Highlights: Milan 2-1 Bologna


GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI was the hero again when Milan hosted Bologna at Stadio San Siro on Sunday afternoon. Massimiliano Allegri started Stephan El Shaarawy and M’Baye Niang on the wings with Pazzini in the middle and the trident proved to be effective, although goals only came in the second half. Milan played very well in the first 45 minutes with Kevin Constant playing superbly, but couldn’t break the deadlock. In the 64′ minute, Pazzini scored Milan’s first with a bit of luck as his shot was deflected into the net. In the 82′ minute however, it was all pure skill from Pazzini who scored an absolute stunning goal to double Milan’s lead. Philippe Mexes scored an own goal two minutes later and Bologna pushed in the end for the equalizer, but the better team won and Milan collect all points.

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Yeah.but i stil want balo


We need to rebuild our defence.none of mexes &acerbi&yepes&zapata&bonera arent milan quality.
We should sign ogbona and sakho


OUR DEFENSE WAS SOLID! did u not watch the game?


it was a good defense , Mexes played a very good game , the own goal was a shame and such things happen , he should concentrate more he is a good Cb


Forza Milan
Forza Pazo

nana fynn

Niang and pazzo were gud today i think boateng was ok..good game milan..forza diavolo

R kenny

Wow win again forza pazo.

Sylvester Italian

Am hapi to c Pazzini stunning Bologna both home nd away. Forza Pazzini, Forza Milano!


Today wasn’t perfect but it was fun to watch. Too bad about the late own goal… we never should’ve allowed them a free header but at least we made it out w/ all 3 pts.

Niang is such a great young talent – full of skill, confidence and fearlessness. Glad to see him getting more time on the pitch.

Tip of the hat to Constant – hell of a match from him. Pazzo is to Bologna what Suarez is to Norwich City! lol



Guys pls give some credits to constant! Its been ages i saw a milan lb play and dribble like he did today!


milan were superb! if we play like this we can beat barca,everyone was on form, a little dissapointed elsha hasent scored in 4 seria a games but he played good. kpb found form and definatly needs to stay there, i think kpb is taking away some of elshas possession but he should get on track scoring soon. niang is outstanding, brilliant. constand fantastic, monty was great, really everyone was amazing. keep it up.

rossoneri GHANA.

good for the team.bt still we need to be consistence.

nana fynn

Its like pazzo can score only bologna..lol

Sir sunday

Niang will be another el92 next season


I agree, if we sign Balo and Ogbona Milan can just sit back and watch the next five years.


It looks like Constant has been training with Ronaldinho lol


lol i know he has really good ball control for a full back. winger quality.


@yareens80, i think you really went too far with ur first comment.

We had d lions share of chances to kill dat game even as early as d first half bt somehow managed to prolong matters.
We won because we had much of d possession.

We are definitely going to b begging for d ball against barca.
So if we play like this, we might be 3 goals down b4 we have a sniff at their goal.

It was a good match.


Good to go milan!
Foooooza pazzo!
This was the best game of milan this season, hope they wll keep it up.


@kuchini dis is wher u nd i hav problems.get behind ur team.beliv bro.dey played very wel.dey r capable of beatin barca (wat did dey do in deir last match wit dat possession nd 2 goal up).pls don’t get me angry.we can beat barca.hell yeah


@kuchini, aint u “mr d glass is half empty” ..we had an awesome game today, ever1 was flawless, mexes too. There’s no way Barca beats us by 3goals, next century maybe. #u don’t sound like a fan, Yareens80 did.





@sowbiz, so everyone was flawless in this game, ryt?
U ve got to be kidding!
They weren’t last week, or whr they?

Bojan has one good game and u’all say he should start.
Milan has a good game and suddenly, we can match barca.

Milan before playing roma last year, appeared to be ready for barca. But wat happened in d match wit roma.

Milan must play all d matches we have (b4 d barcas match) with dis same performance b4 i start talking like i started watching milan play dis afternoon.


ole ole, roma and inter got only a point each.I was praying so and now we are above roma.

ole ole milan milan


Sometimes d way u guyz talk, i wonder if u live on earth or in el-dorado. If we played a perfect game, hw come we didn’t win by 5 goals to nil. The defence made minimal mistakes 2day n suddenly they are ready for barcas attack. The Midfield controlled d game n suddenly, they can match barcas midfield. After chances upon chances, a striker who most of u consider a waste scored two goals, and suddenly, we re ready for barca. Didn’t we win d reverse fixture last yr 1:3, when we whr losing to “evrybody”? So y shuld dis… Read more »


@sowbiz, i have no idea wat u mean abt dat. But my stand on this team has been that -we have an average squad. -we can win matches and can lose matches. -Allegri should nt be singled out 4 criticism when d problems originated 4rm d management. -except meaningful buys are made this january, we hav no chance of eliminating barca. -leaving d champs league might even do us good as we can focus on d 3rd place spot. If this makes me not to be a “real fan” to u, i am nt surprised. What am i to expect… Read more »


Forza milan.forza pazzo!zapata wow!he caged gilardino.1st solid game i get 4rm him witout mistake.gat 2 watch mesbah in AFCON 2013,N make milan proud.


Forza milan.forza pazzo!zapata wow!he caged gilardino.1st solid game i get 4rm him witout mistake.gat 2 watch mesbah in AFCON 2013,N make milan proud.!NIANG!!!


I wish I will see kaka#22 and mario#9 against UDINESE in san siro


@kuchini people lyk u can’t achiev big tins.u r 2 pessimistic.u r annoyin d cr*p out of me


Kuchini is right. Bologna and Barcelona aren’t the same kind of opposition and its going to be a different ball game against Barcelona. This is a team that has magicians all over the pitch. They can pass the ball with g8 intensity. Run tireslessly to recover the ball when the loose it. The have almost the best cb pair in the world and have played together for over five years. They have put nearly all opposition to sword this season and have a certain lionel messi (for times world best and the defense nightmare) As for the Milan team, we… Read more »


@acbaba, people like you cannot survive in the real world.
You do not think with your head.
Its simple logic.

Are u sure u knw d right meaning of pessimism?

When Milan eliminate barca, we will continue this discussion.
Until then, ignore my posts.


Sincerely,@kuchini you’re so damn pessimistic
If real sociedad can come from 2goals down against same barca with lots of possesion and attacking play, who says milan can’t win barca without conceeding a goal?
I remember fully well, the 1994 UCL final, the odds were against us………barca didn’t do as much as score a goal even to be ruled out
FORZA MILANO “we are gonna beat barca” and “not we can”
Pls brother, try being a lil optimistic and see how farther you’ll go than you have already gone with ur pessimissim


Pessimism is seein d negativ side of tins.wat i want from u is 2 get behind ur team.dis is d real world nd logic fails most tyms.did u watch barca’s last match?(am not sur u did).pls support ur team

nana fynn

no fighting,since u guys have different opinions dosn’t mean u are foes,stop attacking each other,we are all 1,supporting milan.we all want the best for the team dats why we share opinions..i dont think b&g and allegri even knows abt this blog..


We ain’t fightin.i jst want him 2 stop announcin milan’s defeat b4 d gam.wit his so called logic


I luv milan so much.nd knwin we hav fans lyk kuchini maks me weep.tel me,is it a crime 2 dream?

Hmmmmmmmn acbaba on point @kuchini i knw u too want d best for Milan……but understanding matters a lot so u guy should hear urself out…..forza milan!!!!!


@acbaba, everyone of us loves Milan including Kuchini. But we all know that we are still far from getting there. Am sure if Galiani reads your comment here that we are already a fantastic team and we are ready compititive, he will say he is not signing anyone again and that we are already compititive. Am glad that Allegri has stopped playing boateng as a tequitista and glad that we are gradually coming back. But we must not be carried away. We still need Kaka and Balloteli and a commanding CB to be compititive again but as for this season,… Read more »


i didn’t say milan is already fantastic.far 4rm it.am just sayin we shud support dis team mor.cos de giv it their all


ok boss.


Forza milan! If u are a really fans of Milan, never say or write Negative things about them. Always wish them WELL. EXAMPLE: COMPARE 7 YEARS BACK-WARD OF ARSENAL,CHELSEA, REAL MADRID, BAYERN,LYON ,LIVERPOOL,FC PORTO WITH AC MILAN? I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MILAN AND AZZURRI,LIKE I LOVE MY WIFE..


Kuchini, I actualy almost agree wit u, u do raise good points… And then u mess it up again with ur snide “rijkard” comment..*sigh. Its alright. Anywayz, Will we loose to barca? Most probly(not by more than 2goal margin tho). But Should we believe dat some sorta magic happens and we can win tho? Yes we(real fans) should. Dats wat keeps us going. I’m not here to banter words wit u. U have ur opinions, obviously. Don’t just spoil moods with your “real world” mentality.

nana fynn

I love milan more dan my wife,so some of u guys should be positive in ur comments..forza diavolo’s.


Now we r tlkin.i beliv in dis team


U luv Milan, a club, more than ur wife, the mother of ur kids!
Let me take it u re just kidding.

I’m bantering words with no one.
Yareen commented “if we play like dis, we can win barca”.
And i tried pointing out to him, that our play wasn’t exactly perfect and dat if we played d way we did yesterday, we might conceed goals b4 even getting our chance.


Honestly, ladon i agree wit what u said.

When i read acbabas comment, i remember Galliani’s comments.

We played a good game.
I saw a lot of promise, like i always xpected to see, but inconsistency, individual mistakes, has been our friend all season.

Lets enjoy it while it lasts, instead of shouting “we are capable of beating barca”

If this team can play with d same intensity in our next matches, i would have no problem with someone saying that we can win.

nana fynn

Same here

nana fynn

hahahaha kuchini dats jux by the way my wife first.