Milan close to signing Armero?


PABLO ARMERO is close to moving to a January Milan move according to reports in Italy.

The left back position has been a problem for Milan for a very long time but Constant has been impressive in this role and with De Sciglio available as well, this position doesn’t seem to be a concern anymore.

Milan have already announced the January transfer market will be used mainly to sell players and reduce the squad’s size but the Italian media focuses more on who may join the Rossoneri in a month.

Galliani: “Robinho wants Brazil return but…”
Berlusconi: “Milan consider 3-4 January signings”

According to the Italian website, Udinese and Milan are close to reaching an agreement regarding Pablo Armero. It seems that Armero will join Milan in January for a reported €10m plus a Primavera player. It appears that Udinese will be given the option to choose the youth player.

Armero was wanted by a few teams in the summer but Udinese wanted €15 million for him. However, the 26-year-old left wingback’s performances have not been as impressive this season as they were before.

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I still feel we can use De Sciglio thre. Spend the same cash on a CB

Signor Eskola

And I still feel we can use Constant there… why you hate him?


This would be great, but i’m worried that Udinese will choose Ganz,Petagna,Cristante etc. Oh, and if they DO choose one of the good Primavera guys, we should include a buy-back clause


I don’t see the need with Constant’s performances and De Sciglio able to play there as well. Then we still have Antonini and Mesbah. That would make 4 lb’s and 5 if you count De Sciglio. Hopefully this means someone is leaving.

Olajide Rex/Nigeria

This is total bullcrap! We don’t need him. Or maybe, is Milan planing on selling Abate? Even at that, the fullback position would need serious shake-up to accommodate Armero. And that’s totally not necessary.


Even if he shows up, we won’t be using him inplace of 1s available and also it wll take him time to adapt. So i think we have to focus on spending money on a trequartista. Player like Sneijder is needed urgently…forza milano!!!!


Why would we pay 10 million plus a primavera player on an LB (that’s a lot) that wouldnt be a starter and would take time to adapt???


In my opinion, in the last 2 seasons Armero has really stopped his progress and perhaps even started to regress in his showings for Udinese, so I don’t see any point of this transfer, especially considering how good Constant and de Sciglio have been playing this season.
Anyway even if the transfer goes through, I’m sure that 10 million + one of our Primavera players is way too much for Armero.


Stupid transfer move. €10m on a lb when we actually need two creative midfielders and a CF.

Chris Okunnuwa

€10 for Armero won’t be a smart move for me.I’d rather spend money on getting solid yound defender like Mats Hummel(€15M) and Digne (Lille 19 years old LB hot prospect).

Signor Eskola

Hummels is nowhere near 15 million. Maybe 30 million, if not more. I want Ogbonna rather.


Hummels 15M ?

The joke of the day.
he is worth at least 25 or 35 million.


dont need him

Ac fan

Useless move so far


Hope its not true

Pa ibra

wft??! Plz someone tell me this is false. dont want another Cassano+7mil for Pazzini type of deal here


Milan can use the money for something more valuable like reinstalling new brains for allegri and galliani lol.

Olajide Rex/Nigeria

@TWF…Nice one dude. U cracked me up lol


another option for the teams defencive midfielder is tiote of newcastle fc


If this rumour came during the summer, I would be extatic. But like the article says, he’s not been very good this season, but he’s still only 26. And if he joins, I don’t see the use for him, I mean, we have Constant who has been great there, De Sciglio can also play there if needed. And we have Antonini who is a good back-up (nothing more) Mesbah will probably leave, hopefully. I’d rather save the 10 million and our Primavera player (hope it’s not Ganz, Petagna or Cristante…especially not Cristante, if that’s the case then this deal is… Read more »

Signor Eskola

I agree with you, we don’t need Armero and this kind of deal would be a complete waste of money and a talented Primavera player.


they should buy a CB Bocchetti would be perfect de sciglio can play in LB

Signor Eskola

Bocchetti, way too expensive and why De Sciglio at LB when we have Constant…?


Bocchetti has only 1 year left in his contract. If he doesn’t sign new contract we can offer him deal in summer so he comes next january for free.

Rubin Kazan might be interested to do deal now or in summer for lesser price so he doesn’t leave for nothing.

Signor Eskola

Maybe this is Allegri’s idea for the new trequartista… wouldn’t be the first when a left-back is forced to play at trequartista under Allegri. (Urby..)


@ TWF.. Loool.. U are so so damn right.. B&G please use that money to reinstall new brain for alegry

raden (indonesia)

Cb : ogbona or dede

DMf : jordy clsie.

Amf : filipe


Strootman/Ogbonna/Eriksen/ST are better names to spend cash on.


We dnt need him,wt we need is a trequartista,Ely and Albertazzi might return 2 d team nxt season


This just means that Mesbah, Didac Vila and maybe even Antonini will leave us in january


I hope this isn’t true at all, because we don’t need him anymore, and we can’t risk losing Cristante or Ganz or Petagna.

Olalekan Mojeed

Stupidity transfer