El Shaarawy: Goal every 107 minutes – better than Zlatan


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY has started the season better than Ibrahimovic started his two at Milan.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic may have scored one of the best goals in the history of football last week on international duty but even a champion like Ibra wasn’t as prolific in his two years at Milan as El Shaarawy.

El Shaarawy is simply the best player at Milan as he has already scored 10 goals this season, leading in the race for the Capocannoniere (Serie A top scorer) – a trophy Ibrahimovic won last season with Milan.

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Ibrahimovic is long gone and El Shaarawy is now carrying Milan on his 20-year-old back. La Gazzetta dello Sport compared the two and Stephan is leading in most aspects. El Shaarawy has 10 Serie A goals compared to Ibra’s 7 in the 2010/2011 season and 8 in the 2011/2012 season after 13 rounds of calcio.

El Shaarawy has more appearances than Ibrahimovic (13 compared to 12 and 10 respectively) and more appearances in the starting XI after 13 games and he has also played more minutes (1073 compared to 1064 and 861). El Shaarawy scored 2 braces in these first rounds while Ibra had none in the 10/11 season and 2 last year. Ibra only leads in assists with 4 in his debut season and 2 last year v Stephan’s one.

El Shaarawy has a more impressive goal-per-minute ratio; Stephan scored a goal every 107 minutes in the first 13 rounds while Zlatan scored every 152 minutes in his first year and every 108 minutes last term.

Stephan has scored 11 goals in all competitions for Milan, meaning Ambrosini will pay for his vacation.

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naufal f subekti

Please don’t sell el shaarawy at the end of the season like thiago or ibra
FFP its very important but el shaarawy is the future


I hope we don’t put this boy under stupid pressure this way. I read this on milannews yesterday and i was sad because we are talking about 20 year old boy who should be allowed to grow naturally without being put under nonsense pressure like this. Why compare him with Ibra? WHY? Leave him to concentrate and play PLEASEEEEE


Unfortunately, this is the case with most youngsters, it just happens that he gets more acknowledged compared to other youngsters due to his maturity and the fact that he’s leading a GIANT like Milan on his back, so you can’t help it really. Even though I completely agree with you about the silly pressure put on the kid.

R kenny

Forza el shaarawy d boi shall grow keep it on forza milan.


Jibola is right, just forget about this whole comparison cr*p with Ibrah….he’s history in France jeeez!!


Please Ibra is Head and Shoulders above this guy.


I agree with jibola but I fear for one thing. He is getting too much playing time. According to Sir Alex Ferguson who is a master trainer “young players should not be given too much playing time nd unnecessary pressure, they should be allowed to grow technically”. He said this while being asked about Micheal Owen’s wasted talent. I’m not saying we should put el faroone on the bench but don’t y’all think we’re over working the lad.


I read that as well, and immediately though about El Shaarawy, but the thing with Owen was, that he won the Ballon D’or, then he went to Real Madrid…and you all know that most players who leave for Madrid, are ruined one way or another… Robben, Sneijder, VdV all proved their worth straight away after leaving them, and Kaka is being wasted on their bench.


To all milanista’s , if u wanna know more about whats going on right now about milan listen to this milan podcast only record 2 days ago,

part 1:


part 2:




Thanks for those podcast links enjoyed it a lot. Did not know about this website


Plz dnt put him under pressure

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Ibra was much more older than SES while he was at Milan, So the comparison is stupid and unwanted. Ibra could never win a Champion’s league when having played with all the top teams in their respective country. Players like Pirlo Nesta Gattusso Seedorf Ronaldinho have all been champions in europe and have carried their teams at times of difficulty unlike Ibra who goes missing when we need him and will score a hat trick when we want it least, Atleast SES has the courage to put in a consistent performance and live up to the expectation, The only thing… Read more »

Opinion Varies

If the comparison is stupid and unwanted why stress yourself further by making it seem like Ibra was completely useless when he was playing for Milan?!?! uh-uh whats your point???

ysae 2 ekam a loof

And what exactly is ur point. actually my OPINION VARIES from yours


Your opinion is rather biased towards Ibra talking about him being useless. He is 31 years old and is regarded top 3 players in the world. Cry me a river now.


Ibras top teams were all struggling to win the league before he came to their dressing room. Some had been struggling over 10 years with that goal hahah. Milan 8 years. Ibra has won league title after league title since he was 19. Talking about a prime Milan with stars comparing that to a team with only Zlatan makes me wonder why you are talking about football. Not even Ronaldo has won a CL nor has Maradona are you gonna call them average players now. SES has no pressure now not even Milan has pressure cause their aim isn’t to… Read more »


Frankly speaking, El Sharrawy is a wonder kid, no wonder Galliani paid €20m for him. If he had being a Brazilian he would have been enjoying the hype, praise and nominations from the press (especially English press) just like this Santos boy “Neyma” who is nt beta dan SES in my opinion.


i think elsha is miles better than neymar,


I agree with the mentions above about not putting too much pressure on SES and all the comparisons to past players, but to be fair, we aren’t really putting that much pressure on him. It’s not like Milan are looking to him to win major trophies or anything, he is basically the reason we are not in the relegation zone so far. Players under pressure are the players that cost crazy amounts of money and are praised/blamed for the season results. No one in Milan is expecting major things this season and this is the ideal environment for SES, Pato,… Read more »


I dey hail all 9ja peeps ooooo


El shaarawy is the best for η♥ω let him keep it up …we still need kaka’


i was saddened with the sales of ibra and ts33 … and even though the performances zlatan is doing with psg and with international country .. i think it was the right option to sell .. but at a higher price .. 30 million would have been good .. a team is too ibra dependent when they have him .. but if he hadn’t left shaarawy would have never shown his true potential already capturing the eyes of man utd, city and madrid at the age of just 20. This guy can be like the messi of italy if not… Read more »


That nonsense was said about Ibra when people were crying; “what about Pato”. “Pato can’t perform when Ibra is on the pitch”, what exactly has Pato done since Ibra left? Apparently Ibra was the fault of Patos development, who or what are we blaming now on? If a player is gonna shine and be a world class player he should show it no matter what. Everything else is an excuse. if Ibra wouldn’t have joined Milan Inter would have won the scudetto it’s that simple. Its Ibras nature since he was 19. Don’t forget Milan wanted Ibra when he was… Read more »


1 thing we are to note is that, brilliant players will surely be compare to great player. Is a tool to motivate the player in question.
He needs it to know that is work is noticed and there is a need to improve to be a completely better player.
Messi was compared to Maradona, and now he is a better player than him (in my opinion and I stand to be corrected).
Point of correction: Owen is never a waisted talent.


Stephan El Sharawy will thrive at Milan even more than we are seeing now if the club can find a playmaker;he’s got precision I ve not seen in a long time.I support the development at Milan but we need to find a playmaker and a reliable centre back fast,this way we build a solid team for the seasons to come.


Well keep d G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ work going buh ​‎​ pray he is not been carried away with this hyper stuff


@ Olamilan any prospect that does not live up to his potential is a wasted talent even owen himself admitted that in 2010. Tell me, apart from his early years @ liverpool which other part of his career was good


guys i know you won’t agree with me..but i think AC Milan can rejuvenate Torres career back…if PSG want to sell Pastore,we should get him…and as you know Galliani is a transfer guru..if he can get Torres on a loan deal with an option to buy…that would be awesome…Yanga Mbiwa,Pastore,Strootman and Torres would be affordable for Milan..Imagine this line-up…

——-Bojan———–Pastore———-El Shaarawy—-


No dissregard to Stephan since he is a very good player but Ibra was not only a goal scorer but so much more. Can’t only say Stephan is better just cause he atm have a higher goal stat.


@milanista93, u re very funny.

Even with Hazard, Mata and Lampard giving him passes, And with quality crosses from Chelseas full-backs, Torres still cannot score.

Have u even watched him play?
The guy is finished.
I still can’t get myself 2 believe dat he is d same Torres dat was once the best striker in Europe.

Pleeeease, this is no club for torres.

I totally agree with..owkey.. As for me all i m waiting for is d january transfer market coz i cant wait for us to get back to our winning ways…….forza milan