Roma lose Allegri patience – a decision will be made tonight


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI’S future will finally be resolved tonight; Roma are reportedly tired of waiting for the coach.

The saga is set to end as a decision regarding the future of Massimiliano Allegri will be taken in a few hours when he will meet with Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi at Berlusconi’s villa at Arcore and will learn what the future holds for him.

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani is quoted on Tuttosport today stating that “Allegri has never asked for a renewal” so it’s believed that in the meeting today, Allegri will ask for guarantees regarding the transfer market – unless Berlusconi fires him first.

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Allegri is the top candidate for the Roma job, but according to Sky Sport Italia, if there will be no white smoke coming out of Berlusconi’s Arcore villa and Allegri will not be a free man after tonight’s meeting, they will change their objectives and could stop the pursue after the 45-year-old Tuscan coach. Marcelo Bielsa and Lauren Blanc are the Roma alternatives.

The meeting will most likely take place after the Empoli-Livorno game as Allegri is expected to attend the match that will decide which team gets promoted to Serie A. It’s hard to predict at this point, what will be the outcome of the meeting.

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Let’s hope Allegri stays, and that he gets the guarantuees he wants on the transfer market. Trust me when I say that with a few new faces, quality faces that is, not quantity, Allegri will do a great job! You all bash Allegri for playing poor football, there is a reason why we got him from Cagliari, he won the best coach award ahead of Mourinho when he was there, due to the fact that he made Cagliari play beautiful football, just like Montella is doing with Viola right now. Give him some new faces and the acquisitions he wants,… Read more »

ali milano

totally agree with you. can’t wait for the news to come!

Forza Milan!


well this bulsh*t by Berlu aside
Cerci Ogbonna and Poli

please make that happen…..apparently Torino wants Traore and Salamon we could throw them in too

Lieutenant Colonel Nana-Fynn

Allegri will stay at milan for sure.jux give him what he will ask for and see what he can do.atleast one more year then bring prandelli in but dat time both of them will finish their contracts at theeir clubs and teams respectively.

seedorf may be good as a player but maybe would’nt be good as a coach,but im not dougting him thou.
we all want the best for our darling club milan.
forza milan,grande allegri…


better u guys do it quick coz I want a guarantee tonight. Any decision by the management is the excellent one. Forza milan

ali milano

i hope you’re right


Bielsa will fail at Roma. he is just like Zeman. ultra attack and inconsistent results. he will test the patience of Di Benedetto the same


attacking football > defensive football


God help you Mr Allegri


Saponara would definitely be a hit at Milan but the rigidity of Alegri would destroy such talent who would only make d bench. I think its high time Alegri goes.


Yeah, because Allegri has destroyed El Shaa and De Sciglio, not helped them develop to Italy internationals at such a young age… get over yourself-.-


SES was bought like 20milion euros. and if De Sciglio is considered ‘the new Maldini’ since before joining the senior team then shows he was already good.


Please, where is cyborg?


according to informations milan are in talks with spaletti of zenit…he met silvio yesterday…

muhammed ishau

sack alegri and bring spalleti am sure he will surely feet milan bench cox alegri is not a coach at all pls

Enwongo Milani

OFFICIAL: Milan- Allegri stays!!Roma signs Milani has their new coach.


Why i dislike Allegri a little bit is that it takes him much more time in substituting a player when Milan are down to a goal or two. He needs to improve on that..


Heard Civelli will sign for Milan but i’ve forgotten his club though. Mehn, that guy is old. Hope it aint true… Would like to see the Nigerian born Italy international(Ogbonna) join Milan.