Cassano: “Milan can’t compete without T. Silva”


ANTONIO CASSANO can’t commit future to Milan as he’s angry with the probable sale of Thiago Silva.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Silva’s future will not be in Milan but in Paris as talks are advanced between the Rossoneri and Paris Saint-Germain and the deal could be agreed by the end of the week.

Vice President Adriano Galliani is in France for talks with PSG but Antonio Cassano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are in Poland and Ukraine with their national teams and Fantantonio is not happy with the Thiago news.

Euro 2012 in red and black: Matchday one
Milan-PSG T. Silva negotiations confirmed

“Now I am playing the Euro’s and after that I’ll decide whether to stay at Milan or leave,” Cassano, who had an excellent game against Spain on Sunday evening, revealed in a press conference on Tuesday. “I haven’t spoken to Ibra in a month, but if he gets angry about the sale of Thiago Silva, I will agree with him.

“Without Thiago Silva it will be very difficult to compete for the Scudetto and the Champions League. How far can we make it without Thiago Silva? Without him, we can only qualify for the Champions League at best. If we lose Thiago Silva then we lose 50% of the squad. He’s irreplaceable. The Milan board has to be clear and honest with us players about the objectives, if they sell Thiago Silva. The Milan board has to admit to us players that we can’t compete for the Scudetto and the CL, if Thiago Silva leaves us,” he added.

“If it was up to me, then I would never let Thiago Silva leave Milan. It’s a crime to lose him.” Cassano can’t say if he’ll stay at Milan or leave and tells: “Sampdoria is in my heart, and I hope to return there one day.”

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i hope the board has weighed up the demoralizing effect it’ll create in the dressing room…after all the ‘old guards’ left it was upto a few chosen who wud be representing milan..and now even they might leave…

milan showing real signs of bad management…even if it means silva leaves..either overhaul completely and stop this bullshit…


Cassano is so MAD!!.. i can only imagine what Ibra must be thinking about Thiagos sale.
Cassano is so right though. If we sell Thiago, no matter what we do or who we buy in the summer, we are going to weaken our squad for next season.
He is irreplaceable !!

narth milan

sell all so that formation shuld be belu gk, gali lb, bra cb,babra cb,maxi rb,


This is what I think – if you don’t have faith in the team, then you have nothing to do in it. If I were Berlu or Galliani and I heard this interview, I’d phone Cas*sano immediately, and if he doesn’t apologize, I’d sell him.


This is what we need man. Our management is loosing it. When kaka was being sold no one had guts to stand up to the management. You know he’s right about this.


Silva isn’t the only player in Milan who should be making the difference. In times of difficulty, people are supposed to step up to the occasion instead of whining about it.


so we sell the best defender in the world ay?….in times of difficulty??…..without players like thiago how are we going to win trophies and come out of these difficult times?…..please tell me cus u are really annoying


thiago silva’s sale is the difficulty i was talking about… and also, every player can be replaced. it might take time, it might take taking a player and developing him, but there surely will be someone as good as thiago silva soon.


btw, just read that Barbara and Berlu don’t agree about Silva’s sale. Berlu wants to sell him, Barbara wants to keep him.


Seems like Barbara is one of few sensible people left in the management.


How can she mix business with pleasure? Tell me how smart that bimbo is? How can a board member in an institution dates one of the workers,This can never happen in the United States.She should have resign long time ago…It’s either she resign or break that disastrous relationship
Cassano is 100% right
They should all leave….What the hell is this?


so far she has saved us frmlosing d best striker we have pato, n now she is trying to save us frm losing d best defender in d world. i dont like her going out wit pato but we cant deny our players d right to live dia lives as de wish so long as de give dia all on d pitch.

yet barbara i thank u for making an effort.


Cassano u are all right if silva live milan i wnt u and ibra live for another culb. bcos without silva ac milan are finish.


We all know that you hate Ibra so stop b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g about it and get a life.


You know what, I don’t blame Cassano for reacting this way…..its one thing selling the best defender in the world, but its another betraying us and breaking promises……. Ibra and Cassano might leave, which will create a worst case scenario (since we are trying to mend/build a new Milan”era”)…but not all hope is lost if Cassano leaves, I see Oscar or Yarmolenko as the perfect for Ibrah, oh well….!!!


The beginning of the end for Milan. Sad times 🙁 🙁

flimizy rossoneri

Cassano is damn right. Dis is jus d best of all players who performs a larger% of rossoneri’s job


Milan next year: Abbiati; Abate; Mexes-Bonera-Mesbah; Traoré-Ambrosini-Montolivo;Boatebg;Pato-Robinho

perhaps milan will score goals and perhaps they won’t get goals some games.


no one is irreplaceable, cassano. no one. everyone is ageing and there is a time when we have to give our place to someone younger who is ready to replace us. if i were thiago silva, i would be very mad to you, cassano. he will receive significant salary increase which is valuable for him and for his family. why do you all want him to stay, huh? thiago silva has his own right to decide whether he wants to leave or to stay in milan. as a milan fans, i am sad knowing that thiago silva will leave milan.… Read more »

milano siamo noi

Everyone that connected to milan has the right to be angry with the management, even if I am allegri, I will forbid this sale to happen. Because the first point is that they are lying to all of us all this time. It’s true that no player is bigger than the club, and in the past we all see that our big players left us such as gullit, sheva, kaka. But none of them were the bandiera of the club. This time is different. Even those who plan to sale silva said that he will stay and become our captain… Read more »


Thiago Silva Transfer to PSG – Live Updates – There are reports that If Thiago Silva is sold Ibrahimovic will want to leave too – Telenova Claims Vasco want €25m for Dede – Apparently Thiago Silva Spent Ancelotti’s birthday in london with him and Leonardo – Milan tried offloading Ibra but never received a good offer for him – Corriere reports that Milan is unlikely to re-invest the money from the Thiago Silva sale. It will be used to cover up the debts – Milan considering Ogbonna/Dede as replacement for Thiago Silva – Le Parisien reports that the transfer fee… Read more »

Rambinator (RSA)

For me this Thiago Silva saga is depressing and I agree with the view that it wwill be difficult (if not impossible) to replace him at this stage. The curveball is that Thiago learnt sufficiently from Nesta and is the man currently carrying the ability of a Milan centre back and I expected him to pass it on in future. To sell this guy means he is potentially the last defender cut from the same cloth as the prevous ones in the same position. That’s a shame because Milan always had outstanding centre backs. I acknowledge that we have a… Read more »


great comment bro…
exactly my thoughts


that what i was thinking also. we lost nesta but we had ts33. now we dont have any cb from the same string except for mexes who isnt a ledgend or as good but i really like him as a defender i think he is great. but i dont think he is experienced enough as a milan player, and if we get far into ucl, like against barca or madrid he wont be enough we need ts33 or nesta


Exactly right….. We lose more than just the best defender in the world, we break the chain that helps nurture the next cb , I don’t want to see our next cb learning from mexes! However at 50 mil psg are paying for more than jus the best cb in Europe. Really don’t want to lose him, and almost certainly we can’t replace him like for like, but if he does go I can’t blame the management too much – 50 mil is silly money!


Galiani wants to use the money to clear debts???? That will be ridiculous.


The anger is not really about selling Thiago Silva or not, even if I think it’s a terrible idea since we have no other world class player across the back line, but about the fact that in light of what’s been happening those last few yrs i.e sale of Sheva & Kaka that we know full well that this money won’t be reinvested into the team. Talent at the level of a Thiago Silva is not replaceable but if you invest the money you get for him wiselt you can actually strengthen the team just like Juve did when they… Read more »


Well I knw dis was comming nxt season as I said b4 is probabaly going to be d worst we ve ever had.

Berlusconi is planning on selling d club its obvious but not b4 he settles most of his debts n d fly emirate stakes r hopping it happens so much like arsenal d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥Y̶̲̥̅̊ don’t care abt we d fans not unless we boycot dem like d arsenal fans did after d 8 – 2 defeat to man u, 70% of dia fans decamped.

Zita project

I dont just know what is wrong with galliani and berlusconi.. For crist sake what is happening to milan, we sold shevchenko, and kaka’ and now thiago silva….. What is happening,..? Can someone please tell me what is going on..


Never sell Thiago , Berlu must sell Milan .. The old man is very crap , says Milan the best team in the word and says milan must play like barca , but ? ? ? Milan era not end but Berlu era must end , enough to see galliani alyways cover Berlu with his bullshit comment .. Is really sad for Milan fans , when Milan win scudetto berlu promise will buy 2 superstars , but?????


Our problem is Galiani,he told belu not to sell some of his shares to the arab investor just b’cos he is always happy to see milan suffer. The most anoying thing is that they won’t use the money to buy quality players but rather aged,outmoded and mediocre players will arrive. Our only solution is that either belu sell some shares or sell the team.


– “Negotiations with PSG will take a long time” – Galliani – Galliani will stay in Paris till tommorrow – Allegri has told Galliani that he would prefer Dede to be Thiago Silva’s replacement – Milan channel has reported that Negotiations between Milan an dPSG will take more than 24 hours – Milan channel has denied that Thiago Silva already had a Medical with PSG – Mediaset report that Milan are ready to accept €48 million cash instead of €45 million + €5 million in bonuses. – Sport360 reports that Aquilani will Join Milan for £3m. – Sun reports that… Read more »


i read a lot of your comments and i like it ..
if you can update more things or send to my mail..
i will really appreciate

i read a lot on this blog and i like the threads in this site but guys we have to question our self if we boycott our own team will spend berlu an g more or buy quality what they alwas promise ?

i just can say what will happens i always will stay a milan supporter!


Milan is following arsenal foot steps its all abt d money d bad thing is arsenal have a gr8 coach we have a puppet as coach dat knws not d differance btw a LB n an AM.

I CRY FOR MILAN …….. CRY !!!!!!!!! CRY !!!!!!!


Well,, if diz goes tru, start counting, Ibra, Cassano, Boateng,are all gonna be other Teams target. Offers where not coming bcoz everyone thought Milan wnt sell any of their few left. But with this one!! Get ready 4 more offers nd players depature….. Our management are just sick. Always broke and paying debt, wonder how we even end up getting much debt with no Big money signings….. Berlu should jst sell diz club plssssssssss


we r becoming like liverpool salin top playas witout replacement sel d club plz odawise arsenal we win d cl wen we r no wre 2 found in d round of 16


liverpool actually did replace all of their top players that left, just that none of the replacements worked out. and, just a question, why Arsenal in particular?


And what pains me the most is why Galliani is the one to go nd meet them.. That’s low actually, are they not the ones that are supposed to come to him?? Well, this is just telling you T .Silva is gonna go no second thought… But its a shame!!!!


To clear their debts?????? WTF.!!! Instead of mending this disaster by buying fresh talent they decide to pay of debts???…tell me this is a joke..these guys are begging to be assassinated right now.!!!


Good for Cassano. It’s time the eyes of management are opened. I believe the reason T. Silva is departing is because B&G aren’t planning on investing in the squad. Once T. Silva leaves, what’s to stop Cassano or Ibra? It amazes me that people still defend B&G. If they are going to sell Silva and not buy quality players to rejuvenate the squad then just be honest. It’s a crime to play with the emotions of Milan fans the way they do. I’m so fed up with their antics!!


i’m jst confused n sick of al dis dilenmas berlu n galli put us each n everyday,last yr we were promised c’riously of MR X n @ d end we al knew hw it ended n nw selin our capi 2b nxt season is so so so much disgustin!!! Infakt am in tears nw oooooo!


The worst scenario.. Milan sell Thiago >> Ibra want to leave as he lost trust in Milan management and so does Cassano.. and there’s a chance that KPB might follow as every single star in the Milan team will get the message that Milan under B&G are no longer competitive and aiming big! so if Milan really sell Thiago, its hurt but i do hope the worst scenario to happen.. i wanna see riot, i wanna see Berlu sell this club immediately.. im sick of B&G 2 LIARS!


I agree with Cassano.

The only way the sale of Thiago Silva actually makes sense is if the proceeds are invested in to truly top level young talent.

I will be extremely disappointed if Thiago Silva is sold. It would be lessened with investment in players like Dede, Eriksen, Ganso, Lucas, etc. If he is sold, then I would be completely disappointed.

I hope that none of these reports are accurate, Thiago Silva stays, and we still pick up some top level young talent.


For the past 5yrs milan has not win the CL but the visionless mgt don’t care. Milan is dying in the hands of wicked people.


i told u people when you were blaming allergi 4 everything.the real person 2 blame is the management of those 2 idiots.they arent milan too,then y hang around if you cant control the club.


let all the other members also threaten to leave.if silva leaves 4 wateva reason,then the rest of the squad should go.lets play the primavera squad!resign zamb,inzaghi,even sheva 4 cheaper price.


As a milan fan I’m leaving this club too!


even napoli,totenham holds its stars.should milan even be compared to them? Leave b and g!