Anderlecht-Milan: The Rossoneri squad


HERE is the squad of Milan for tomorrow.

AC Milan face R.S.C. Anderlecht on Wednesday when the clock points 20:45 at the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium for the 5th matchday of the Champions League and Allegri has named his squad for the game.

Djamel Mesbah, Didac Vila, Luca Antonini, Ignazio Abate, Daniele Bonera, Sulley Muntari, Rodney Strasser and Massimo Ambrosini are all dealing with injuries (or haven’t been included in the Champs League list).

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Berlusconi set to visit Milan again

Christian AbbiatiFrancesco AcerbiKevin-Prince BoatengBojan Krkic
Marco AmeliaMattia De SciglioKevin ConstantStephan El Shaarawy
GabrielPhilippe MexesBryan CristanteAlexandre Pato
Mario YepesNigel De JongGiampaolo Pazzini
Cristian ZapataUrby EmanuelsonRobinho
Mathieu Flamini
Riccardo Montolivo
Antonio Nocerino
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naufal f subekti

Wow bryant cristante….amaging! Another milan next star!!


?????; de sciglio, acerbi, zapata, constant; montolivo, de jong, boateng; robinho, pazzini, el shaarawy

Signor Eskola

????? is Gabriel.


de sceglio-mexes-acerbi-urby



Hope allegri ‘ll play cristante


Pato to hat trick and one last goal from El Shawaary/Pazzini/Urby/Robinho

Signor Eskola

You should list Constant amongst the defenders.

My opinion about the line-up:
I prefer 4-2-3-1, but that’s just my opinion. 4-3-3 isn’t too bad tbh.

Abbiati; De Sciglio, Zapata, Acerbi, Constant; Montolivo, de Jong; Robinho, Bojan, El Shaarawy; Pazzini.

Abbiati; De Sciglio, Zapata, Acerbi, Constant; Montolivo, de Jong, Boateng; Robinho, Pazzini, El Shaarawy.

Pato is out of form, so maybe we can give him some minutes by coming off the bench.

Neither formation is poor, these formations are probably the most suitable for us at the moment.

elia ngalu

@signor, Gabriel is our new GK from Brazil..the one who played for brazil at the olympic in london

Signor Eskola

And your point?

Signor Eskola

Oh sorry, you probably just misunderstood me. I do know Gabriel.

Olalekan Mojeed

Why is Gabreil a bench warmer? Ix keeper? sciliglio zapata mexes constant de jong montolivo urby pato sharawwy bojan {3 5 2} keeper? Zapata mexes sciliglio constant de jong montolivo nocerino bojan pato sharawwy.


Today is monday? We are not playing tomorrow.


why does robinho get so little playing time? even in the small amount of time he gets to play towards the end of games, you can see the impact he has. i think he is creative and obviously has the skill to beat defenders. he should get more time against anderlecht

Signor Eskola

Yeah, he most definitely should be a starter. You can see what impact he can do in just a few minutes, unlike Prince.


Problem is he will only make an impact for a few minutes. Then he goes back to form, useless. How he even plays for a team like Milan I dont know. And Ive been saying that for years. Maybe now hes a big fish in a small pond. Problem is he hasnt been a big fish since his first season at Man City.


Least Prince had a full season of playing well.

Signor Eskola

Seriously, what is your point with criticizing Robinho?


Abbiati; De Sciglio, Mexes, Acerbi, Constant;
Montolivo, de Jong;Boateng, Bojan, El
Shaarawy; Pato Sub: Montolivo 4 bryan cristante and Boateng 4 Nocerino, Bonja 4 Robinho

eleshin 1

1st of all i tank God 4nt make bonera,antonini am sure ambrosini wl nt feature!..all i want is 3points,..go 4win millan0


Gabriel,de sciglio,mexes,yepes,constant,de jong,bojan,montolivo,emanuelson,el shaarawy,robinho

R kenny

Gud luck milan.


robinho shudnt b a starter, he’s too relaxed, plays like he dosen’t care d result of game, m sure allegri sees dat. And u guys have been unfair on bonera dis season. And m glad christante is on d list, he probably wnt play, buh still….

Opinion Varies

Couldn’t agree more with You on Robinho and Bonera.Robinho from the way he plays tells me he’s on his last season with Milan…i mean it obvious,too relaxed and some unneeded dribbling when he’s on the ball but his coming in as a substitute has been great so far.

And about Bonera,You know most people on here base their judgment on Bonera on his past season performance[its obvious they trapped in the past]…therefore they fail to acknowledge the good work he’s been putting in at the back of Milan defense this season


Very true, well said.

Signor Eskola

Are you guys blind or what? Bonera has been poor this season, has commited many mistakes. At least I don’t base my knowledge onto his past seasons’ performances. I can’t say that’s “unfair” to say he has performed poorly, at least I think it’s fair to say that he hasn’t been good this season. And I can’t understand the opinion about Robinho. If you think he’s too relaxed, then you probably should blame Allegri instead, for not being able to motivate him concentrate better. Just benching him doesn’t improve things. No matter how hard you guys criticize Robinho, we would… Read more »


So Robinho does 1 good thing in 3 years and suddenly he should start and hes our big hope? Christ. I’d rather have fat Ronaldo, present day fat Ronaldo.

And Bonera has been our best defender this season, end of. If it wasnt for him and El Sha we would be bottom of Serie A.

Signor Eskola

Just stop joking already, it’s not even funny…
Bonera has made no impact in our position in the league. El Shaarawy is the ONLY reason why we have this many points. No SES, and we would be screwed. No matter if your Boneheadera is there. Still I can’t see any reason to criticize Robinho, if we exclude his Heskey-style unforgiveable misses last season. And yet I just can’t see any reason to praise Bonera about this season’s performances.


Aaaaaaah how I so want to see Cristante on wednesday..!!! If Allegri has any ounce of good deed in him, he’ll play the kid…

Opinion Varies

Play him so that when we lose yet again…Y’all can blame him once more…lol!

Opinion Varies

I mean Y’all can blame Allegri once more….o_0


I am glad for Cristante being called up, but we should play with the same squad that faced Napoli, perhaps play Pato/Pazzini up front, Bojan out wide and Prince instead of Nocerino if any changes should be made. Of course I want to see him play, but it all depends on how the game turns out, because it is a really important game for us, which could decide if we proceed this round or the next, hopefully we’ll win and malaga will help us so Zenit drop points, in that case we’ll be through to the next round and could… Read more »

Signor Eskola

And don’t forget about Gabriel and Carmona!
(I didn’t even knew that Cristante was actually registered to Champions League, or is it just because under-21s don’t need to be registered?)


Yes of course, but something tells me that Gabriel won’t play until Coppa Italia proceeds…
And yes, Cristante doesn’t need to be registered due to his age, youth players can be called up to the CL-squad anytime the coach wants 🙂

Olalekan Mojeed

I wish max should bench the 1st 2nd kepper for the brazilian kepper why dont we av trust in ur young players but still keen un d grand father

Olalekan Mojeed

I wish max should bench the 1st 2nd kepper for the brazilian kepper not bench but they should get injured at least 7 month. why dont we av trust in ur young players but still keen un d grand father

Olalekan Mojeed

According to news now Acmilan have made a bid a bid to land barcelona forward Tello on a loan in january


I hope it isn’t true. Rather focus on our own youth, believe me, Petagna is going to grow into a strong centre forward.


dude hes like 19 or 20

Signor Eskola

We have great youngsters coming through which haven’t been given any chances in the first team in the previous years. All that has been done before, was just loaning them all over Italy, like every other club does in Italy. Which means that we haven’t had real plan for our youngsters. But now we seem to focus more on our youth, little by little. Hopefully…

Tello would be a non-sense signing for us, despite he’s pretty good player. He would bring very little for us.


Good god don’t bring Tello.


My starting 11 for the game is.. a 4-2-3-1

De Schiglo——Mexez—-Zapata——–Constant—
—————Monty—–De Jong——————

Kpb did okay against Napoli but not enough (in my opinion) to be ahead of Robinho, and both SES and Bojan MUST start just behind the striker.

Signor Eskola

I agree with everything else but Mexès.




Forza Milan !!!


abbiatti, acrebi, zapata, de scligio, costant, motolivo, de jong, boateng, el shaarawy, bojan, pazzini


Is Bryan Crisante an attackin midfielder


no he is an box2box midfielder. his playing style is similar to marchisio or ambrosini 6 years ago.


abbiati, de scligio, acrebi, mexes, constant, de jong, motolivo, emmanuelson, el shaarawwy, boateng, pato


I heard Allegri will be sacked if milan lose this match. I hope with all my heart that milan lose this match. I hate myself for the fact that i can say something like this.

I rather see milan crash out from CL than letting allegri taking us to serie B. Crashing out from CL in groupe stage also learns berlusconi a lesson. He thinks he can sell who ever he wants and milan will be fine with gallianis replacements

Opinion Varies

Psssft…how many times have we not heard this boring rumor???Dude seriously,Allegri going nowhere.If sacking is anything to go by,i do believe he woulda been axed by Berlusconi already.Giving the coach support in this very difficult moment is the thing to do…and Berlusconi is doing what is expected of him ”being supportive of Allegri”….!!

Jeez…We not half way through the league yet and some already thinking Milan is going to be relegated..some fans we have here ah!

Signor Eskola

Tbh, what a statement from a so called “Milanista”: “I hope with all my heart that milan lose this match.”

Just as much as I hate Allegri as you do, I NEVER HOPE MILAN WOULD LOSE! How can you say something that pathetic, you just cannot explain that with some non-sense excuses. Unless you’re not really a Milanista, I’d understand…


Milan need Allegri more than he needs Milan. We cant afford a replacement of the same or higher quality. Plus he doesnt deserve to be sacked. A little common sense please folks.

Signor Eskola

Well, I still hope he would get sacked, but I hope we can improve things with him as the coach. We should give him more time with this young and new squad.


So, Niang is not listed in the squad. He will only get a chance to play for less than 10 minutes in every matches. I think he will move to other club in January.


Niang isn’t listed in the CL-squad at all, that’s why he’s not called up.


happy allegri called up bryan christante .. on milanchannel they get the live primavera games .. christante is just fantastic for them .. sensational vision and a good fighter for the ball .. in a couple of seasons he’ll be milans best midfielder and hachim mastour to be our trequartista to destroy oppononents .. keep calm milan fans .. in a few seasons we will be back on top 🙂 forza milan !




De Sciglio – Mexes – Zapata – Constant

Montolivo – De Jong – Nocerino

Robinho – Bojan – El Shaarawy



Montolivo-de jong


Even though my line-up will never get fielded except for in my dreams…

De Sciglio-Mexes-Acerbi-Constant
——-de Jong—–Montolivo
Robinho——-Bojan—–El Shaarawy


Bonera is responsible 4 our 1st gnal against Lazio(Hernanes)and his poor sense of positioning cost us d last goal 2(Klose)

Opinion Varies

Lol….If you want to blame Bonera for some of the goals scored against Milan,you might as well blame pretty much every defender who has played for Milan this season.

Signor Eskola

And that’s because we have used different defensive line in every match this season. There’s no way they could learn to play with each other if they’re not given chances to gel up as a team and get to play like a team.

But Bonera has no excuses, he’s always been poor, no matter he would have Nesta or Silva partnering him.


Milan is stil a very strong side,wt we need is creativity an a fine finisher,Bojan is creative,bt lacks strenght,i hope we sign him


Cristante has prove himself in many occasions at the premiere…
For as many that are calling the axing of Max, I don’t see it happening in the course of the season, because, even the president said in 28 yrs milan has only sack their manager 2ce. And the club isn’t going to sack as the season is on.
The management is nt expecting much this season, but to get players with talent and ability to form a formidable team comes nxt season.
The likes of El sharrawi, Pato, Bojan, Montolivo, among other will gel together to form a formidable team.


When will gagriel start his job as a shot stopper with dix old peepz I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ post try Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ gve the brazilian a game time please mr allegri d tactician

Olalekan Mojeed

Acmilan av madke a bid 4 the switz player Xhaka who plays in german 20 year old forward


xhaka is a central midfielder.


Xhaka would be good, but too expensive, he just moved from Basel this summer.

Signor Eskola

Yeah, he moved to Mönchengladbach for around 8.5 million, some sources say 11 million. Would be a hell of a waste to use over 10 million for him.


How do u xpect crisante 2 start a much needed game like diz,he shuld come on later in d game if we are leadin comfortably,Bojan,Emanuelson & EL92 shuld start bhind d striker(Pato),Monty & De Jong,Mexes & Acerbi,with Constant as left back,am sure Max wil start Abbiati

Olalekan Mojeed

Acmilan is keen on too take the psg man pastore in a fee worth €20m+Abate.what did u fill about d transfer?


You believed in this nonsense?

Signor Eskola

No possiblity, they already have van der Wiel and Jallet who both are better than Abate. And about Pastore, he’s moving nowhere and especially not for that cheap in an exchange deal.


In other news; Milan are keen to sign Messi and Ronaldo in exchange for Paolo Maldini’s love and devotion.


Thanks for the info, Milanista121. As for the transfer of pastore and abate, don’t expect much on it. I like the deal though. Clumsy abate, I am not the fans of him.


abate +cash for pastore………. i doubt it would happen, they have van der wiel………


de sci-mexes-acerbi-zapata
-de jong-
-monto-(up front more)
emanuelson/robinho–bojan–SES>>(this line is a must,they
-pato/pazo- are the one who create set


i hate allegri he dn’t knw hw to coach

isaiah don shevy

pastore wil b a gud buy bt am nt in support wit abate as an exchange we can’t rely on desciglo if he get injured who wil b d perfect replacement so abate is still vital


how good is cristante does anyone know?? i mean everyone here is acting like he is already a star.. and waht happened to valoti?


Valoti and Cristante are too green.

isaiah don shevy

pastore wil b a gud buy bt am nt in support wit abate as an exchange we can’t rely on desciglo if he get injured

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Oscar is amazing ,Juve is amazing too.



don usyy

De sciglio-mexes-acerbi-contant
De jong-montolivo
Robinho-bojan-el sharaway
Sub:emmanuelson for robinho
Pazzini for pato
Nocerino/kpb for bojan

Lanre247 Milanista

Pastore to Milan is a good buy but not in the absence of Abate, Cus we really need a competition for starting XI. And what Milan should be looking for now is a good goalkeeper, cus Abbiati is not more a Milan type of keeper. Why don’t we go for Hugo Lloris of Tottenham cus the guy is having a turf time in premiership.


Di Matteo sacked.I think he is the perfect replacement 4 allegri

Signor Eskola

Yeah, a Lazio man would coach Milan?


I recently stopped coming on this Blog after i joined themilanoffside.

And reading through today, i can see dat nuttin has changed.
Evrybody comes here and write things like 10 yr olds.
No Logic!
No Analysis!

In themilanoffside, u re forced to sit down and think of wat u wanna write b4 writing, when u read how well people give their points. Backing it up with Facts and above all, conceding dat they are nt always right.

U guys should go learn how to make comments.

Signor Eskola

It happens, we’re all just humans and everyone can have their opinions, are they stupid or not…

isaiah don shevy

di matteo sacked by chelsea owne abrahomovic