The disconnect of Allegri


MAX ALLEGRI can’t catch a break.

This summer he had his two best players sold to Paris Saint Germain, while the squad experienced an exodus of the senators that had made Milan “da Milan” for the past decade, some of them even winning the big ears on multiple occasions. Ronaldinho, Nesta, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Gattuso.. the players that Allegri has seen out as part of the transition to youth.

Despite the role that Allegri has clearly been asked to perform (overseer of the transition) it seems that week after week he gets complaints from pundits, fans and neutrals alike.

Highlights: Parma 1-1 Milan
Parma-Milan: Official line-ups

In his interviews after matches, Allegri seems to show the knowledge to his faults, but always fails to acknowledge the missing action to turn the negative situation into a positive (or at least a neutral).  The quotes in what follows come from the interview after the Parma match, which Milan drew 1-1 away from home.

Max Allegri – “We need to be very angry about this draw tonight, because when you’re playing like this, then you deserve to get all 3 points” The issue with deserved is one that has always irked me about Allegri in particular. He’s far from the first manager to say that his team deserved better, however, his comment implies that the quality of the Milan game was such that a result not only would be warranted, but should have occurred. This is not the case on several fronts. The quality of play was not so far above Parma’s that the point is valid. Nor does deserving mean anything in football. If everything happened that deserved to happen, football would hardly be a sport.

Max Allegri – “We’ve conceded 6 goals and 5 of them from set-pieces. There isn’t a lot of difference between this formation and a 4-3-3. If we play technically well, then we can play with a number of different formations. With this tactical set-up, we have more reference points.” Few things irk me about this. Firstly, the fact that 5 of 6 goals have been conceded on set-pieces says to me that the players are not mentally prepared to deal with these situations. Once or twice can be a lapse, but when over 80% of goals conceded are from a particular scenario, something is amiss. Set pieces require practice, discipline, and bravery. Not quite the calling cards of this side. Has the squad practiced set pieces at all? I don’t think they’ve scored on one this season. The manager is responsible for seeing that the team is prepared to deal with this. It’s not simply luck on the field. De Jong leaving the wall is a huge mistake that needs to be corrected. Time will tell if it is. Secondly, I am glad to see him speak about the fluidity of a formation change. It is something that I have complained about with Allegri for over a year. The third thing that bothers me about this comment is the point on reference points. The purpose of eliminating Pirlo was to get rid of a point of reference for the squad. The consequence of Ibrahimovic was another point of reference gone. Milan played the beginning of the season without that reference point, and the results have shown the effect of that style. Allegri said the desire is to eliminate all references so much that it’s been burned into the minds of his players, and if this season so far is any indication, there is no point of reference. An achievement indeed.

Many praised Allegri for his positive substitution in the Parma match, where it seemed like he was making an offensive substitution, Ambrosini for Montolivo the first of those. However, what seemed like a positive move, was really motivated by other factors, “De Jong did well tonight and I’m happy with the team but angry over the result. Ambrosini asked to be taken off otherwise I would have made different choices” I’m not sure who else he was looking at, as the substitution of Bojan crippled the team’s ability to pass the ball in the offensive third. Kevin Prince Boateng was exhausted and needed to be subbed. Allegri’s substitutions have always been suspect at best, and he’s often made the wrong changes to his squad after mis-diagnosing the problems. On this day, his hand was forced in the right direction. He could have made the substitution to be offensive, however, by his own admission, he wouldn’t do that. Settle for the draw? Subbing in Pazzini for Bojan in the 81st minute is hardly going to make a difference, as Pazzini often goes 90 minutes without creating a goalscoring chance, let alone 10 minutes as a super-sub.

The one positive player that Allegri has at the moment is Stephan El Shaarawy, the U-21 Italian international who plays on the LEFT wing most effectively. However, for Allegri this season (on 4 occasions so far) he has featured on the right, “El Shaarawy played on the right because he could do well there as well but not finding much space, I thought to put on the left where he plays better.” It seems strange to put El Shaarawy on the right, when Allegri himself has just said he plays better on the left. There was more space on the right? This simply isn’t the case, as Boateng was drifting out to the right past 25 minutes, and Nocerino seemed to take that flank as well. Why Allegri wants El Shaarawy on the right at all, where he has struggled to find space and the touches into dangerous areas. It is clear to most who watch El Shaarawy where the best position on the field is for him, and yet for Max, this remains an uncertain truth, which he has to experiment with.

In summation, Allegri is still stumbling on the same sorts of issues that he has struggled with his whole tenure at Milan. Allegri is certain in the faith the club has shown with him. He is certain he is managing correctly. He is certain he is not the problem, however; in his own words, “We all have to give more because if we don’t win games like this it means that we still have shortcomings.”

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Naaaaaa!!! ain’t dead……
He will rise again and when that comes,y’all will stop critizing him..
Thank you!!!


everyday i come on this blog i hope to that Allegri is being sacked but my prayers have yet to be answered, i am not motivated to watch milan matches anymore, with 3 rigged DM and KPB in ATK is nonsense and this issue is one that can be corrected now which is by sacking allegri.


You also missed some points on your analysis though. such as the reason El Sha got placed in the right in the first place, which pretty much because of Noce.

The problem I see from Milan is there’s lots of confusion on positioning especially in transition and also inconsistent way of pressing. Which unfortunately correlate a lot.


Mr. Allegri is all at sea as there is no Ibra to save his ass. Lets not talk about him anymore everyone knows it. The biggest joke is KPB -> 10 and I do not give a damn what he did last two seasons or not, a player of his calibre should never be in the roster of MILAN. Similarly the other under performers like Nocerino and Antonini. Thank god at least Allegri froze Antonini for last few matches.

Signor Eskola

No, Boateng just isn’t a trequartista or right winger, he’s a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER. Don’t know why Allegri doesn’t realise this.


From what I’ve read the past week is that people hailed “Tassotti’s 4-3-3” against Cagliari and that he played De Sciglio on the left, and when I said that the tactics are still made of the head coach, Allegri, and it was still him who made the decisions, I got the answer “Allegri would never play De Sciglio on the left” He did it against Inter in the derby, he was forced to play there during injury but still. And now again against Parma, he held his position on the left. Allegri made this decision. But the thing that frustrates… Read more »

Signor Eskola

Okay, that looks just pretty amazing. What about Robinho?


I think so too 🙂
Robinho…I don’t know, when he came on against Parma, he was AWFUL he wasn’t great last season but at least he ran a lot, against Parma he was just walking around on the pitch, and he looks fat, out of shape, I hope he can get his act together, otherwise I expect him to be sold in January.


we can see dat bojan giv us sum dept deep down d flid.oop dat wil not be his last chance.


We don’t only have the problem of scoring from set pieces, We have corner kick problems too. I can’t remember when last we scored from a corner.


It’s clear Allegri lack the tactical flexibility compared to his compatriots Conte of Juve, Guidolin and Mazzari of Napoli. However, if Allegri does not improve by Jan then he only has himself to blame if he gets sack. The only problem, is that there are not too many top level coaches that would take the job at Milan. If Allegri goes, it is only fair and practical that Tassotti gets the chance he deserves. It might have been coincidence why the team won when Tassotti was on the bench or it may be a sign that Allegri does not have… Read more »


I agree with you, except for Mazzarri, he doesn’t have tactical flexibility, he always plays the same, it’s just that he manages to motivate his players in the best possible way, and of course that he has a superior squad to most teams out there.


he made the napoli squad superior to others


next match 4-3-3
Abate Acerbi Zapata De Sciglio
Montolivo De Jong Nocerino
Robinho Niang El Sharaawy

Don Usyy

Ac milan..3-3-3-1
boateng-de jong-montolivo
subs: 4-3-3
de sciglio-bonera-acerbi/yepes-antonini


first of all, where did u find such a formation? i’ve never seen it used anywhere. 2nd, that’s not 3-3-3-1, that’s 3-3-4. 3rd, any formation with 3 defenders makes use of wingbacks – and you have none in your formation. again, when you play 3 defenders, you play 3 center backs, and abate isn’t one. lastly, gabriel is our worst goalkeeper right now. Abbiatti is our best goalkeeper by far – he’s the automatic starter, although in years to come, gabriel might grow into a world cla*ss goalkeeper. Big might there, especially since there are rumours that we’ll trade him… Read more »


allegri is a deffensive minded coach dats is problem why not try 4-2-3-1 that is abbiati –
Abate-bonera-zapata-de sciglio de jong-ambrosini/nocerino emmanuelson/robinho-monty/boateng-ses
Pazzini @that way pazzini get more of d ball our midfield becomes more rigid and flexible than using a formation dat consist of defensive midfielder ambrosini and dejong can tighten d midfield,abate nd de sciglio do overlap in orda 2 support pazzini at d front depending on d gravity of d game dat way we get d best out of pazzini

Bone chronic

Nice read

R kenny

Allegri is our may problem ,milan 4 life.


We masured 10/11season b co’s we won it.2011/2012 faceing barca 4times with good perfomance in ucl made us stronger hoping that with d addition of montolivo we will b untoucheble not knowing dat things will tune out this way


Guys, we already try 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 3-4-3. We lack of character, and seems like we lack of motivation to become the real milan. In my mind, why they don’t sack allegri right now is bcoz they waiting to sack him in the end of season and try to get guardiola for the job.


Pep guaridola just bought a house in milan, so there is a big chance of him taking over, allegri has shown littel improvment of the team so far, he got mybe 4-5 matches to prove somthing, or i think tassoti will be given the chance until the summer before pep takes over.

milan bangets

manager could be smart persone


1. bad pressure in defending
2. less of creativity to the front line
3. moving & positioning without ball is nonsense


Sacked Alegry… THATS IT !!!!!!!


Management is the problem,how many coaches can perform with this our current team?
Allegri is just being use as a scape goat…I feel very sorry for him


chelsea , juve and roma are all coying on cristante. If you are visionless , provide of others vision.


@PDAcquaviva, I didn’t agree with you on this. Looking @ the team in a tactical and technical point of view you will surely note that the team is getting to understand themselves and can now play more of a flair and distribution of the ball, and moreover trying to figure out the best possible partners (both in mid field and attack). Yesterday game shows that El sharrawy and Bojan will be deadly when gel. We all know that Pazzini is not that a goal puncher when worse comes to worst. In my opinion, Allegri is trying to creatout a formidable… Read more »

R kenny

9ic1 guy

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Allegri starts his transition by sending out the senators and bringing in some youngster, but how about youngsters like Yepes Bonera Mexes Abbiaiti. Who form the core of Allegri’s Young Milan. LMAO at this fool ,he got rid of the senators because he knew he couldn’t control them. Ibra was a disturbance in the Milan dressing room and TSilva was helpless to leave Milan. but then we have a capable team to beat Atlanta or Sampdoria or Udinese, And Allegri has failed badly. Lets accept the fact that he is a poor coach and blame the poor players for they… Read more »


Lol,i know that,the stupid coach will soon try this formation 4-3-3 abbiati

noce-ambro-de jong



Or this 4-4-3

noce-ambro-de jong-traore