Milan won’t rule out Pato-Robinho exits


ADRIANO GALLIANI says Milan still haven’t made a decision Pato-Robinho and talks Barcelona draw.

Milan went through big changes in the summer, saying goodbye to many important players and they are also expected to make sales in the January transfer market, as two Brazilians in particular might leave.

Alexandre Pato and Robinho are wanted in Brazil with bids reportedly coming for them from Corinthians and Santos respectively, and Vice President Adriano Galliani opens the door to the exit of the two players.

Milan – Barcelona in the Round of 16
Pastore: “Sooner or later, I’ll play for Milan”

“Robinho and Pato? We still haven’t decided anything. We’re still in December and the Brazilian transfer window closes April 15,” Milan CEO Galliani told the media today. “If the offer that we’ve received for Pato is satisfactory? We will see. I will meet with Corinthians’ president. We will make a decision together with Pato.

“The same goes for Robinho. Robinho wants to return to Brazil because his family is there. We haven’t received any offer from Santos for him. A Milan without the Brazilians? Life changes and you have to adapt to it. Pato and Robinho are Milan players for now. If we’ll sign a great striker? No, if our strikers stay then we won’t sign anyone – even if one of our strikers leaves the club. Drogba? I won’t comment on the rumours.

“We haven’t thought about signing Pablo Armero. We like Kevin Strootman but that doesn’t mean that we will sign him. We will see what happens. Seedorf will continue to play in Brazil. It’s only normal that I follow what’s going on in the world. It’s a part of my job,” he added. “Milan have the best balance sheet among the big Italian clubs. We’re close to breaking even and we live up to the UEFA’s Financial Fair Play demands.”

Milan have learned their Champions League faith as they will take on FC Barcelona. Milan faced Barca four times last season – in the Group Stage and in the quarter finals and Galliani is ready for another round.

“If we will invite Guardiola to San Siro for Milan-Barça? I think that Barca will invite him,” Uncle Fester said. “It’s incredible that we drew Barca again. It’s insane that we will have played 6 matches against them in just one year. Berlusconi? I was the one who told him that we had drawn Barcelona. We will try to beat them.

“If Milan-Barcelona is the derby of the world? Barça play the most beautiful football in the world and they have the best players. Vilanova? We wish him the best of luck with his health. We hope to see him in Milano in February when we face them. The match against Roma? We started this year badly and then we won 20 points in nine games, there are a lot of games from now until the end of the season,” Galliani said.

With or without Alex Pato and Robinho, Milan will face Barcelona in the Round of Sixteen and will also fight for a place in next year’s Champions League until the end of the season; Milan visit Roma on Saturday.

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I see this movie in June.

Flashback #

red 'n' black

sell them and get the money which will add up to 25m (15m pato, 10m binho) and reinvested in the team; goalkeeper,defender,midfielder, striker.


25 million doesn’t buy half of it.


if both leave, i am just happy if balotelli arrives. robinho can leave imo, beacause niang needs more playing time

Mz adamu

Wow pato must stay at milan forza milan


Why? So we can pay him over 4mil per season while he does nothing?

We need to cut our losses with him and move on.


as much as i really had high hopes for pato and as much as i wished him to stop getting injured, and as much as i liked him as a player, he needs to go now. if he gets better in the future and returns to the old pato at another club, so be it. we cant wait around for that, we need to sell him before his value drops even lower.


no pato dont go pleaseee! i loved milan because of ronnie, then he left, then i loved ibra, then he left, and pato was always one of my favorites, please pato dont go.


u have to love MILAN… not the players… wants to love a player? Maldini, Gattuso, Baresi, Tasotti, Nesta, Pippo….


Just get rid of both them as well as Flamini and Traore and replace with Kaka/Balloteli and Paulinho.


There is no way we can beat barça in round of 16..bye-bye champions league till 2014/2015
we will acept our fate


pato will always be pato. Form is temporary but class will always be permanent.the best options are either he reduces his undeserving high wages or go back to brazil on loan.the club comes first but my fellow rossoneri dont forget who the duck is.2goal against madrid, 1min goal against barca,2 goal against inter.we neeeeed him


Yes he scored a few great goals in the CL but what about the two seasons he’s spent on the bench?


There is no way we can beat barça in round of 16..bye-bye champions league till 2014/2015
we will acept our fate.


U piss me off @ milannig people lyk u lak self beliv.dats y u can’t beliv in ur team


Eriksen, lennon/walcott & stootman





Forza Milan!!!!!!!


This will be the ultimate test to see if Constant really is our best LB. I hope he is. He has been great in Serie A.

Watch B&G do something stupid like sell SES and keep Pato and Robinho…

I don’t think SES will be with us much longer, unfortunately.

Signor Eskola

“This will be the ultimate test to see if Constant really is our best LB.”

What, are you kidding me? What kind of “ultimate test to see Constant is really our best LB” you talk about, you thought Antonini would be our best LB then?


If we play like we did against juventus , we can beat barcelona.
As for pato and robinho, let’s hope that they will stay, but if they decide to leave , we can’t do anything about it. We can definitely climb to the second place, the point difference is smaller now, and we are definitely better than inter and napoli.


I hope the change isn’t too big, because it’s january, this team has just started to gel. De jongs injury makes me sadder now that we’re up against Barca, we could need his tough playing style, smacking some sense to the divers at Barcelona. We should focus on getting rid of quantity, Traoré, Didac, Mesbah, for example. Loan out Valoti as he’s not getting playing time. Then we’ll see if Robi or Pato can leave, but I don’t want any of them to leave, especially not in january, we can’t bring in anyone of their quality that aren’t cup tied.… Read more »


True, but I’d rather loan/sell Pato in Jan and bring in Drogba. Someone who’ll spend the rest of the season on the pitch rather than the bench. Okay he’s not 23, but he’s also not cup-tied, is still world class and knows how to destroy Barca ; )


We can’t beat barce and thats a fact. Milan-nigeria u are right. This team is below standard from goalkeeper,midfield to attack. Only SES gives me hope.

Allegri is the best coach for Milan

Pato must now leave milan for him and milan to progress.




swap kpb + cash for de rossi, pato for paulinho, get mbiwa for free this summer, some how get verratti


Didnt mbiwa extend his contract at montpellier just recently? I Think he did.


Pato was great, Milan damaged him.
he will regain form elsewhere am sure…
Pato leaves? Milan will have no more than Pazzini, Bojan and Boateng in that position as per Allegri tactics…and I dont like it.

Opinion Varies

Yes at-least Milan will still have Pazzini,Bojan and Boateng who are always there for the team not like a certain someone always nursing his injury.


you missed the point when I wrote:Milan damaged him, they messed up his muscles…

Opinion Varies

Psssft..You gotta be kidding me or something dude.How did Milan mess him up?!?! No,You tell me,how in hell did Milan mess Pato up?!?! Here is a player who is failing miserably to live up to his potential-and all you can say is Milan caused it.Look,i genuinely think you the one missing the plot.You got your eyes so blinded by his past performance,you failing to see the chap is totally crap right now.Sorry to muddy your water,i doubt Pato can be able to replicate his 2007/8 performance at this very moment. Much rather lean my slim hope on Niang/Bojan than lean… Read more »


you still miss the fact that he was trained by milan…
his muscles growth in 2009 was huge.Can u tell me how??????.
and its not like he wanted to be injured and not being there for Milan, the way u say it like ur blaming him…
he trained and played at the olympics with no injury. the time he came to milan he gtes injured again.ur the blind one not me.

and no need to be so angree because OPINION VARIES

Opinion Varies

You talking like as if at training, Pato is being told by the trainers to carry rock on his head to run with.All the players on the team go about the same training routine-no one is excluded to do any hard training.The guy is weak mentally and physically…


Robinho needs to go. As for Pato he has potential but how much do you give him. Common sense would say loan him back to Corinthians with an option to buy. As for buying Balotelli, he has huge potential but his attitude is a problem. I think I would rather promoted some of the Primavera squad before buying new players.

tinkess nigeria

i tank you all for your comment fellow fans,the truth is pato should leave,that is all but robinho should not be sold out,becos we have no good winger like him rite now in milan,if milan should make the mistake of sallin robinho they will later regret it moreover he is commin back to shape,pple like kaka/balloteli should be add on the team for it to move further.


I agree. Keep Robinho, sell Pato. At least Robinho is fit and is the kind of creative unpredictable player we desperately need. Even when Pato finally came back from injury he was useless. And then, guess what, he got injured again. So sick of it. What a chance was missed to sell him to PSG!


You should know now Robhino is better than Pato technical and injury wise. Corinthians now have good sponsor that can cash Pato for €15m


I agree on that Robhino being a good winger, also with emmanuelson and must remain.
As for Pato- He is the reason why Milan are down today because selling of Ibra was because Pato was there continuing his 139weeks of unstability, We shouldn’t be foolish, Pato Needs to Go for GOOD.