Milan: Caen won’t loan out Niang


M’BAYE NIANG wants to join Milan but his club decided to reject Milan’s offer as they won’t loan him.

Reports last week suggested Caen have decided to accept Milan’s offer for young striker M’Baye Niang, but it appears that they have now rejected it as Everton have made them an offer which they find better.

The English press, which is not quite known for its reliability, claimed yesterday that Everton have had their £2 million bid for Niang accepted and they have won the race for the 17-year-old Ligue 2 forward.

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Sky Italia confirmed yesterday that Caen have decided not to accept the Rossoneri’s bid which was a paid loan (some sources suggest a free loan) plus option to buy the player next summer as they simply don’t want to loan the player this summer and prefer to sell permanently, and Everton’s bid fits their demand.

The ball is in the hands of Milan. Sky reports that the player is keen to join Milan and has made up his mind after visiting Milanello. Milan must change their offer to get Niang who has been compared to Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry. Adriano Galliani can either change the option to buy into an obligation although Caen’s preferred option would be if Milan offer all the money now instead of next summer.

Developments are expected in the last days. Everton have a real chance of ‘stealing’ him from the hands of Milan but the will of the player is reportedly with Milan, who have already let some youngsters escape.

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Just buy him! i dont understand why milan keeps trying to loan everyone.. Just bid more than everton so we can get him to milan


Kojak wot da hell r U̶̲̥̅̊ waiting for. U̶̲̥̅̊ kidding me 2million is not even top pazzin anual salary.


Just buy him now.


Loan for FREE with an option to buy. So, in fact, give him for free, and maybe we will give you some peanuts next year. Who on Earth would accept that kind of offer?? Just crazy people. We are destroying good name of Ac Milan with this kind of offers. Like we are beggars


Milan dont have €2m to buy a player? Great ambition.


I’m gonna cry If we loose this guy. Moreover, Galliani will have a better explanation of the Youth projects If we can’t spend 2M on a Youth.


I agree with you pippo1, its a shame


Pippo1, Is not Like we are beggars, We are beggars!

Aquilani’s agent on twitter told me few months ago that Milan begs for players and Specify it by saying Galliani’s a Beggar. I was Embarrased.

If we can’t pay 2M for a Youth, I wonder how much Investments we’re ready for.


buy him otherwise milan may face the consequence


No one respects Milan anymore, trying to get a 17 year old on loan, they’re a joke. He should join Everton and join a team which actually has ambition LOL. Poor Milan this season in the Champions League they will be found out.

zizipus milan

Galliani alkways breakin our hrt common giv dem 2m

Bone chronic

Go get back your paloschi PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signor Eskola

Lol, calm down. Paloschi is only on loan at Chievo and it’s better for his development to play regularly there than being a substitute player at Milan. For now.

Bone chronic

17 or 18??? And you expect him to work miracles???? Get back your property and evaluate them, verdi, paloschi etc


Galliani is losing his touch and Berlu rather spend the money for Bunga-Bunga… Don’t know what happened with this club. Trying to loan every player. In this kind of economic situation, many club will reject loan offer especially for their hottest property. Are we really that low?? Can’t even spend 2M?? Milan now targeting free players,cheap players and broken players… Great! What an ambition there was!! I always supported Milan but this mercato is really really embarassing


How pathetic


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
It cost money to obtain players. Clubs don’t hand players out for free!!!!


Galliani think he is wise, to be honest only a fool do/think the way he do.. He is afraid of investing in failure with the little money we have. If you don’t take risk, then you play it safe but when you do that nothing big or extraordinary will happen to you. it is so absurd asking to loan just €2M rated 17 year-old prospect from poor Lique 2 club. For heaven sake, Galliani just paid €7.5M plus Cassano for Pazzini.. Can’t afford to raise €6M offer for Lique 1 Champions (Montpelier) 23 years-old captain: Mbiwa.. I think Galliani has… Read more »


Berlusconi u better cough out some money and strengthen areas that needs to be strengthen and forget Kaka u won’t win ur fans trust back with Kaka! Mbiwa, De Jong/Strootman, CAM and Niang u 65mil thief!


Paloschi is rubbish. The guy has been loaned a thousand times and has never proved himself anywhere he’s played. He is 22 already. Anyway this Niang story is just depressing

Signor Eskola

Paloschi is good, what are you talking about?


Liverpool will like to take KPB on loan with option to buy next season….How will Galliani feel if they should make such a bid?
AC Milan is bankrupt that’s the truth,I hope we lose today’s match
Berlusconi and Galliani are traitors,Cassano is right


@Ted that his what Berlusconi intends to do. And i know the fans wont fall for it. I pity players like Montolivo who came to Milan to win. Their dreams may have been dashed cos we lack ambition.


Clubs around the world already know our tricks. They wont fall for it again especially after the Aquilani episode.

sammy clinton

Visionless management.


Berlusconi is just collecting toys like a kid. He wanted Sheva back when he knew he was past his best, same happend with Dinho and same will happen with Kaka although he has a year or two left in his legs. He doesn’t care the age of a player. Problem is he is listening to his heart too much. I strongly believe he’ll want C. Ronaldo when he’ll be on decline just because he loves him. Berlusconi and Galliani are just too nostalgic. Invest in youth u old nostalgic fool


My word, this is bad!…….. Reports: Milan will try sign Bojan if they fail to sign Kaka


Better in my opinion, Milan needs fresh blood, he is young and cheaper with lower wage. Of course with other departments being filled


Easy Ted, You don’t need to call them a fool.


What should i call them? Market guru? Beloved president? Yeah i thank them for everything they did i’m grateful but lying, deceiving and leading the club in wrong way won’t soften me. As a die hard fan i have right to be harsh and critical because i care for this club and i can’t see it go down. They had a lot of chances of signing great players on low for past few years – Ozil 15mil, Sahin 10mil, Witsel 10 – 15mil. What’s that? That’s a kind of amount Inter is paying for good players this summer, Napoli is… Read more »


we’ve now let el kadouri and niang pass by just for 30year old kaka. We deeped our hands in our pocket and came up with 7mil for a 28 year old pazzini, but we won’t pay 4mil for a 17year old player who would most probably be the future of milan and we claim we’re building for the future? If we keep going this way, then there is no future for milan it’s just the begining of the end. And to be honest galliani played a big role in our down fall with outdated, visionless prefernce of filling our team… Read more »


With the help of kaka,niang,kolarov,de jong..we are moving forward..


paloschi aint d kid we once knew. It’s a shame what loan, i.e., milan loan, can do to our lads. It retarded abate, ants, de vito, di genaro, just to mention a few. If this guy is gud, then get him. If u could give cas+7m for pazzo, then their is money!


@cyborg well said. Something is really wrong with us.all the youth prospect seem to be going elsewhere as we are neither not interested in them! Its so sad and this is nonsense all this is absolute nonsense…


Such drama for a Player by a player who has not shown anything yet.

we seem to be talking about Messi and Alexis Sanchez.


if the delay will be just like the case of Sahin.


if Niang is really good, €2m is nothing. if Niang’s level is similar to ganz jnr or paloschi’s, then just forget him. it is better to wait until kingsley boateng is fit. he is not just good but REALLY good.


F**k u Galliani and Berlu….please sell Milan….we are beggars…my friends all have showered insults to my Milan…i cant take it…even this talented guy that cost 2m we don’t have money…how on earth a football club like MIlan to keep competing with the likes of Chelsea,Madrid,Barca and Man City….even Pescara shows signs of promising actions and players than us this season…

Okey Baresi

milan sorry


This is really sad,Milan cant even buy a 17yr old except beg for free loan.


B$G r bunch of idiots,they makes me cry nd speechless in midst of my frnds when talking football..God will punish u both cos u r hurting our feelings.