Highlights: Milan 1-0 Juventus


MILAN ENDED Juventus’ unbeaten run away from home when they hosted them on Sunday evening at Stadio San Siro, in front of Silvio Berlusconi and Marco Van Basten – as well as tens of thousands people at the Meazza stadium and millions watching the game on the TV. Milan started the game very well and it took them 30 minutes to get on the scoresheet; Milan earned a very dubious penalty after Nocerino’s header (hardly) touched Isla’s hand – Robinho converted to give Milan the lead. Juventus were dominant in the second half with a lot more possession but were poor when attacking as they only managed few shots on target. Milan sat back for the better part of the second half and defended heroically with Mattia De Sciglio and Kevin Constant both playing an incredible game. Milan won the game 1-0 as Juventus lose for the 2nd time this season – and it’s again to a team from Milano.

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forzaa milan 😀


The teams confidence should be high now after defeating the champions & should be completing for top 3 spot!


well done milan, this is wandaful game. forza milan!


Win so sweet


Anyone else notice the formation was more of a 4-3-1-2 with Boateng as a trequartista again? I think Allegri just fooled us in say Robinho and SES were wingers. I may be wrong though, but it looks very suspicious.


U r ryt.i noticed it 2.smart guy.dey cal mad max


I really mis d 4-2-3-1 4mation.it is d best 4mation 4 us.bojan was deadly playin behind d striker in [email protected] think alegri refuses 2 play him cos bojan announced dat pep was comin.it wil really hurt me badly if he isn’t signed permanently

R kenny

Wow win dis game keep it on forza milan.

R kenny

Wow we win dis game keep it on forza milan.


Very proud of U guys for the win and happy 2 c d curva-sud back @ d stadium. Milan winning d nxt 3 serie A matches wl make me happier. Luv U Milan. Forza milano!


GRANDE MILAN Allegri’s defensive tactics were absolutely perfect in the second half. juve played the same routine several times in the first half with caceres moving forward as our attackers occupied pirlo and then they switched the ball from left to right creating an overload by moving midfield runners fortward and keeping our defenders narrow with the movement of their strikers. Luckily, Isla’s crossing was poor and Konstant was reliable even when he and Yepes were pulled too narrow. Allegri saw this and made the necessary alterations. this no striker system has been yielding results in recent weeks. Allegri has… Read more »


Gud game by all standard by the whole team.Milan played well in all uspet of the game.catania is next on friday. Forza milan. Do the demolusion and we shall do the talking.


Welcome back warriors Nocerino & Boateng, loved your game. Slowly slowly you’ll get to the goal, keep up the good work.
To all the players: you gave us the best we could ask from you, even better you played with passion and commitment that breaks stones. Now we are feared from our opponents, the best is jet to come.
Milan Forever oleee oleeee oleeeeeeeeeee