Was Hamsik Milan’s Mister X?


MAREK HAMSIK has revealed he rejected an approach from Milan two years ago and he’s now happy at Napoli.

The summer of 2011 was very tense for the Rossoneri fans who had waited for the big midfield signing which Adriano Galliani called Mr. X. In the end Milan got Alberto Aquilani on loan from Liverpool and the Italian was far from a star signing.

The press mentioned players like Cesc Fabregas, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Marek Hamsik as the possible Mister X but Milan couldn’t afford players of this caliber after Silvio Berlusconi’s €560m fine. Hamsik now reveals Milan wanted him.

Ambrosini: “Replacing Allegri would be a courageous decision”
Abate: “We’re tough to beat and we know how to get results”

“De Laurentiis and Mazzarri told me I was wrong to want to leave,” he told Guerin Sportivo. “We had just lost the Scudetto after being defeated by Torino, Sampdoria and Bologna. I spoke with the president and then with Mazzarri and both explained to me why they did not want to sell me. According to them, I would be making a mistake to accept Milan’s offer.

“It was valuable advice as I am happy now in Napoli. I have just bought a house and people love me here for who I am.” Hamsik, 25, is one of the best players at Napoli and he’s scored 10 goals and made 18 assists this Serie A season.

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Then what again? U can keep on strugling @ ur Napoli but u wld’nt achieve what u want to achieve there, join the best team to become the best. Forza Milan!

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

well, he did win Coppa Italia last season, which is more than what we got


Having said so, we are the team that is going to be winning the champions league 2-3 times in the next and ruling the world in a few years for at least a decare, once we got a decent young talented and devestating team built. We are in a very early phase, and this will take longer than building our previous teams (Ancelotti’s, Sacchi’s, Cappello’s) as we were paying a lot for the already named stars players. This time we have to wait for our own boys to develop into the best men in football!

Ac fan

Dat has olrdy pass,so talking abt it won’t make any sense

El Greco

After 2 years, what’s the point of discussing who was Mr. X or who wasn’t? It doesn’t matter anymore, we’re moving forward…

Forza Milan!!


Hu cares……


Obviously He wants to cum to mnilan.. So mr hamsik shot up ur mouth and follow ur hat.


Hamsik go away wif ur nonsense


2years ago? So what now? Should we make anoda bid for you? Or we go on looking for mr.Y. Nonsense

Kaka milan

Hamsik u will go down with napoli next season because when cavanni leave u will sucks…perhaps if u r really a star madrid,barca or munich could have come knocking.u cant compare ur self wit ozil,cesc,kroos,martines,goetz, they are far better than u….so milan wil bring fabregas and u and napoli will sucks….


Hamsik were the Mister X. But Berlusconis Fininvest had to pay 560 million euros to damages for other company. So Berlusconi couldn’t afford to buy Hamsik.

Wasn’t this clear to all Milan fans?


Get us Strootman and Poli and if Boateng is really sold then Nainggolan or Inler too.


the point is he loves milan and wants jo join that is why he can’t stop talking about milan, he is stil very much disappointed the deal fell through. but he shuld just 4get it cause it won’t change anything.

muhammed ishau

u can win anytin wit napoli join milan and follow ur heart u bitch


Was Hamsik Milan’s mr. X? Yes, but that was before in 2yrs ago, now he should just close the chapter, or did he think Milan will not be without him? Totally No.


– Allegri said Cerci is a good player and he won’t talk about Ljajić as he is still Fiorentina player…

– That remindes me Galliani and Berlusconi once said talking about other players in public may cause a price jump…

– So to conclusion, looks like they r serious about Ljajić, he would be great addition knowing that Binho and Bojan will leave but what causes concern is his difficult character


Hope milan buy ogbonna ,.strootman , poli/clasie cerci/Taarabt/Ljajcic .What a talented team we would have.


So Allegri wanted Hamsik…

…we made an offer which was rejected after getting valuable advice..

K..hope u understand dis..

However Hamsik would ve been a great addition 10goals and 18assists is formidable stuff..but we have Monty and Saponera..Hamsik may ve to wait lil longer..

if we still want to continue with the 4-3-3, the I guess we have to exploit more of Monty’s creativity..
Pairing him with Saponera; and De Jong/Kucka as the proverbial workhorse.. in ‘W’ midfield..

Opinion Varies

Dude you clearly not making any sense-and that is just me though.


it looks like strootman’s going to England. it would be stunning if we could get verratti and eriksen / Thiago


Napoli will never win a another Serie A trophy unless Maradonna returns 30yrs younger which will never happens.

Hamsik made the wrong decision from my point of view as at Milan he would have the chance to win the CL and possibly become one of the best players in Europe.

Lol forza milan


who knows what will happen if he join milan 2 yrs ago. But it all history now. Milan on the right path. All to see the future ahead.

i love hamsik he s a great player with some of Gerrard s quality he s strong,creative,can shoot well,can cross and a good marker it could have been great had it been he is our NO 10 after seedorf…forza milan

Enwongo Milani

Mister X or Mister Z…dos it reli mata? I gues Montolivo was Mister M nd Balo ws Mister B…