Bronzetti: “Honda is willing to wait for Milan”


KEISUKE HONDA has no problems waiting until January for his Milan move according to the FIFA agent Bronzetti.

There were three people in the meeting yesterday in which Keisuke Honda’s Milan terms were agreed and FIFA agent Ernesto Bronezzi who is one of those people, has confirmed that terms have been reached between Milan and Honda.

“Honda? It’s something that has been going on for a few months. There was some informal contact with the brother (and agent) of the player but we started talking officially yesterday. There is an agreement in principle,” he told GazzettaTV.

Milan: Honda likely to arrive in the summer or in January
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“Galliani is very good in this business. Honda wants to come to Milan now, but he’s also willing to wait until January to wear the Milan shirt. The first thing that Milan did is to tell CSKA of the deal, which demonstrates the correctness of Galliani and of the club. If Honda is a Milan fan? Honda’s brother told me that Keisuke has a tattoo of the Milan devil on his back.

“When Honda started playing football, he did it while wearing a Milan shirt. He was crazy about Savićević. Honda’s agent had a meeting with Juve and other clubs, but Keisuke only dreamt of joining Milan.” Honda’s deal expires in December.

Translation credit: @Milanello
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mathews chanda

but why da devil?


Reports are Milan have revived their interest in Jorginho, I hope it’s true.
It’s also said That Parma want Muntari and Inter will try for Nocerino.
Zaccardo is said to be of interest for Torino and so is Antonini.
Traore will most likely move to a. Ligue 1 club while we are waiting for offers for Taiwo.
Vila will leave to a Spanish side.


is jorginho really that good? i haven’t want him play. i think galliani is trying to exchange nocerino to ranochia. we all know that if inter players go to milan their form changes from bad to good and sometimes bad to very good.


i heard that galliani is thinking about Hummels, he wanna pay 10 mil + boateng, i think this it will be very great news if it will happend… and yesterday milan had a meeting with Jorginho agents, and Pedulla said that Jorginho its very close to join in milan! i hope those news are true and i hope they will happend! Poli-Hummels-Honda-Jorginho-Vargara-Saponaro! this is the future.. and with those players we can attack the Champions leauga, Scuddeto,Coppa Italia and more! all i can say now, FORZA MILAN!!!


Really? Any link about Hummels please


yeah any link to those news? if its true it will be a win to win situation.


Hummels??? I very much doubt but hope!!


No no no!! We want and NEED Honda now!! In january it’s too late and we won’t be allowed to play CL anymore 🙁


Galliani shud nt tri 2 bring his stupid sense into honda’s deal or esls


Once upon a time there was a player called Yanga Mbiwa who agreed terms with Milan and wanted to wait for Milan of his club refused. 6 months later he joined Newcastle . Not that am saying that the same will happen, but we must be careful

Kwabena Adu

Honda’s brother have also began talks with Juventus.I won’t be surprise if it turns out like the Tevez story.


U are a dreamer. A good 1 i must confess. Kpb €10m for hummel? Back to reality; thank God for Honda!


Honda…………..welcome to AC Milan……..

The rumours are showing us the right track in the transfer market. I would like to have Hummels + Jorginho in our squad. I would have been pleased if we had shown interest in Diego Lopez (Real Madrid), Marcello (Real Madrid), T.Alcantara (Barcelona),Veratti (PSG) & De Rossi (Roma).

All these players would cost a lot but, we can cash in by selling some players we don’t need.

Everything can happen in this transfer window so, expect something Big because…..This is AC MILAN and we have GALLIANI.


Plz an plz get honda dis summer nt january forza milano


In the land of football,and a time of FFP,the destiny of a great club rests on the shoulders of two confused old men.their names? B&G

matarr trobul

we need honda to milan FORZA milan

Jefta afolabi

We need honda nw and nt january.


This isnt Football manager or fifa, we will never get hummels, we are making a big deal out of a 2 million dollar signing in honda. We didnt get tevez for 10 million and people think we are going to get hummels whos value is probably upwards of 30? Good luck with that. Boateng after last season isnt even worth 15. Wed be lucky


According to reports Salamon didn’t reach economical agreement with Sampdoria, therefore i assume Fossati and Albertazzi will go to Sampdoria and Milan won’t get a new defender… sigh


Break the bank for honda now pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase!


Very cool news about him being a Milanista. Our starting eleven will consist of Abate, De Sciglio, Montolivo, Poli, Honda, Balotelli and El Shaarawy – seven players who are Milanistas! You know they will give their all, and even more for this shirt. Let’s make this deal happen asap!
Rumours has it that Salamon could not come to an agreement with Samp though, so the Poli deal is unfortunately being delayed…again :/ We’ll apparently try to include to youth players, one of them being Fossatti, instead.


Idk no about you…. But if cska want more than the 2 mil we can wait. Getting players like montolivo and Honda for free is amazing.


Im ashamed for my own club. I dont call this smart business like Galliani thinks hes doing. This is ridicolous! A club like milan cant spend 2 millions on a player? But they can sell players for 70 millions, and still say we need to sell robinho AND boateng for getting Honda for 2 millions??? This is just ridicolous, no wonder other teams dont take Milan seriously these days

Lil Bright

I cant believe some comments here marcelo? alcanntara? hummel? de rossi? veratti? u got to be kiddin me


everyone has his dreams!:)he certainly wants to win the cl! he wants the best for milan!:))


Honda is in love with Milan..good to know!! But we ve missed out on targets cos of this same tactics.. Eto, Mbiwa et al..


Milan should get j.quintero if nocerino,antonini,zacardo,muntari,traoe. Gk:abbiati,d.lopez,gabriel Df:abate,mds,mexes,zapata,bonera,vegara,hummels,constant Mf:monty,poli,crisante,de jong,honda,jorginho(quintero),salamon, Att:balo,ses,petagna,ljajic,pazzo.
Abbiati,abate,zapata,hummels,mds,monty,de jong,quintero,honda,ljajic,balo