Derby: Milan fined €8000, Ambrosini banned


MILAN HAVE been fined €8k, for anti-Cassano banners inter alia, and Ambrosini has been suspended.

The Derby della Madonnina was another night to forget for Milan as they conceded their fourth defeat of the season (in just seven games) and are closer to the 20th place than they are to 3rd place at the moment.

Milan were the better side but just couldn’t finish any of their attacks and when they did, the referee decided to disallow it as part of his master plan to have one of the worst referring showing in the last years.

Galliani: “Allegri not at risk, ref technically inadequate”
Allegri: “Ref had a bad night, Milan will rise again”

Paolo Valeri got the rating of 4 from today’s newspapers and Adriano Galliani called him “technically inadequate” and Massimiliano Allegri suggesting he had a “bad night”. Already after less than 2 minutes, Allegri was yelling at the referee for not giving Walter Samuel – who scored the only goal – a yellow card.

Milan were furious as the referee and captain Massimo Ambrosini – who didn’t even play yesterday – walked into the pitch at the final minutes complaining on yet another controversial decision from a very poor Valeri. As a result, the Milan midfielder has been effectively banned from one matchday, meaning he will miss the game against Lazio, who are sitting third, on October 20 right after this international break.

As well as Ambro’s ban, Milan have been fined €8,000 for throwing bottles on and near the pitch and for banners against the Antonio Cassano who didn’t show the least of respect to the fans during the derby.

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Who is the forward that you want to see him at milan?

me: balotelli.reminds me a lot of ibrahimovic

Moin A.M.A

But, the problem of Balotelli is he cannot provide Killer passes like Ibrahimovic. Falcao is the best option as he is a willing to play for Milan or Madrid. But we don’t have funds for him…………….


its not that we dont have funds bell&gall wont spend


cassano is a disgrace for football , No Respect for the club that waited a year for him to recover , and made sure he was treated well .


it was sure fun watching his reaction as he leaves the field for substitution when the fans started boo-ing


he is traitor for sure..


did u guys watch the marseille psg match? “ibrashow”. 9 goals in 7 games and counting :/


Who cares about Ibra?



Yeah, we’re the ones getting punished, let’s see what happens to mr valeri…cassano was really horrible towards the fans, excellent footballer for sure, but a horrible person.


what did he do

Signor Eskola

Had a shirt of Nerazzurri…


Yeah we don’t give a f@*# about Ibra even if he scores a hundred goals…

Pa ibra

so after denying us that goal and the penalty, now we’ve to pay £8.000? well i never knew thats how things work


The best Milan XI:







the very best…. @baffa sabiu


Yeah Valeri made mistakes but we had enough chances to get 3 points, We just couldn’t.

Who cares about Cassano too?

Is behind us now, Allegri just needs to make some tactical decisions, This break will make us relax a bit. Lazio is a tough one though but I hope it’ll be our turning point.


Italian football is jst going to be like english football. Politics in football, we jst complain only abt this cos it’s d derby, last season we had goals disallowed against juve which could have break their unbeaten record. We have anoda goal disallowed last season. This season even with our average players, the ref are jst against us. I think the football association sld look into this. We are jst regarded as likes of Genoa.

Eebrokaka milan

Spot on baffa. Thats the best formation milan can field


i agree with baffa.boa is a waste of space…gullit wannabe


Boa has lost his touch and he has to much pressure to rich for that goal, he looks not the same because he isn’t balanced with the team or better say the all Milan team is not balanced. BOA and NOCE did shine lust year because of Ibra in front and Silva in the back, IBRA was the man to focus on so the rest of the players found more space to be creative but now that there is no Ibra and all the old fire holders like Rino ec… the stress it’s blinding the players and the pressure is… Read more »


Our problem is Allegri and point.

Sylvester Italian

I knew dat cassano wil be horrible de time he joined us 4rm sampdoria, wat a disgrace, we made him wat he is 2day, nd also y he was called up to Italian national team, wat a wicked player who din’t even show any regards to his old fans.


We have a lot of problems , Allegri is only one of then.


I agree but he is the first thing we need to fix. Than according to who is gonna be the next coach we should start scratching our pockets and fix the squad too,if we wanna be able to play CHL next year.

Signor Eskola

Tassotti would still be my pick, even instead of Guardiola, who seems to be a very unlikely option in my view.


Reports on Sky Italia say that Milan want an option for Felipe Anderson, 19yr old playmaker from Santos, if Santos want to buy Robinho again.


Wouldn’t mind if he left and we brought back Kaka, even though he would be cup tied.


Felipe Anderson is very irregular player.

I don’t think it would be a good deal.


Bernard would be the best way to go.


he may be irregular, but he has great vision – something we really lack. although i think i’d prefer another montolivo type player to him.


Yesterday Milan game shocked me: We played and only played trying from the left, the only time we did make a run on the right side of the filed was by Bonera who is not a fast player!! That makes me think: -Why than De Sciglio who has sprint and fine crossing on his boots was playing on the left side instead of playing where he is better and feels more sure about his game(if so that Abate wasn’t first choice)? -On the left side playing as LB we have: Antonini who couldn’t play for some reason ,Constant who hasn’t… Read more »


I can’t believe am about to say dis but well done Alegri, a very gud choice of starting xi n arguably d right subs, we were jst terribly unlucky. I pray dat is d beginning of an un ending streak of gud performances.

Considering our bench it obvious we can’t keep playing dat formation for long, which is why I pray we can snatch d opportunity of signing d unsettled osvaldo, maybe destro n a creative mid fielder too dis January dey r not too expensive yet de r quite explosive.


We missing our trequartista, our playmaker. Boateng is not suitable for this kind of job. Hamsik is the best person to fill this position. But right now we don have a huge money to invest. So the option are bringing Monto to play more offensive position not DM. Another option Robinho for Trequrtista. I love to see Christian Erikson and Mario Gotze in AC Milan.

Abate-Mexes-Acerbi-De Siglio-
——de Jong–Nocerino——


i hate CAS*SANO!!!!!!


I hate Cassano


milan need to sell players pato because of injury. robinho to santos end bojan loandeal ,sell pazzani buy jovitic & falcao as a striker 2 winger a class one and a sub, 1 amf 2 defender ogbonna and dede or montipeller caption milan problem is solved


hey guys everybodys coment fully deserved nd me alegri is a fantastic coach u guys shuld take arsene wenger as example they even lost at home to chelsea despite playing better. bell and gall do not hav choice rather than to sign at least a big name 4 attacking midfield/pointman such as di maria or kaka or benzema or neymar or ganso or rooney no matter how much it will cost them cos this players are currently ready to move away from their present clubs.and in the january transfer they offload players that have nothing to offer like muntari,yepes,mesbah,strasser… Read more »


We have three big problems right now:
1) B&G not spending
2) Players underperforming

Here’s how we solve them:
1) Sell the club
2) Get Guardiola


Rightly said Juninho. Allegri’s just one of our problem.


@Dejan You’re right about some points but not selling the club. Instead we should sell some percentage.


Yes maybe – all I know is we can’t carry on like this.


Since Boateng has UTTERLY failed as treq this season, I think we should bench him and try this 4 the next match.
Abate Mexes Zapata De Sciglio

De Jong Boateng
El Sha(left wing), Robinho(right wing) Monty(treq) and any striker


Milan has bcome useless and against a big team lyk madrid we can b humiliated


My wishful starting XI(4-2-3-1): Perin/Gabriel; Abate/De Sciglio-Mbiwa/Zapata-Benatia/Acerbi-Vila/Urby; Montolivo/Nocerino-De Jong/Cristante; Pato/Bojan-Boateng/Anderson-SES/Carmona; Lewandowski/Niang


isaiah don shevy

i blive afta d international break milan will b more stronger dat we can imagine.and for those pple dat do nt like allegri go and hug tranformer



Kevin-Prince Boateng
Nigel De Jong
Urby Emanuelson
Riccardo Montolivo
Sulley Ali Muntari
Antonio Nocerino
Adrià Carmona Pérez
Mattia Valoti
Kevin Constant(would leave after loan)
Massimo Ambrosini(will retire)
Mathieu Flamini(won’t renew with)
Rodney Strasser(will be sold)
Bakaye Traoré(will be sold)

We get rid of 5 midfielders and promote cristante and buy an attacking midfielder and another


Alexandre Pato!

R kenny

Milan we bounce back aftar d break forza milan.


All I can say is dat milan is a Big mess unless B abd G spend.


Montolivo is not a trequartista, he’s a regista type player, like Pirlo. What we need is a creative CAM, NOT BOATENG! A player like Oscar from Chelsea would have been amazing, perhaps someone like Christian Eriksen, Youness Balhanda, or an even younger and promising one such as Adryan from Flamengo, Adam Maher of AZ, or Ouasim Buoy of Brescia. We already actually have someone at Milan that can provide us with creativity, pace, dribbling, and vision in the form of Adria Carmona, i believe he’s our best option at the moment. Another type of player we strongly need, is a… Read more »


Yeah,we lost,but MILAN made me happy against INTER.They showed dat we can play gud ftbl if we put our mind 2 it.i think d ref was out 2 get us,lyk they did last season.i hope,BnG’ll stop helpn them by their depletion of our squad.n,pls,let Boateng b kept on d bench,n he shud stop feeln lyk a BIIIG STAR wen he’s nothn but a mediocre player.


Let’s us keep hope as usual,bt if milan doesnt finish below 3rd we r in soup,so let pray pato get’s is form,and 4 d so called boateng nd bojan dey r d reason 4 our lost against inter bcoz of dere selfish nd self interest.and finally sackin m.allegri wud nt solve our problem,coz u cant giv person a bicycle nd xpect him 2 compete wit cars,lorries nd aeroplane,d only blame on hm is dat his team lack dicipline,motivation and lastly playin as if dey r playin 4 free nd salaries isnt being paid 2 dem.i filled lyk scremin @ tyms… Read more »


Lost 4 times in 7 games. What a great achievement from allegri. Keep using boateng, allegri! Mid-table is the best finish for you. F**k and s**t for the disgraceful #10 in milan history. I hate to watch you playing, boateng. I don’t know what has happened between allegri and boateng. Hope they don’t fall in love to each other. LOL!

ysae 2 ekam a loof

8000 Euros to be paid in 1000 installments , 8 euros every year and after 1000 years Galiani will complete payment ,he is known to be the boss of those kind of transactions.


ℓ wasn’t expecting a ‘mere’ respect from that (pig), so ugly as his characteristics. He never can make a remarkable record, because he isn’t worth a football icon like the likes of Paolo Maldini, Zenedine zidane, Jorge Weah, Samuel Eto’o and other incredulous one’s. If u could ask me why, i would tender no apology to skip that ‘Stunk’ by revailing is naïve attitude on and off the pitch. He had never walk away from a club with an incredible relationship, always Egocentric, unscrupulous, enigmatic, brainy quoted by the power of immortality. Likewise, when he was in Real Madrid, sampdoria… Read more »