Reports: Milan set to re-open Tevez talks


CARLOS TEVEZ is Milan’s number one choice to replace Ibrahimovic; Rolando to replace Thiago Silva?

Silvio Berlusconi has already, allegedly, confirmed he has sold Milan stars Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain in a deal which on the long term would save Milan about €170 million.

Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva were the two most important players in the squad and Milan – with about €65 million in hand need to start replacing them. (Note: the deal with Paris SG is still not official or sealed yet).

Berlusconi confirms: “I’ve sold Thiago and Ibrahimovic”
Leonardo-Raiola: The Ibrahimovic meeting ended

According to today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport Milan intend to sign at least one attacker and one defender. The priority in attack is said to be Carlos Tevez of Manchester City. The Argentine was already very close to joining the Rossoneri in January but since Milan did not sell Pato to Les Parisiens, the deal fell through.

It is believed that Adriano Galliani has already contacted Manchester City for Tevez. il Corriere dello Sport even claims Milan are prepared to make a €20 million bid for the 28-year-old and offer him €6m yearly – which is about half of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wages at Milan. The alternative to Tevez appears to be another Manchester City player – Edin Dzeko, 26-years-old, who has been linked with an exit for some weeks now.

La Gazzetta makes it clear that it will be either Tevez or Dzeko and certainly not both – but of course they don’t rule out other names. Some sources believe that Milan are going to sell Robinho too and replace him with Mattia Destro – 21-years-old, who is co-owned by Genoa-Siena and wanted by big Serie A sides.

As for the defense, the Milano-based newspaper mentions the name of Porto’s Rolando – 26-year-old. The price of the Portugal man is said to be €10-12 million. His contract runs until 2015 and it’s not clear if he’s up for sale this summer but Gazzetta, Corriere and Sky Sport Italia all mention him as a possible replacement. Dedé (24) is no longer an option it seems while Cagliari intend to keep Davide Astori (25).

It’s very important to remember that Milan have limited spots for non-EU players. Rumours suggest that Gabriel has taken up one after failing to gain EU-citizenship so Milan appear to have only one slot-open.

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tevez and rolando would be great. together they would cost around 35 million €. then we can go for kolarov who would cost around 10 million €.


Why Milan can`t give chance to Didac Vila? He have play only one game to Milan and I think, that he played good game.



Tevez would have a bigger impact than Ibra in my opinion

His work-rate is amazing plus he doesnt flop in big matches

RM is buying Modric so we really should go for Sahin now as well


Rumours tells, that Tottenham one year loan Sahin part of Modric deal.


Tevez workrate HAHHAHAHAH


Vandalusia is right. tevez runs much more then ibra, because he’s more a fighter. through is childhood he has a differnt mentality than ibrahimovic.

Kwabena Adu

To compare Tevez to Ibra is a shame
Ibra alone can win a scudetto,Ibra alone can terrorize many defenders
You people are just bitter,blame Berlusconi not Ibra
He gave his all for Milan


We are Milan fans, don’t panic, first, the deal hasnt gone through yet; secondly, Tevez shined with MU in 2008 CL cup, Ibra never once step up in CL which is our team primary target always, fairly speaking, Ibra played well in CL last year; however, selling now is a good time cuz he’s already 30 and just had a good Euro, the one I dont understand is Thiago Silva, He’s never a sell option. Tevez can definitely replace Ibra but replacing Silva is impossible.


If running was so important why don’t they give a medal for the best runner. Please. Tevez compared to Ibra, are you kidding me? Ibra struggled with a 70% injured squad for a whole season. And you expect Tevez to carry Milan like that. You are crazy. What mentality. Dude cry me a river. Ibra is gone not dead. If you can’t handle that he is gone don’t make up stuff. No journalist, coach or player will say Tevez is better then Ibra.



Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

I would rather go for Destro or Manolo Gabidani and for CB Ogbonha


tevez iz a nice option!


i want balotelli instead of tevez and in the defence astori. destro should come too

Olalekan Mojeed

I will rather go for Collocini he is a nice replacement for Ts33 whereby is buying option will not less than €4to5m approximately.


collocini already played for milan when he was about 20 years old. he was not able to find his place and he is already 30 years old now


He’s 31….


he was born on 22th january 1982. so he is 30 :))))


not only is he 31 but also Collocini is horrible


we need one experience defender who can commanding.i would go for bruno alves than rolando but both of them are good.the most important thing is not the player but the coordination between the defender.we still lose when have silva in our team just bought LB also.mexes cant command well


dezko was previously touted as heir of sheva when sheva left.. why not him?? hes younger and should be cheaper..


i’ve heard rumors that Yarmolenko is coming on a free in january of 2014. i honestly wouldn’t be surprised. He has said that he wants to follow Sheva in the red and black.


That maybe true because Yarmolenko’s contract expires next season! Tevez is a great option. Milan will be more devastating with Tevez. The team was too dependent on Ibra and just like Inter and at Barca both teams were better off without him as both Inter and Barca won the UCL immediately after Ibra left. That is not a coincident-Milan would have never won the UCL with Ibra. With Tevez and a fit Pato-I have alot of hope that we can. Rolando of Porto is an excellent defender and will be a good replacement. I was hoping for Dede since he… Read more »


Let Allegri choose the players, whoever he is. Just believe in Allegri, if he failed, it’s his responsibility.


we don’t have many options at CB at the moment. Dede will not arrive, it is not worth it to buy back Astori for 10m-15m, Ogbonna is overpriced and unproven, and i have heard no rumors concerning any young promising defenders that we are following (besides Acerbi who we already signed). Rolando or Zapata seem likelier. in attack anything is possible considering Berlusconi’s penchant for big name strikers and the number of players looking to switch clubs. the tevez situation at city is very complicated considering all the events of last season. still, i don’t doubt his work ethic or… Read more »


I haven’t seen Destro much either, but he seems to be quite popular in Italy. I’ve also heard, from someone who has watched him play, that Destro is pure talent. Seems like he has lots and lots of potential, but I’d still prefer if we sign Insigne.


If is true that the amount is 65million and silva cost 46million meaning ibra cost 19million,how can u buy a prayer without his form from barca 24million and sell him for just 19million why he is in the best form of his life.oooooh no Galliani bad business.


Barcelona bought him for 33mil + Eto’o. Now that’s dumb


No that was his worth and Ibra was and is better than Eto. Messi had trouble with Ibra taking all the glory so he and Pep spearheaded Ibra. Ibra broke records when he first arrived. You do know that FCB fans voted Ibra as their best player at christmas break. This was on FCB official homepage by members only. David Villa was voted 5th the season after Ibra left. BTW Ibra won all the titles and reached semifinals with FCB in CL. With a little more trust from Pep instead of boxing in Ibra they would have won the CL.


how come dzeko and kolarov are non-eu?


they are eu. tevez is the non-eu one


afaik serbia and bosnia are not part of the eu. unless dzeko has a german or english passport…


because serbia and bosnia arent in the eu

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Serbia and Bosnia are non-EU countries.But Iam sure that Kolarov got Italian passport so he counts as EU

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

I would do this Lucas Moura, Ogbonha and Sahin (on loan).


Milan right now have save 150mln so bring some 4-5 players and complete our team. Milan should get first a new goalkeeper so get Hugo Lloris 17mln, than get Domenico Criscito 10mln, than get one center back like Benatia 12mln or Rolando 12mln, than get Lass Diarra 8mln as defensive midfielder, and than get Dzeko and Tevez for 35-40mln, and exchange Robinho with Ganso. And our team would be complete: Lloris, Abate-Rolando-Acerbi-Criscito, Montolivo-Lass-Boateng, Pato-Dzeko-Tevez.


Milan shud make it mandatory 2 signed tevez,sahin,destro,den bring kaka on loan


I watch and wait. Whatever happens. I LOVE MILAN.


Milan always hate all thier L.B and i am sure didac, antonini and crischito is okay, we need 1 L.B and An Attacking Mid fielder i mean a creative 1…. Forza-Milan


If the madman can let ibra go and let tiago stay will even be better nd sign tevez

elia ngalu

Tevez, Destro, Kolarov and Rolando and Lass..full stop


Milan should go for Udinese defenders Mendhi Benatia and or Danilo. Would love to see both of them at Milan.

Both of these defenders are rock solid and are a cheaper option. But Rolando and Zapata are good defenders as well.

Ogbonna is unproven and overpriced as we saw in the Euro’s Prandelli didnt even trust him enough to use him instead of using Daniel De Rossi! Go figure!


Amelia+Bonera+Antonin+Taiwo+Mesbah=22 millions if we sell these all avg players Adler+Barnetta+Astori+=Free Sahin loan wid option to buy Kolarov permenant not more than 8 to 10 mil 15 million for Van persie Another Mid feilder can be bought and A back up striker and Central defender too…


And Sakho for 10 millions And dede not more than 10 millions…


Axel Witsel…… 25m,, best midfielder right now. monty witsel boateng.. erikson behind tevez pato/// wowowowowowo


before we make any new purchase first we have to settle ibra’s 8 million instalment to barca……


Tevez said he wants to stay in Manchester so Milan can forget about it. He doesn’t want to leave a rich club for a poor one.

Pa ibra

ok i dont want them to get sold. But seem they will leave. so i’d like Dzeko and Rolando for direct replacements. Sahin and Borjo Valero/Diego for compensation. and Destro for Robinho. Mesbah & Taiwo can leave. no dont need Kolorov.. Vila has to stay. so Line up should look like this: Abiati-Abate-Mexes-Rolando-Urby-Sahin-Monty-Boa-Varelo/Diego-Dzeko-Pato.


1. No to tevez..he’s a good goalscorer with a good workrate but from the time things start going bad he’s going to start acting out which is bad for team chemistry. Btw he said he wants to stay in City(THANK GOD!!!!)

2. Yes to Dzeko/Destro, Rolando/Paspadopulous(that kid’s a BEAST), Kolarov, Sahin/ Witsel…..

We can only hope that Berlu and co. reinvest some of the money and actually BUY some of these players instead of just TALKING(which is what we’ve been doing for the past few years)


edin dzeko for ibra
zapata or rolando for TS33
kaka for robinho
kolarov for taiwo and didac

i hope we could get mvila too


Kaka to Milan. Milan has really lost it all together. Kaka is a broken footballer. And that wage he has in RM is enormous. Why would Berlu sell Thiago yet alone give Thiago a new contract to 2017 with 6.5mil€/year then sell Ibra and Thiago and bring in Tevez Dzeko and Kaka if it was money issues. Nothing makes sense.


i don’t know how the fans in this blog thinks.. How can you not notice that our beloved milan is going down.. If we don’t lift any trophy this season, all of you would come out & start say its the coach.. B&G is killing this team, selling our best players year in year out.. If he turly loves milan like he said, how can he not sell 20% of its shares to this Arab billionaire that wants it for 300million euro The arab billionaire promise to bring in superstars and even promise a new stadium but no! Berlu’ wants… Read more »


Some typing errors.. Cos i was really angry when i was typing… But u will understand what i meant .

Supplement/interchange MOVIES with MOVE