Milan found Pato answers


ALEXANDRE PATO is back from the USA and Dr. Meersseman says Milan have found some answers.

The striker flew out to the United States as Milan wanted to figure out why the player keeps getting injured – a thing that inevitably stops him from becoming a leading star with the Rossoneri, despite his quality.

Pato returned today to Milano after a few days of checks, carried out by Professor Frederick Carrick, at the University of Marietta, and Milan have gotten a better idea about Pato’s condition following this trip.

Allegri: “Catania game will effect Tuesday”
“Berlusconi wants Milan to play like Barcelona”

“Pato is doing great, he’s in a very good state and I would say that we have found the answers we were looking for,” said Milan’s health coordinator Jean Pierre Meersseman. “Can he play already on Tuesday against Barca? He is ready, he responded very quickly and he will surely be at the disposal of Allegri.”

The last time Pato visited Barcelona he scored a goal after 24 seconds. Adriano Galliani hinted on Wednesday, after the 1st leg, that if Alexandre returns completely healthy he might start with Ibrahimovic.

Meytar Zeevi will not be around from Sunday to Friday as he will be on a trip to Barcelona and of course watch Milan at the Camp Nou. Threfore he won’t be able to update

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If pato played … Milan will destroy barca


Thank God! We need you Pato! Get Fit.


I love u Duck!

crazy 4 pato7

Get Well Soon!!!




This will be a huge boost for the team. Robinho’s finishing has been awful the last 2 barca games. Pato can definitely make barca’s defence crazy while they are focused on Ibra he’s perfect for the counter tactic hope he doesn’t disappoint and will be fit. If they found the answers to his injuries then there’s no need te sell him anymore. I prefer to sell Robinho for Tevez or a good trequartista. Although he occassionly scores in important games like against Arsenal. Robinho has only scored 4goals in Serie A this season which is very bad for our No.… Read more »


We need his speed in Spain. His speed will destroy Barça


But Robinho make alot assist He make 10 assist so its look like he already has 14 goal in Serie A i realy like if he has good Finisher Just ….


robinho has fight with word goal …he should play only after zlatan,pato or cassano…


no need to risk him against BARCA…:/ please start Lopez or Shaarawy


They shouldn’t start him though but even as a sub his speed will cause problems for Barça

thumbs up if you want to see this again


Love u Paper Pato aka The Mighty Duck.


Oyoyo Pato !!! We’re glad you’re back. Hope you’ll do well against Barca despite the lack of match fitness. Should Pato be available at 100%, I do hope Allegri field this lineup against Barca :


Signor Eskola

Van Bommel has got injured again… so, it’s Ambrosini. Though, he played well in the last match, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


barca is goin down. Finished. ibra, pato, robinho, boateng, urby, mvb, bonera, mexes, nesta, antonini, abiati. Starting lineup


u forgot abate. also, i don’t think Milan will play with 3 strikers. will most probably be ibra, pato/robinho (depends on how fit Pato is), boateng, seedorf, mvb, nocerino, abate, mexes, nesta, antonini, abbiati


sorry, but too bad lineup!!!
its like loos against arsenal!!
seedorf and abro/nocerino must play!


Milan play a very slow game without Pato & Abate. If they both play against Barcelona, Milan will surely bring positive result


Yeah i want the old Pato back!!Milan is better with PATO


Finally, Pato is back! btw, am I the only one who wants to hear what these answers that they’ve found are?


I will be glad to seee my darling pato play against Barca on tuesday partner Ibra while KPB play behind them. Welcome back PATO


pato problem is, growing pains, he will eventually be fit, soon, so woooooot


Hmm, what can i say am glad they found answers which is most improving to me.but if he plays and strolls around the pitch will not be good.hope he can now go on full speed without fear of muscle pull or thigh strain.all the best to him though…


Off topic- the site will not update for few days again.this is not good atall and i think that’s why this blog loses fans often.have searched to see other Milan sites but it seems this is the best and most interactive. Pls just try and get more administrator… You’re really doing great though and thanks for bringing other milanisti together


Thank God he’s back but I wouldn’t advise Allegri to play him from the start.


Come on facebook and join fellow milanista from around the world just search for ac milan loyals(we support the most successful club in the world)!


is abate back, i thought hes still injured, oh if hes fit then wooooo


Wonder why Arsene Wenger can’t accept defeat… He is still complaining for god sakes… some one should tell him that had the duck started for Milan… they would have been done and dusted in both the legs.. Now wenger is complaining tat he had to deal with a lot of injuries and had they been playing full stregnth they would have beaten us!… Someone also let Arsene Wenger know how oblivious he is to the injury problems of our squad


Welcome back pato…………….we need ur finishing against barca


We no need pato, agains bacer, bcos we dont know he is fully recovery or not, we have 2 test him in a domestic leaque, if he is fit, we can use him agains bacer. Forza milan!!


Allgri will know if he is fit or not from the training session on monday


Pato will destroy barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome back da duck of milan. Forza milan Forza patooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are suppose to go all attack against barca. If really we want to eliminate them. Prince should be in the middle with nocerino and seedorf. While binho should be the trequartista behind ibra and the duck.


my lineup is not loos, barca are gonna play with 1 dmf, busquets, then there is xavi, iniesta, fabregas, messi and sanchez. Why do we hav to play seedorf n nocerino, they both had average games, ibra pato robinho, boateng, urby mvb, abate, nesta, mexes, antonini, abiati.


So happy if he is back for good.

Milan lacked A LOT of speed on Wednesday. Imagine Pato and Abate back in the team – jeez we won’t have to load the box so heavily 🙂


We can’t play three strikers.


Ibra cant play in a 3 striker system, no reason Pato, El Shaarawy and Robinho can’t play together though


I’m so happy 2 hear this information about great duck. But, did mr. Allegeri really wishing a great success 2 milan? If yes, then the formation as well as the squad that would be use against barca must be our primary focus. I wish a best result 4 2days match against catania. Fooozaaa milan.


pato, please return! Robinho is very awful infront of goal. He has one good game after 3 bad games…pato,abate,MVB back in squad:RIP barcelona!
I think pato need not to be sold next season. It shud be robinho.


Robinho shldn play as a striker instead as a trequartista
Pls what time is the match in GMT?




Don’t be so guillable there’s no way you could solve his injury problem just like that, why are they not disclosing what the answer is? Just blowing hot air up our ass here


Welcome back pato




I’ll wait to see what happens on the pitch. The last time he was thrown into an important match too soon we lost 0-1 to that other Milan club – a match that looked like 10 vs 11.

That said, I hope he indeed got some great treatment/ answers and can take the necessary steps toward becoming the consistently great player for Milan that we all know he’s capable of being.

Forza PATO! Forza MILAN!


Pato, do the magical magic!


With pato in the team?milan will get the away goal and the pendulum might just swing in our favour.but,I keep having the feeling eversince the draw has been made that milan will go through


For a player so young, it is remarkable that Pato is such an important player. I hope to see him play in Barcelona. His explosive pace and finishing ability make him the perfect player to beat Barca’s pressing and high defensive line. but if u watched the 2-2 draw earlier this season you’d already know that!!! 🙂


Am so glad dat my bst player is bck after 2 much injury,milan attack we bring d swag in pato,ibra,prince.4rza milan.

Muhammed ishau

Rip barca forzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa milan forzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pato


gr8 news god bless u pato i hope 2 be at gr8 perform we r with u give barca a lesson in football gd luck

Jonny Adams

I think Pato should start, even if he plays bad if he stays on the last defenders shoulder he will get atleast one chance from a long ball or pass and Ibradoesn’t have the pace which Pato has plus Barca are terrified or Pato. He must start! I also hope this is the end of his injuries once and for all.

Line up, (4-3-1-2)
Abbaiti, Abate, Nesta, Mexes, Antonni; Nocerino, Ambrosini, Serdorf; Boateng; Pato and Ibra!


seriously fix this site u never update it lol


I’m hapi cos pato is back


Hey u people should stop criticizing pato instead of u praying 4 him cos we dont hav clinical finisher lik him. Forza milan.