Reports: Milan closing in on Caen’s Niang


MILAN ARE interested in taking M’Baye Niang on loan with option but Caen want €5m, reports suggest.

Silvio Berlusconi said Milan will be investing in quality youth and according to reports in the peninsula, Milan are close to getting the highly-rated Ligue 2 Stade Malherbe Caen forward Niang this summer.

Niang is not 18 yet and has attracted interest from all over Europe with Manchester City and Arsenal showing a great deal of interest. However, Milan appear to have been negotiating for him for a while now.

Flamini: “Milan have enough quality to do well”
Bonera: “The support of our fans is fundamental”

M’Baye, who is a France Under 21 player, visited Milanello last week and admitted that Milan is a club that interests him a lot. Niang had a trial at Arsenal in July but Milan hope to beat competition for his signature. Caen want €5 million for the player but Milan are more interested in a loan with option to buy next year.

The Italian media – including La Gazzetta dello Sport, il Corriere dello Sport and Mediaset are all reporting of Milan’s big interest in the player, who in today’s newspapers has been called the New Thierry Henry.

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“MILAN ARE interested in taking ******** on loan with option”

Where have I heard this before..?


This guy shdn’t make a mistake to sign for milan b’cos they will kill his potential like what they did to merkel,astori,albertazzi,gourcof and villa. He shd think about his career b’cos he is a great player.

Karel Augusto

For gourcuff,maldini himself stated that gourcuff isnt discipline enough to be a Milan’s player


You’re such a poor supporter Nyemasem… fanboy?


Always comes out with Loan option… Not every club interested or accept loan option. This will become Milan’s transfer trademark…


They always want players on loan with option to buy. Its not good for the team.


It is good if it’s a 17 year old. Remember, we’re REALLY short on cash – we can’t afford to waste a cent. What if he flops? Besides, I don’t think he can even play in the Serie A till he’s 18.


Only if you are a non EU player I think. The reason with Pato is because he couldn’t get a work permit before he was 18 because he was a foreigner. I don’t think there is an age limit on the league as a whole.


Why it isn’t good? Tell me please?

I think it’s only positive as if he doesnt fit in well or has problems adjusting we can just easily send him back.

If he does well we have price set up and we just need to pay it.


The negative side of this is that Milan this summer really ACT as they are broke. Yes, you can sometimes sign players on the cheap because the seller thinks you have no money BUT this also means that you’re damaging your reputation and value wich leads to a decreasing fanbase (revenue) and that your chances of attracting top players drops. A good excample are Kaka. Milan wants him on loan and they want RealM to pay most of his wages. This basically means that they want Kaka for free, a player RM bought from Milan for 65mil euro. To a… Read more »


if he’s really that good,buy him and pay installmentally.


that’s because 5mil for a player who isn’t even 18 yet is A LOT. Although we did pay 24mil for Pato when he was 17… that was different though. And this way would have been smarter. anyway, reports say that we actually inquired about Llorente a few weeks ago, but backed off because his price is 18mil.


But we paid 20mill for El Shaawary, its pointless being stingy and its not helping us at all, loan this loan that for what? its nonsense


in my book, that was a bad move. i bet we could’ve gotten him for 10-12mil if we tried. in fact, i remember preziosi valuating him at 15mil, so honestly i don’t understand why we spent 20mil on him. and anyway, last season we had much more money to spend than we do right now. and fyi loan with an option to buy is the wisest way to go for a player – that way is he flops you can just send him back. this is n’t fifa, players don’t just have fixed ratings. ronaldo can flop in milan just… Read more »


Belisconi said we are investing in the youth so they shd buy him.


Buy him, send him to primavera, if he’s a success then bring him the following season to the first team….Loan deals are the safest route these days!


We shld stop giving stupid reasons for Milan trying to buy every player on loan with option to buy. Its getting so shameful and honestly its ridiculous, very soon no club will want to do business with us.


Bottom line, we do not need him. He is definitely nt going to play this season. Milan need a striker that can guarantee 20 goals in a season. El sharaway is good bt he still lacks dat composure in 4rnt of goal. I am not expecting anything spectacular 4rm Pato dis season, judging 4rm his performance in d olympics. Cassano hardly gets in a goal scoring position. And nuttin more needs to be said abt Robinho. Milan needs a striker that was born to score goals like Inzaghi and these strikers do not come cheap. Milan should Splash the cash… Read more »


The whole point of investing in youth is that you’ll have players for the future and not for the present. He’s a Primavera signing anyway for this season. I’m sure that if he had gone to Arsenal and becomes the new Henry or something you’d be furious at how Milan missed out on him when he was 17 and cheap.

Good Faith

Hahahahaha to your comments Micke so funny. Jibola you are totally right. It’s depreciating the status of milan.


Milan are interested in Schalke defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos but face stiff competition from Real Madrid and Anzhi Makhachkala.


The way things are going, i doubt if Milan will end up bringing in renforcement before deadline. Better we just focused on the players we have and forget about new signings. Milan do not want to spend a dime on players from the €65 they recieved. Better still let them look for out of contract players cos other clubs are not fools to let their players join us for free or a loan only to return them a year after.


Milan made an enquiry about Llorente a few weeks ago, but backed off when Athletic Bilbao declared that his price tag is €18m.

cant this be paid over three installment? Athletic Bilbao can even consider an offer of €15 paid over three years. he doesnt earn too much and would be a cheaper option than Dzeko.
We might just end up bringing no striker in or a last day signing of Matri


Micke…. Hahaha, class cuzz. Nice. how low can we go. Disgraceful. Shameful, we r siena now, or maybe atalanta. I herd carvalho is free agent, lol. Oh maybe we can get messi loan wit option to buy. Maybe it might work lolol


Milanfan,expressing myself and facing reality doesn’t make me a poor supporter. For ur information milan is about to swap cassano for boriello and being furious about this make me a poor fan. I have the right to express my concern when visionless and aimless mgt are killing the team. U are funny milanfan. Do u think milan belongs to u.


Man, you need to realize something very important: the papers get things wrong – a lot!! I hate to break it for you, but if the newspapers said Milan are swapping Cassano for Borriello it DOES NOT and I repeat, DOES NOT mean they will do it. Quit the broken record attitude and for once try to explain yourself instead of saying the same sentences and phrases over and over and over and over again.


These labels of ” new someone” is never a good thing.


hahah. Micke nice 1, dats wat milan is now. Cheeepp rich foooolss, lol,


If Milan can pay 24 Millions for Pato when he was 17 years old, Why can’t they Pay 5 Millions for Niang and why they keep asking clubs for loan instead of out-rightly buying players.


Does anyone know if he will be a part of the first team squad or play for the primevera???


This rumour is too much,sign the player u want this is geeting too much,mr gallianii we need quality players pls


BREAKING: Cristian Zapata
(25, CB, Villarreal) is on
verge of joining AC Milan.


, the only guy that talks sense…thank you brother…Cassano for Borriello???lol…that rumour was answered like this “swapping Cassano for Borriello is like swapping your Range Rover for a Ford Branco”……


Zapata is good. He has quality.


Zapata in. Cassano out. Kaka in. Mesbah out. Santon in. Vila out.

a surprise will come at the end of the transfer window in the form of a striker.

I would also like it if we sold Mexes and bought a younger defender but doubt that will happen


Nice idea from fanz


a “loan with option to buy” is a great transfer strategy I think. it means that if the player doesnt perform while he’s in Milan, we can send him back to his club. look at Aquilani deal! I think it’s just a brilliant transfer strategy by Galliani. coz we dont wanna replay Adiyiah deal of course.

thank God other clubs see this as a shame instead of brilliant transfer strategy.


Why is everybody complaining about a loan with an option to buy… it’s the best strategy of modern football.
You just loan him for a year, see if he fits in your squad, if he does, you buy him and if he doesn’t you just let him go again.
Forza milan