Highlights: Hellas Verona 2-1 Milan


MILAN STARTED the 2013/2014 Serie A season in the worst possible way with a lackluster performance that reminded of the dark days of the last term. In front of nearly 40,000 people at a packed Marc’Antonio Bentegodi, Milan took on newly-promoted side Hellas Verona for the Serie A opener. Milan started the game very well and in the 14′ minute, Andrea Poli found the back of the net, taking control of a good Mario Balotelli ball and finishing well. That was about when Milan stopped playing football. Verona were the better side for almost the entire remaining time and in the 30′ minute they also got a goal through Luca Toni who beat the awful Kevin Constant to the header in a Verona corner. It was almost too easy for Verona – Milan were terrible, giving away possession easily, passing the ball poorly and failing to crack Hellas’ defense. In the 53′ minute Toni scored another goal – another header, beating a Milan defender again. Milan had a couple of chances to score very late but didn’t deserve more than no points. Verona TOP, Milan FLOP.

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Most of the players were like zombies…no movements…no combination moves…no one-twos…Montolivo was holding the ball for too long and lost the ball too many times which created dangerous situations for our defense as he’s our last man in front of defense…there was a zero sense of urgency even when we’re behind…Niang is obviously not ready to be a starter…our 3 forwards were isolated in their own areas as there were almost no combination between the 3…Zapata is a good defender and Poli was impressive consider most of their teammates were standing and walking…the two fouls on Balo in the box… Read more »


You re right Shevchenko!!!! Yesterday Milan didnt play well and I think our center was awful with Nocerino invisible from the start,Montolivo didnt help Milan make any chances but Poli was impressive! Our defence was poor and attack too with Niang and El who didnt make any chances…Balo was great! Our subtitutions helped Milan to attack and make the 2-2 which didnt happen.. Robinho was great as said Shevchenko in 3 situations! The 1st was with his backheel pass to Balotelli who shooted and their keeper threw the ball out for a corner,2nd Robinho’s pass to Petagna who couldnt score… Read more »


I dont know what needs to change first, the formation or the coach……do we need to end up relegated for the management to notice that Allegri just doesnt cut the mustard.


That’s why I really miss Ibra and Thiago Silva!! 🙁


I miss them both too, but I believe Balo can play Ibra’s role and do just as good. As for Thiago… we need two top CBs to overcome his departure – while right now we only have an average one in Zapata and one just above averege in Mexes, and absolutely nothing on the bench. We should bring both Sakho and Astori, then maybe we would have a good defense. But for me, the main problem with this team is creation: we NEED a playmaker for yesterday! Niang is a few years to be a good bench player for Milan,… Read more »


I smoked year zero and I’m ready for year 1, although, I’d want to at least see courage and good football.

Forza Milan

Red&Black fan

Should my dreams of winning the sudetto vanish after this loss cos clearly if we can’t win to kinda easy teams, IMO big teams like Napol and Juve we won’t get even 1 point but i’m hoping its the disappointment talking.


The bizarre thing is.. We were all supposed to be talking about Poli’s performance in his Serie A debut for Milan, but (LUCA TONI, JORGHINO & ALBERTAZZI) took the headlines.. It’s a real shame seeing Milan playing this way.. Wish I could turn back the hands of time, just a few years back, watching Kaka behind Shevchenko and Inzaghi was such a beauty, they never gave the opposition defenders a clue.. What a shame…!!! This sinking ship really needs to be saved…!


Bad Game For Milan…….