect, you just wish we got rami instead of matri and saved that 12 mil. Used petagna and niang with balotelli until el sha and pazzo return. Unfortunately we let petagna go and blew 12 mil on matri. I feel any move Milan will make in the mercado will be too little too late. If we get another star midfielder and a new coach for next season as well as rami, we can win serie a.


Okay, seems legit. Galliani made mistakes in this summer, and i bet it’s Allegri’s last season with us.

But if we manage to get good players in january, than do so, even if we end up with 6th position.
Honda and Rami are good players. We need more good players for a future campaign even if we can’t get CL-spot this year (keep in sight: they have to adapt well italian football).


Buy rami,promote pacifico and sack allegri!!! Forza milano!!!!


Galliani is killing Milan with his “Run for cover” approach, same thing he did last season buying Mario in January who ended up saving our asses. Does he thing it will always work?? I think it’s looking late having Rami to rescue our defense this time because Roma, Napoli and Juve are much stronger than we imagine.

The curva sud, media, fans worldwide and football enthusiasts identified our defensive loop hole but only Galliani and his muppett saw it differently, that’s what we pay for now.


Milan Started Season very badly..Our defence is sucks..Galliani was make mistakes by buying matri than a defender..but everyone can make mistakes..Galliani is master of transfer..yes he made mistakes this what??I still think that he deserve more respect from fans..(he brings KAKA,DINHO,RONALDO RIVALDO CAFU SHEVA etc..DOnt ever forget that..the main problem is we don’t have any financial support from BERLUSCONNI..thats it!!


i am wonderin where that 12 mil spent on matri came from then? from the sky?? u r soo clueles boy cant u see that all Berlu’s cash is been misused by Kojak n Max. u poor boy.




The problem milan is havin is allegri becox he lack tactics to use allegri is just too dull for my liking,hw I wish we’ll get a coach like klopp or anceloti who knw’s the true value of a team allegri is just a statue in form of a coach……FORZA MILANO


I am so sure that by now Galliani would have started counting some loss now even before the end of the season, knowing fully well that he made the wrong choice: Firstly, by not allowing Berlusconi to axe Allegri. Secondly, giving Allegri a free choice of player instead of signing a player to a department that even the blind one could see that we really need enforcement. Am not gonna blame Galliani for Matri, because Galliani gave what his coach asked for. Lastly, if you look at the way Inzaghi was moved up quickly; it shows that the club wanna… Read more »


lets hope so this is how they talk without signing the likes of ljajic,sakho,ericsen


I dont know how you call a player being chased by Napoli, Arsenal, Roma, and Man City a medicore. He is good but must control his temper


Nothing bothers me more than reading that psg r trying to convince Maldini to join them and he keeps turning them down hoping to get a role in milan.. Y have we not put milans #1 legend in a role, he could be a defence trainer he can be a scout, for god sakes he can replace allegri on the bench.. He can’t do any worse and he can motivate the team


Our centre backs are a major problem. Rami is good, but he is not a leader. TS33 is a leader!!! We should never have let Salamon go to Sampdoria. He hasn’t even played for them yet! Grow some balls Allegri and play Vergara. It can’t get any worse.


after readin lot of recent comments on this blog, it seems that Allegri people hav now all disappeard or now converted to “fake Milan fans” as they used to called us. how much is that coach disappointing u “real fans” now???


I bought tickets to the Milan V Barca game from Viagogo, and since I’m traveling from the US for the game I want to make sure I receive the tickets. Apparently they haven’t been released yet so I’m wondering how far in advance they typically release tickets. Any help?


Rami is set for Milan in January.
6 moths loan and then a 4 year contract.

Now we need:
* A new goal keeper like Casillas or Akinfeev
* Honda
* A left back like Criscito

– Robinho
– Zaccardo
– Bonera
– Muntari
– Urby

– Allegri

And Play like this:








i think de secilo is good at left back abate is the rb


Muntari is the quality bro


I would sell- Matri,Bonera,Birsa,Nocerino,Silvestre, ;bring – Sirigu,Veratti,Nasri,Honda,Rami and COACH


Yeah let’s just keep it realistic – Nasri, vertti and Sirigu would not be possible for Milan – too expensive


i wonder who milan will put in the gk box


D Matteo is even worse than Allegri look at the style he played in the Cl.


i just hope Allegri do not play Adil Rami out of his position…cos that’s his hobby


Allegri lovers must b loving dis