Gattuso: “Farewell Milan, for now”


GENNARO GATTUSO has confirmed he’s leaving Milan at the end of the current season.

Times are changing at Milan. After Alessandro Nesta confirmed his departure yesterday during a press conference, Rino Gattuso has also called time on his time at Milan after a meeting with Adriano Galliani.

Gattuso came to Milan’s headquarters at via Turati to discuss his future, and after a few hours, the announcement came: Gattuso will leave Milan at the end of this season, after 13 years in red & black.

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“This is goodbye,” Gattuso told the press outside of the Milan HQ, explaining his decision. “I’ve been one year out and I understood that there wasn’t any space for me anymore. I’m making room for other players. I will meet with the Milan board one year from now to talk about working together again, but not as a player.”

Rino was one of the key figures at Milan, on and off the pitch. Wearing this shirt over than 450 times, Gattuso won the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.

“Galliani put on the song ‘Mi manchi’ with Fausto Leali after I told him my decision. “I will be speaking tomorrow at a press conference at Milanello. I will be away from football for the next year. My departure is just a “see you later” and then we will talk again next year. I don’t have anything planned currently. It’s the right moment to make room for other players,” Gattuso added, confirming his exit from football as well.

Gattuso will soon become a coach, and perhaps in the future he will lead Milan again, as the Mister!

Grazie Ringhio!

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A lot of historic players leaving at the moment. These are not first team players but I am still concerned if this will affect our play in a demotivating way.


Sad but its true. In the end all the legends will leave. Its the right time to start new Era of Ac Milan and new legends will appear


our starting eleven for the next match has to be:
Roma(if fit)- Abate-Nesta-Mexes-Zambrotta-Gattuso-Ambrosini-Seedorf-Casano-Ibra-Pippo and sub in yepes(if leaving),MvB, and a striker


its finally time..its gud that all dis senators know its finally time for them to leave for the gud of milan..this may signal a new era for milan..the milanistis will all miss him..thank you for all the years of service to milan

Umar bbgida

We missed you all, thanks for your good services.

lady gaga

verything that you’re about to read is secondary to this. The first and foremost thing that I want you all to know is this: I played and won for Us. Playing and winning without sharing the emotion is nothing, but you and me, us, we did it all together. We hoped, suffered, celebrated and rejoiced. We lifted cups and won titles together in our hearts. We have always been on the same wavelength. And no one can ever take that away from us. Dear Milan fans, when I got to the club you didn’t know this. I was in a… Read more »

Il Diavolo

forza gattuso. these kind of tough tackling no nonsense midfielders are a dying breed. viera, keane and gattuso was the best of them all. a true bulldog. thanks for everything..


This is exactly what scares me about Allegri. His teams have no emotion, they have no spirit, no desire to win. When they go on the pitch, it looks like they are simply doing their job. They are not motivated. Rino has never been a great player, but he had the spirit, the will, the desire, and the love for the red and black colors. Every game, he played like it was his last. Every time he was playing, the team channeled his energy and they played with their heart. I do not see it anymore. Milan needs a coach… Read more »


It’s sad time for all milanista.
Nesta, Rino and Pippo had made decision.
Thanks for everyone, thanks for joy and moment that share at Milan.
Goodbye Legend.

Now it’s time for new era. Please Berlusconi, Galliani and Allegri bring back Milan to the Glory.

Forza Milan.


Nesta could have still given another year but it’s vital Gattuso went, yes he was great until 2007 since then he’s been awful, now Seedorf and most of all Ambrosini need to go too


The number :
2 : De Sciglio
4 : Ogbonna
8 : Montolivo or Kaka?
9 : Ibra
10 : Cassano
11 : Robinho or SES
13 : Astori?

Forza Milan..


*Crying Loudly*


NO DAMN NO GATTUSO!No GATTUSO.I’m gonna kill you Galliani

Macho Blake

Hopefully best wishes will come in from all over Europe to the best of AC Milan (NESTA RINGHIO SEEDORF INZHAGI). One of the best managers in the history of Football Sir Alex Ferguson had always wanted these guys to play for MAN UNITED but it never worked out.He also wanted Maldini to be in his team but it never came through.All for the loyalty these guys had for Milan.The kind of games Milan played with Nesta Ringhio Pirlo in the set up will be too high to match in European standards.I think these were the players which every league in… Read more »


I love you gattuso..and im not gay..


speechles…can’t imagine without you(Sandro,Pippo and Rino)


I love you Gattuso… I hope we see you on Milan’s bench one day. Your love for the club and your pasion would take us very far…
Forza Gattuso!


time to have brand new milan list time has passed come on guys milan need quality nt quntity gatuso supa pipoo,sedorf,zambro,etc done well 4 milan but time to move on we need young fast and talented players.


This brings me to tears
forza Gattuso


Thank you milan’s historic gladiator !


I wil miss U̶̲̥̅̊ rino d fans wil do can’t 4gt d gr8 moment wit us 2007 cl….


great man.thx!love u forever!

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