Highlights: Milan 1-2 Sassuolo


AFTER BEATING Juventus on penalties in the first game of the Trofeo TIM, Milan took on the newly-promoted Sassuolo in the second 45-minute game. Both sides used their benches and Milan took the lead in the fourth minute: Andrea Petagna intercepted a pass in the Sassuolo box, passed the goalkeeper and scored Milan’s first. However, Milan did defensive errors of their own as in the 12th minute, Gabriel passed a poor pass to Bryan Cristante and the player who, who was also sent off after picking up two yellow cards, couldn’t clear the ball and lost it in the Rossoneri box, in the end Gaetano Masucci scored (12′). Masucci also had the final laugh as he scored in the last minute of the game (45′) to win the cup for Sassuolo. Milan finish in 3rd and last place in the meaningless pre-season competition after losing with their bench players to the side that hosted the Trofeo this year. Kevin Constant left the pitch due to racist slurs.

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I saw alot of good things… Milan seems to be in good shape physically tough…

Crystante and Petagna very promising players…

Excuse me but Traore… Omg, He cant pass, run, dribble, tackle, shoot, im not sure even that he played fotball before coming to MIlan…

He seems to wander around the field doing nothing… We have to get rid of him asap…

Important Honda meeting today, fingers crossed…

Alot rumours in the media, i believe Uncle Fester is working underground like a goverment agent…

I have a good feeling, anyways Forza Milan, fellow milanistas…


Mistake is part of development, both Gabriel and Crisante will only learn from this and make them stronger in future. I could tell here that Milan used a complete reserve side who should have won regardless.

Allegri will take the positives from the two games and help prepare us better for the next games. Nothing to worry about.


Pls GABRIEL u need 2 improve,i’m among those dat wants 2 c ur success nxt season……pls watz d latest on HONDA,wil e drop a TRANSFER REQUEST?


Sassuolo lost vs Juventus …


hope those youngster learn a lot and improve. Honda most likely coming in January. but Galliani still composed. so maybe he will come in a few days. CSKA try to hold on to him, using the injury of his replacement as the reason not to let him go. it’s 3 against 1. i believe, soon, CSKA will surender by milan offer.


I tink dat dey will improve