Goodbye? Nesta organizes press conference


ALESSANDRO NESTA is expected to announce he’s leaving Milan as he calls for a press conference.

The future of Nesta has been unclear for months now, as despite Milan’s reported intention of giving him a new one-year deal, there have always been rumours about a move to Major League Soccer or retirement.

Alessandro Del Piero was given the announcement that he won’t continue his Juventus career early in the summer, but it is now believed that Nesta has decided to take a similar path, and is expected to quit Milan.

Moving On…
Traoré: “I am joining Milan!”

Nesta’s options are renew his deal, move to America and join Henry at New York Red Bulls or retire from football. It’s been confirmed that Nesta has arranged a press conference tomorrow at 14:00 in Milanello to reveal his future. It’s only rational to believe he won’t be announcing a one-year extension with il Diavolo.

Along with the possibility of Nesta going, which seems to be very concrete, Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi are widely expected to leave. Milan could give them a start against Novara as a goodbye present.

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arrivederci nesta,all respect to you and thanks for your services.all the best

El brainie

We miss u d best CB of my own time.grande SANDRO!!


Milan should find somebody te replace him, and i think the best choice is Vital Dede, he’s 24year old. And we should find new goalkeeper that can replace Abbiati, and the best one is Hugo Lloris now Lyon arent in UCL this year so they can sell him also Lloris wouldnt refuse a team called Milan. And we are having problems with left back, it will be good if we make an offer for Domenico Criscito we should offer Antonini+5mln. About midfield we should exchange Flamini with Sandro Ranieri. Exchange Robinho with Ganso. We should get Mario Balotelli or Edin… Read more »

Macho Blake

Best Wishes to a great future; but I know players not even half as good as Nesta still plying trade in Europe.Nesta has never been his best in the past year GOD Knows what is the reason.Maybe after a few years he will write his Autobiography then we will get to know the reasons.Till then Cheers Mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


goodbye to 3 legends of Milan. It is a very sad day for me… Please, Allegri, let Pippo score one more goal for us, assisted by Seedorf following an elegant tackle from Sandro…


one of the best defenders of the world ever !!!!we are gonna miss you and we never forget what you have done for this club .Gracie grande Alessandro Nesta!!!!!!!


We knew this day would come. However, it doesn’t make it any less sad. Nesta, Pippo and Seedorf all embody the great spirit of AC Milan and will all be missed.

Grazie per i ricordi ragazzi!


If truely you are going i’m one of those who will miss you. Best defender ever, i hope we find good replacement not like how we suffer heavily on our left back. Miss you and thank you Nesta.


I don’t Want This Man To Leave, NO! Not Now…. Milan Should Keep Him And send The Rest packing.


yes one more year nesta the best CB to ever live!!!


Goodbye to legends of AC MILAN….

What that means is that we need world class replacements..

Umar bbgida

We miss you all, i wish all of you the best. In my life i still not compare nesta with others CB in the history of football. You will all live in our heart.


I knew that the day will come but wasn’t prepared for it… There’s no such club that holds as many legends together as Milan and seeing them leave… My all time favourite defender should stay for one more year his experiences are needed


The Great Fortress is gone..
Maldini in 2009, and now Nesta.
Pure class defender. I will miss U, happy to see him wear captain ambard in derby.
Very ??(??_??) day. Goodbye Legend..

Forza Milan


So the day I have feared has come. Sandro you will always remain in our hearts. You were my favorite player in Milan… the best CB in the world. Damn Milan is falling apart. We need more world class players..

lady gaga

Cant stop laughing at some comments…..
Anyway,its all good @least for the team and i also heard of M.Flamini’s 2yrs xtention “will be glad if that happen”…
Forza Sandro/Dorf and piliGoal


Wish him the best.


Goodluck Veteran!!!


Gatusso, Zambrota, Bonera, Bommel, maxi, and Abbiati should join them


Nesta arrival at Milan was the begining of a new era where we won 2 UCL, 2 scudetto,1 intercontinental, and 2 european super cup. Nesta will be missed. Sadly, Nesta is truly the last of the great Italian defenders since the late ’80’s!

It will be awhile before Italy produce legends like Baresi, Bergomi, Galli, Gentile,Tassotti,Panucci, Costacurta, Maldini,& Nesta.

I wish Nesta, Seedorf and Inzaghi all the best for the great years and trophies they gave us.

I hope to see Ambrosini follow them as well.


Milan should sign dede as nesta’s replacement,while astori,acerbi or ogbonna should replace yepes and bonera.Also,milan should sign criscito or armero as left back.


nesta is a legend. Astori could replace him .


Nesta d exceptional.goodbye


I hope he doesn’t leave… Nesta, Gattuso and Seedorf should stay for next season, but I think only Gattuso, Ambrosini and Yepes will. I agree Astori would be a great replacement for Nesta. I heard some rumors about René Adler coming to Milan for free, his contract is expiring June. He’s a great goalkeeper, but he’s a bit injury prone. We should also make an effort to sign Criscito and a quality midfielder like Nainggolan. I also would agree with a Ganso for Robinho swap and I would give Maxi Lopez a chance.


dede and ogbonna, 2 fast, strong and young centre backs the sort of defenders we need next to thiago silva, nuf said


There will never be another Nesta, just as there is no new Maldini. Our Menagement should try to find the next big thing, as we did with Thiago Silva… Maybe Dede, Ogbonna, Astori? Who knows… The time will tell.

I will definately miss Alessandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf and SuperPippo Inzaghi. They gave us so much joy and proud memories. Wish you all the luch guys…

Forza Milan !!!

Il Diavolo

Lineup for Novara : Amelia-Abate-Nesta-Mexes-Zambrotta-Seedorf-Van bommel-Nocerino-Boateng-Inzaghi-El Sharaawy

Lineup for next season: Abbiati-Abate-Silva-Acerbi-Didac Vila-Montolivo-Traore-Nocerino-Boateng-Zlatan-Cassano

Olalekan Mojeed

My best replacement for him should goes to either COLLOCINI of Newcastle of AGGER of Liverpool wants to say thanks to MOD


Forza nesta!!!very wise,precise,agile,sharp,flexible,strong and full of passion.Love u more nesta


As much as I am for letting old players leave, Nesta is a play that should finish his career at AC Milan. Thank you Allegri for ruining that – you dumb ass coach. You can clearly tell that Nesta didn’t like Allegri as he said in his speech that “if I no longer feel important then I’d prefer to stay at home”.


we r saying gudbye 2 nesta but wit a deep heart bcos his lfy of service r ol 4 milan,


Thank u NESTA for what u’ve done for us.