B. Berlusconi: “Youth and marketing for a better Milan”


BARBRA BERLUSCONI says a healthy financial structure and focus on youth is the only way forward.

Milan went through a big change this summer as they sold 2 of their best players and waved goodbye to a whole generation of legends. The summer was the 1st stage in the transition of Milan into a healthier club.

Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani insist that slashing costs and investing in young players is what Milan need to do in the next years to return to the top and marketing director Barbara Berlusconi agrees.

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“If we give up on champions like Ibrahimovic [it is because] we can discover new ones,” Barbara told L’Equipe. “An example is El Shaarawy. El Shaarawy is a young talent who represents Milan perfectly. El Shaarawy keeps his feet on the ground; that makes it easier for the fans to identify themselves with him.

“Let’s say that we seized a good opportunity with this offer from PSG which was too good to refuse. To lose a player of great quality is always disagreeable, but that’s the way things are. One champion goes and we make another… When I talk about a home-made champion, it doesn’t only mean he comes from our academy. El Shaarawy doesn’t. We bought him when he was quite young and we’ve helped him mature.

“We have the experience to allow his talent to blossom. The general idea is to count on youngsters now, but that doesn’t mean that Milan won’t sign any champions anymore,” continued Barbara. “The objective is to make sure that the players’ wages don’t exceed 50% of our total revenue. Last season it was at 70%.

Barbara Berlusconi’s interview with L’Equipe (screenshot)

“Bayern Munich is a good example to follow. They have an excellent revenue, they create profit and they’re always at the top in European football. The road taken by the German is the only viable one. Cutting costs is the only road to take. Football doesn’t like changes, but there’re times when decisions need to be made.

“If Milan envy Psg? We don’t envy anyone. We’re the club with the most titles of any in the world. Today, I only have admiration for clubs like Bayern Munich who have put in place a healthy economic system.

“Selling Milan? In principle, one should not exclude anything but my family does not want to sell the majority of the shares in the club,” said the daughter of Silvio Berlusconi but then added: “At the same time, however, we’re not against the participation of a foreign investor that will help us to increase our revenue, perhaps with the renovation of the stadium or a commercial project in developing countries.”

Galliani likes to say Milan is the leading Italian club in terms of marketing but Barbara took the ‘Sales and Marketing’ reins from Uncle Fester recently and believes more needs to be done in this area for Milan.

“Fewer shirts are being sold in Italy and that’s why we will soon publish a book about all the Milan shirts in our history,” she added. “We’re publishing that book to send a message to the fans: players come and go, but the shirt stays as our emblem forever.” The fans were furious at the club after the sales of Ibra and Thiago Silva and Milan recorded their worst ever season-ticket sales this year since Berlusconi took over.

“The Serie A must be more united, as we often fail to reach an agreement on important issues that would help everyone. The English Premier League is the example to follow. They have clear and strict rules for everyone. Premier League is better at selling their product to foreign countries than Serie A is.

“In Italy we don’t even have a law about the stadiums… Josep Guardiola? It is not my job to talk about the sporting aspects, but if there is an opportunity that will fit our project it’s always welcome. Our objective is to always make Milan capable of aspiring to win titles every year,” concluded the 28-year-old board member.

Barbara is walking in the line of her father, Silvio Berlusconi, and general manager Adriano Galliani: the Milan of the future will be based on young people, that will lead to a healthy financial state – and success.

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lets hope what she is saying is what they are gonna do because it all sounds nice when she explains like that about young players but then i dont wanna see a veteran foreign dud join in january.

stick to your word milan

Yeah no more old veterans….e.g lucio,lodi,matuzalem,carvalho..etc


talking alot of sense. Still need a new manger though


stay away fro il faraone! One dead duck is enọf.


stay away fro il faraone! One dead duck is enọf.

cant stop laughing


When we create the stars they end up selling them. Hope El sharaawy won’t be sold to balance books since thats the order of the day.


The only stars we’ve created that we’ve sold as far as I know, that were/are still in their prime were Sheva, Kaka and Thiago. We didn’t “make” Ibra that’s why I did not mention him.
And just because it has happened THREE TIMES doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again, geez.


I work as a sports Director for a club in the USA, and we have 5 youth national team players. I would like to be able to send a few of them for a week of tryout with Milans youth team – does anyone know how I can get in contact with officials in Milan?

Barbara Berlusconi

Hi Sune,

Yes, players from abroad are always welcome for trials.

If they’re good enough, we would be happy to sign them from you for a reasonable financial fee.

Pls send them via Fed-Ex to my address below.

Remember to put ‘Handle with Care’ on the side of the package.

Barbara Berlusconi
AC Milan HQ

Ciao xxx



First off, Barbara is smoking hot.

Secondly she is right Milan need to control expenses, but the only way they can get like Bayern is to build a new stadium.

R kenny

We need 2 build our stadium bcos we want be like bayern so dat we can av gud quality,forza milan.

Hmmmm u are right stadium is very very important for us


Barbara is the only one of the 3 who is realistic and not blinded by past glory


the truth is barbara burlosconi is ambition to rebuild milan but her sister maria burlosconi is stopping the family to spend money into ac milan. on the other hand, burlosconi wants once again run for presidency. that is why he is attending to milan camp every day and is willing to sign a champion to get more support for the election. believe me if pastore or ballotelli is signed, either of them will be sold once the election is over. anyway, burlo is politician.


I like the idea of what Barbara and co are saying as it would benefit everyone (the club, players and tifosi) in the long run. Hopefully they’ll make good on their words.

It would be great to see an overhaul in Italian football as a whole. It’s disheartening to see once bustling stadiums suffer from such dismal support across the league on match days.


Yea, i like d whole Youth idea.

But, i still think getting Nesta on loan in Jan. is a good idea.
Just like arsenal are doing with Henry.
We really need a leader in that defence to instruct d lads and he wud b perfect.

As for d Midfield, with De jong injured we need another DM.
I expect Traore to be gone and Ghana might call up Muntari for the African Nations Cup in Jan.
Tottenhams Sandro readily comes to my mind.


Sandro is too expensive. He is doing great with Tottenham at the moment and Tottenham don’t sell their stars cheaply.


@sune,stay away from this blog,u scammer..please guys don’t hid to wat that guy is saying, tramp


Talk is cheap. I have to see it to believe it. Berlusconi and Galliani always over promise and under deliver. Then they come with these useless excuses about youth program for the future and bla bla bla!!!! If this was true then Milan should have been rebuilding the squad with young promising players after the 2007 UCL success. We would have players that could have gain valuable experience from the veteran players! Youth alone cannot win championsips and trophies! That’s why this is such BS to me! We need a balance of youth and experience! That’s proper planning and management… Read more »


I agree with this mostly. I think that there is talent. However, it seems like much of the time the administration chooses seasoned veterans simply because they have the experience. I have no trouble with a team struggling some with an eye to the future, but SES really got his chance due to a lack of options. I hate to see young guys heralded by the management and then sent on loan never to be seen again. A commitment to youth should be a true commitment. SES, Niang, and De Sciglio should be the foundations of this, but youth will… Read more »


Hope she won’t date with SES. If milan want to be profitable but not successful in CL or serie A, they can recruit arsene wenger.


Profit!profit!!the most successful club with international trophys with no stadium of there own thats sh*t and u want to be like bayern M.can someone pls tell me how old is acmilan? that they are just waking up by this time where re they wen real even bacer,ajax etc.buid there stadium.now u want fans to come 4rm alround the globe to sit on that rambo colour chiar instead of RED & BLACK is not gona b easy


Since elections are coming up soon, expect a big signing in jan. Robinho will probably leave. A defender will probably be sold as well, along with mesbah and didac vila. Flamini, Traore and Strasser will leave. I’m guessing we will sign one of Strootman or Felipe Anderson(probably the latter in exchange for robinho) Ogbonna and Balotelli. If balotelli does not arrive we will get osvaldo or destro. de rossi is the dream though:
Abate Acerbi Ogbonna De Sciglio
Montolivo De Rossi
Insigne Balotelli El Sharaawy


Be4 i belive this youth issue is when i see our coppa italy square if is not consist of the youth


Hey guys, you have to remember…THE SAN SIRO IS OURS!! Inter are just tenants 😉


Pablo Armero now is in the fray…he’s a good and determined player but I don’t think Udinese would ever let go of him


If on milan staff is readin our comments den we r wastin our TIME.


If no milan staff is readin our comments den we r wastin our TIME.

Lol we are MILAN!!!!!!!!!!


A new board member like Barbara is always welcomed, I only prays she stands up to her word. Fight for Milan Sovereignty. Love Barbara


LMAO! we fans are so stupid! do you seriously belive youth without experience can work?? look at arsenal, yeah they have an healty econmy but they havnt one anything in 20 years…. we need experience mixed with youths!