Silvio returns: Berlusconi officially President again


SILVIO BERLUSCONI is once again the official ‘Honorary President’ of Milan after a few years of break.

The Milan patron has been in charge of club since 1986, and the Rossoneri enjoyed great success ever since the business man and politician took over the club as they have become a leading club worldwide.

Silvio has been the President of Milan for a few times already; in 2008 he had to leave this post due to a conflict of interest as he took charge over Italy as Prime Minister. However, he quit as PM in October.

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“President Silvio Berlusconi has returned to His club. The Board of Directors today nominated him Honorary President,” Milan confirmed on Thursday evening through an official statement on their website. Berlusconi has always stayed close to Milan, and has never been afraid to criticize one of his coaches.

Berlusconi has attended many games in the recent time, including an away fixture against Parma, the first he attended in a long time. Silvio stated months ago that he intends to go back to Milan’s Presidency.

Milan have won 8 Scudetti since Berlusconi took over 26 years ago, and they are leading the league, heading for the 9th. Milan have also won in this time the Coppa Italia one time, the Italian Supercoppa Italia six times, the UEFA Champions league five times (including back-to-back wins), the UEFA Super Cup five times, Intercontinental Cup twice and the FIFA Club World Cup one time. Silvio has won 28 trophies so far.

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welcome back grande presidente!


good to be man…milan fans r expctn nofin less dan good signing in surmmer. fst signin Hamsik nd young n good goalkeeper. The success of milan comes again!!!!!


we need to celebrate by signing new good players.


Silvio cant really help us in spending for really big names anymore next season, no team actually when financial fair play comes in. We got to get the most out of this CL because the tv profits and prize money each round will do us really good.


so true we need money from cl we have chance to beat barca money is big for reaching semi finals. if we win cl we will have big money 2 spend. monty is free in summer i hope we sign him. i read some reports that milan want to get ogbonna and also astori..


we have already signed astori but I think we should go for armero to solve our left back problem and then to strengthen our midfield we should go for monty esp if seedorf leaves( i don’t hope) we should also go for ogbonna and asamoha (udinese) because our defensive midfielders are old. We should not buy aquaman


Silvio, if i could ask a signing to celebrate this,i want you to sign Nuri Sahin.


NO mesut ozil!


Ozil is probably considered untouchable by Real. Sahin is unlikely because he didn’t get a chance to show his worth yet. But both would do good in Milan, that’s for sure.


Sorry to bring this up in this thread. But Im seriously,tired of the disrespect from other teams and managers out of Italy. Hope we thrash Barca,to show them we not a team to take likely.


@ peter

So true!


we can use silvio’s money in a ay to buy players with…. he can make one of his companies a sponser of milan…. we can then use the money for transfers….


Three really great news in a row. I think we should celebrate by signing Gary Bale to solve our Left-Back problem and also we should go for Ganso to have a young talented CM and why not, Neymar. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pato go to GSP; also with all due respect Mesbah, Sambrotta, and Yepes can go. Filipo, Seedorf, Ambrosini, gattuso, van bommel, and nesta can serve as personal coaches for the younger generation of players.


Bale is not a good leftback he’s only good as left winger and is overrated in my opinion. For leftback I heard the rumors about armero and also jordi alba which would be great. The players of 31+ can go or stay in management like ElMilanero mentioned. What we need is more fresh talented players like Eriksson or Belhanda. Definitely let mesbah go he has failed more than impress me actually and I dont get why he gets a starting berth sometimes when we had Taiwo who wasn’t much worse at defending and got way less chances to improve. Antonini… Read more »


I agree. Bale is overrated and he is more of a left winger than a left back. I dont understand either why Milan loaned Taiwo to pick up Mesbah who is just garbage to say the least!

Taiwo was much better and Allegri never gave him a fair chance to prove himself!


absolutely agree, unless Bale is willing to sacrifice a lot and learn how to defend like what Abate did, that way we would have 2 fastest full-back in the world.. (Bale n Abate). But i disagree that Taiwo was much better, he was too slow and Mesbah is more hard working than Taiwo! Taiwo can’t dribble pass and his crosses were not good enough (often he kicked the ball too hard) and if you realised, and he prefer to shoot rather than crossing the ball but the biggest problem is that he’s very slow! even Nesta can run faster than… Read more »


Now that you are back President, Pump in Money for the Club.


The problem with Armero and Jordi is that they’re too short in my opinion to be leftbacks. Let’s not forget that they have the role of defending also, not just attacking, and height becomes important in crosses and cornerkicks. I agree with you Don that Ganso could be pricy and he is also prone to injuries, so we can rule him out. But the problem remains though, we need a young creative CM. Van Bommhel wants to retire with Ajax, and Ambrosini will become a free player after the season ends. Seedorf can’t replace them, he is also prone to… Read more »

Mr Goph

Bale is one of the most overrated players around. I’d rather we go 4 players like Alaba, Alba, Ibarbo, Hummels, Destro, Neymar, Oscar, Santon, Modric, Alcantara, Song and their likes not some over-priced over-rated dude.


welcome home


Lets try and bring back taiwo,he wasn’t given chamber lik this before loaning him,and about our left back,what of palermo’s left back or salcido of mexico?though I don’t know of their age just wanna know what u think and for a young dcm,am thinkin of song


@Abayomi I watch Salcido at the World Cup and I was highly Impressed with the guy. But I don’t know the Club he plays for. Salcido’s a good player.


i want Marcelo as a leftback and Ganso as a replacement for seedorf and offer a change between robinho and Neymar + 20 million


Neymar is going to Barca,if rumours are true and he is worth 20 million,not 20 million and a player. Seriously his way over rated,not proven in Europe,but Santos want 50 million.


Carlos salcido?! He is 32 ! Jordi alba is perfect in attack but cant defend well . Kolarof would be better for left back. Raul meireles and tevez and lass diarra for next year …


We already have young and talented CM/CAM – Alexander Merkel! I wasn’t impressed by Aquilani this season even tough he was injured i think he shouldn’t be signed, i would rather have Montolivo… We had problems with creativity now we r probably goin to have 3 creative mids, still too many players for mid – Nocerino, Boateng, Merkel, Emanuelson, Aquilani, Muntari, Flamini and maybe Montolivo… What i want to see is Milan getting their youth academy on, i want to see more players coming from youth ranks, just as Barcelona and Ajax are doin and with FF bouncin in this… Read more »


Welcm back silvio, since u ar, back we milan fans are expecting u 2 bring more big players. forza silvio& forza milan!!

Auwal toldo milan

silvio you are wellcome back. pls. send out the old milan players. and get a fresh blood to our club to continue leading worldwide club trophy. forzamilan forza silvio.


It’s been said we got Astori, we are favoured for Eriksen, we are the club that’s getting Montolivo, we want Paulinho, we are also there for Alba, and we are keeping tabs on Tevez. One more thing we are also monitoring Handanovic and Armero.

Tooo much talk, but would be great,in my opinion, if we do get all the mentioned players except for Tevez because Pato could be back without injuries and we already have six strikers. If not then we can promote a player from the youth, look at Tello of Barcelona.


Milanest, you’re right, we don’t need more strikers and especially the ARROGANT Tevez, he’s after the money not the glory. Instead of buying, we should get rid of one of our strikers, I say Pato cuz he’s more interested in Barbara than on playing. The old players have to realize that there is a time for everything, their prime time for playing is gone, now is time to retire and coach. So, yeah, the rid of the old guys, Silvio. Montolivio is way better than Aquilani, but I think PAULINHO has the potential to become better than both of them,… Read more »