Berlusconi on Pato, Robinho and Niang


SIVLIO BERLUSCONI says he hopes to keep one of Alexandre Pato and Robinho this January.

Milan are expected to play against Roma tomorrow 4-3-3 with one of Kevin-Prince Boateng and Giampaolo Pazzini in the centre of attack and Stephan El Shaarawy and Robinho supporting on the wings.

This may be Robinho’s last game at Milan as he’s of high demand in Brazil. Alexandre Pato may join him on the flight to the Samba Land but Silvio Berlusconi says he wants to keep one of the two at Milan.

Roma-Milan: The Rossoneri squad
T. Silva on Psg, Milan, Robinho and Pato

“Pato and Robinho? I still hope that we can keep at least one of them. We will see what happens. We know what it’s like when someone has Saudade,” Silvio Berlusconi told reporters on Friday. “New signings? I really like Niang. He reminds me a bit of Balotelli, but I hope that he’s better than him on a personal level.”

Berlusconi did not visit the players at Milanello but he will attend the game at Stadio Olimpico tomorrow and this evening he’ll meet the players. “I have been called-up as always,” added Berlusconi. “I came here to see if our players are ready.” Milan are on a great form and a win against Roma will get them to sixth place. Milan are still hopeful of finishing in the first three in Serie A and a win tomorrow could prove vital.

Milan are expected to strengthen in the summer and Massimiliano Allegri said earlier today that one of the January signings will be a player that has already featured in the Champions League this season.

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Sintomas de saudade(Symptoms of homesickness) by Marisa Monte.

Chris Okunnuwa

Robinho can leave, but Pato should not be sold for €15M.. Let’s propose a swap loan deal with PSG involving Pato & Pastore, they might welcome that since they courted Pato before, and Lucas could fill the void of Pastore. Maybe under Ancellotti he might just revive his promising career.

Signor Eskola

He’s cup-tied so he may feel disappointed about not being able to play in the UCL.


I would never let Pato on the cheap, a young player with a ton of talent. He can do things that many players can only dream of.

Abel Alexander Dome

if ac milan is going to succeed both in home league and the UCL, then we have to learn to keep our vital players at the club. For me, letting either pato or robinho go will only aggraviate the problem we are having trying to resurrect our former form and glory. Berlusconi should imagine how the club would have faired both in play and winning ambition if we had kept ibrahimovic and thiago silva? And now that it looks like the team is beginning to blend, now that we are starting to have a team, we want to sell one… Read more »


to be honest Pato hasn’t played enough to blend with this new team. Robinho while great fades a lot in games. Also he is on massive wages and with those wages we should get more consistent player. If we sell Pato & Robinho for 25m we could possibly sign Isco from Malaga. He has 17,5m release clause and now that Malaga can’t pay wages and are banned by UEFA it’s time to strike. Also don’t expect too busy january. Hopefully many will leave like Mesbah and Traore who offer nothing to the team except expenses but I think there wont… Read more »


It’s ridiclous to me how the club want to sell pato, if his fit his worth 50mill and since his out of form some 1 is willing to gamble on him for 15mill, but why don’t they loan out the striker to corthinas for 6 months or 1 year so he can rediscover his form and love for the game, also there are treatments legal there on a medical level thats not alowed any where also. Kaka often prefered brazilian doctors over the crappy milan lab.


Injury prone PATO deserves to be let go as Milan Laboratory has no medical solution to his inconsistency. Robhino is always better.


eabel i disagree with you pato seldomly plays, robinho is most often not serious,PS he is a poor finiher, it’s time milan get someone who is consistent and a better finisher than robinho

Signor Eskola

We have Niang.

red 'n' black

im willing to sacrifice success for 2-3 years for a stronger healthier milan. look at juventus a couple of years ago ? thinks have to get worse to get better and im willing to wait because even last season our team was not good eneugh to win serie a or ucl, just be patience and believe in what berlusconi and galliani say ‘ in 3 years time will be back at the top of italian,european and world football’ these were their quotes and im trusting them with our baby, milan.


Swap Pato for Paulinho plus 15mil, and keep Robinho until the end of the season even though he’s a genius one minute and Emile Hesky the next. Drogba will probably arrive in Jan which is great as he can destroy Barca again in the CL, and Balotelli will probably arrive in the summer even though everyone knows he’s a dick.


No to Balotelli and Drogba. Both would want too high salaries. We are trying to cut costs. That’s why Robinho and Pato are leaving. Why sell them and then sign players who would want even bigger salaries? We need to find the hidden gems now and build from that.


@rizzo,the only thing pato does is run,run and run.


if ac milan is going to succeed both in home league and the UCL, then we have to learn to keep our vital players at the club. For me, letting either pato or robinho go will only aggraviate the problem we are having trying to resurrect our former form and glory. Berlusconi should imagine how the club would have faired both in play and winning ambition if we had kept ibrahimovic and thiago silva? And now that it looks like the team is beginning to blend, now that we are starting to have a team, we want to sell one… Read more »


We must not sell robinho to any club for now,i think ​Ɣ☺u guys remember Wђɑ̤̥̈̊† we face after we offloaded our Gõõd player and ℓ̊ don’t want Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣† to happen to M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ beloved team again. We re still struggling to Gε̲̣̣̣̥†̥ to Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ top 3 in Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ league and we also have barcelona game ahead of us.

Olajide Rex/Nigeria

@Mazz,@Rizzo, spot on! That’s what I’ve been trying to stress since the Pato exit rumor surfaced! Pato leaving @ this time can’t be more than a loan deal to get him back to shape. Robinho will leave, but not till Milan’s champions league fate is sealed. I feel sorry for Muntari and Strasser cos Kevin Strootman will be the cup tied player to join.

Milan fan

Robinho and his big wage OUT,Pato should stay.
Bring Niangolan,Ogbonha,or some players that can help us in the C.L.

Sylvester Italian

We shouldn’t let go off pato, he wil soon regain his form.


Pato should be given more time to recover,let’s not be in haste to offload Pato.We know what he can do for us when he’s on top form.He along side El-Sharawy their pace,flair would be of importance to us.Rosonneri please Galliani and Berlusconi please let we the fans be happy by retaining Pato.


Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls guys help me tell the management that Alex pato is still young and has alot to offer so he should stay pls pls… Forza pato forza milan.


Does anyone have any idea who is the player that allegri said we will buy, who already participated in the champions leage



As I recall those three played the UCL and form linked to Milan.


I wouldn’t mind if it’s a centre back, but I think it might be Armero, even though Galliani has denied the rumours surrounding him.

Pato must stay or else milan s gonna regret even than d one for silver and ibrahimovic


his name is SILVA. I dont understand why some ppl call him silver. lol


come on guys stop crying abaout – Ibra and Tiago …yes they are one of the best on theиr posision but – they are gone we need to focus on what we have and what we can have ….. – Pato – i’m sick of him …enough …yes he is a good goal scorer ..but always injured ..he should be sold ..for as much as we can get – Robihnio – if he want ..let him leave – we don’t need player that think of everything else ..but not of how to be better and how to win …… Read more »

R kenny

Let dem go we are going 2 get another quality player.

King of Milan

I do think Robinho is starting to hit form just let pato go


Get Nainggolan, Ogbonna, and Drogba to cause Barca some trouble and Keep Pato, only then we might win.




PLAYERS I would love in our squad after Summer 2013:


DeSciglio, Abate, Acerbi, OGBONNA, Bonera, Zapata, BENATIA/MBIWA, Antonini, Constant

MIDFIELDERS: Boateng, De Jong, Urby, Montolivo, Muntari, Nocerino, Rodney, PASTORE/ISCO, STROOTMAN/NAINGGOLAN



You want BONERA to countinue to play for milan after 2013? (even though his contract FINALY is ended)?? And you want Acerbi still on the team? Acerbi is as clumsy as bonera, one difference is bonera is 100x faster Also I dont agree with you on bojan. Hes too weak for playing in seria a. His shot at goal is like Nocerino’s pass. We need, TWO centerbacks with quaility and pace. And we need a playmaker/trequartista. Thats all we need, but as long as berlu trust Galliani we wont see players arriving that we actually need. If we need a… Read more »

red 'n' black

naa realistacally this will be our squad nex season and allegri said that he wants a 22 man squad for next season so it will be like this;


de sciglio,abate,mexes,ogbonna,bonera,zapata,antonini,armero

montolivo,de jong,muntari,cristante,strootman,hottor

niang,balotelli,el sharaawy,emanuelson,pazzini




it’s 22 excluding Goalkeepers….


Sell Pato, Robinho, Traore, Mesbah, Bonera, and Kevin-Prince Boateng and use Cristante, Ganz, and Niang more, bring back Albertazzi to replace Bonera. This frees up wages and gets rid of inconsistent players that have lost the hunger to play for the red and black, or just plain out are horrible.

Pato must stayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King of Milan



I would love it if we get
Belhanda and Mbiwa from Montpellier.
Ogbonna from Torino.
Strootman from PSV.
Balotelli from City.
over the course of the year.


My beloved Milan fans,pls let’s be realistic rather than being optimistic.we all know the old Pato is world class but not the present one,he does nothing of the modern than just run and run and get injured. Pls we let sheva go,Kaka, Silva so Pato could leave too. Let’s cut our loose and move on,we are starting a new cycle let new players come in and old one leave, personally I tink Pato’s problem is personal,has to do with family,his divorce n his career time wasted on Barbara,so let him leave. The are new players glooming and we need money… Read more »


Our problem is goalkeeper and central defence,just look @ yepes and amelia today!bunch of foolz.Forza milan


Sell : traore,flamini,antonini,mesbah,bonera,boateng and even robinho
Loan : pato
Buy : paulinho,mbiwa or ogbonna,pastore and strootman…and milan will shine in europe…forza milan