Injuries: Thiago Silva ruled out for 30 days


THIAGO SILVA is set to face 3-4 weeks on the treatment table and in the sidelines.

Milan suffer a big hit to their Scudetto and Champions League ambitions as top defender Thiago Silva will not be available for a month following the injury he picked up against Roma on Saturday, it’s confirmed.

The Brazilian was replaced only after 10 minutes of football at Stadio San Siro and tests today have shown a muscular problem with his right thigh and he will need a period of 2-3 weeks in order to fully recover.

Highlights: Milan 2-1 Roma
Milan suffer big T. Silva injury blow

Thiago has been very consistent this season even though his partners have been multiple at the heart of the defense – Alessandro Nesta, Daniele Bonera, Mario Yepes and Philippe Mexes all played alongside the player, who is sought-after by Barcelona – the team he will miss two games against in the next weeks.

Silva joins a long list of injured and unavailable players. It is still not clear whether Maxi Lopez and Robinho will be ready for Barcelona; Ignazio Abate is definitely out, along with the suspended Mark van Bommel.

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gosh we r cursed, but we hav 2 keep believng, ik it looks almost impossible 2 beat barca now but we cnt stop believing in our team….FORZAAA MILAAAAAAAAN!!!!lets hope ibra steps up


fml…..the hopes for cl semi finals this season have reduced exponentially


With the right mentality, we can beat Barca and cope with his absence in the league.


zambrotta nesta mexes antonini

nocerino ??? aqua

pince urby


defensive but it will be needed

can muntari play CHL???


not good, but bonera played very good in the last games:
Abbiati; Antonini, Bonera, Mexes, Mesbah; Aquilani, Ambrosini, Nocerino; Boateng, Emanuelson; Ibrahimovic- i chose antonini and mesbah, because i think we need the fastes players we have, and luca and djamel are defenitly faster than zambro


bonera mexes ???

we will be crushed


Muntari can not play in UCL. I think Ambrosini is going to play as DMF with Aqua and Noce in the flanks. KPB is going to start behind two strikers. Hope to see Binho back. If not then I think Shaarawy should start.

I think that 4-3-2-1 would not work. We tried 4-3-3 against Arsenal and it was a disaster.


I would have wanted to see him against Barca, but whan can you do.

I think we can cope without him in the league. We have only pretty easy fixtures coming up, except Inter of course which is always a tight fixture. Mexes and Nesta can get the job done in the league and as already said earlier, Bonera has improved a lot.

It is going to be very diffucult against Barca without Abate and Thiago. Now we’ll see how much character does this team have.


It’s time for defensive duo Alessandro Nesta and Philippe Mexes to step-up.Forza Milan!


I didn’t think i would ever say this, but i hope Inter win today. I want them in Europa league position as to not water down the derbies in the future. An Inter not in Europe would be a disaster not only for them but for Serie A. A Juve loss would shut all of the undefeated talk (even though we were the first team to beat them in 90 minutes, in Coppa) and will us a 7 point 2 game lead on them and all but give us the scudetto. our only big games left this season are inter… Read more »


horrible, horrible news

abbiati, zambrotta, nesta, mexes, antonini, aquilani, ambrosini, nocerino, boateng, robinho(if fit)-if not /maxi lopez (if fit)- if not/ emanuelson, ibrahimovic


not sure if playing maxi and ibra together would be a good idea.. we’ll need someone with pace to play alongside..


maxi doesnt hav pace but has great work rate… and ibra has pretty low work rate… i think emanuelson and boateng behind ibra is good if robinho isnt fit


Hey, Levante and Rubin Kazan beat Barca and they are much weaker than us even in our injured state – it can be done. Thinking about the Apoel and Arsenal games, anything is possible .


Hmm,time for another to step in and take the mantle.get well soon bro.


T. Silva injured zamb was in, cant he be a good substitute? I am sure of our win against barca. Just lock iniesta, xavi and pedro then messi cant get a score. Forza milan


This injury issue is getting freacking ridiculous I mean something has to be done NOW!, one thing is Pato getting injured, but the team looks like a hospital and instead of getting better it only gets worse, that world famous ¨milan lab¨ is a JOKE right now if it`s so great we should be one of the fittest teams in Europe and we are totally the opposite, I mean look at pirlo he´s missed a game or two at 32 yrs. Playing for juve and for the last 2 seasons with us he was getting hammered with injury’s left and… Read more »




I think emanuelson should play at leftback cos he is better than Antonini & Mesbah there or we should play 4-5-1 with Emanuelson & Boateng supporting Ibrahimovic


dis is tragic left 4 me we r out jst bcos max tok a risk dt of playin im lets jst pray 4 a mirako


With all these injuries, I also support Milan playing with only 1 striker, esp since our mids all like to move forward and attack. if we play 4-3-1-2, then I’d rather we play the old catenaccio. defend in numbers, and then counterattack. then, in the 2nd leg, when we have abate, van bommel, robi, maxi, ibra, boa all fully fit, we go full out attack.


Wow this is unbelievable. Of course we reach the climax of our injuries right before the biggest game of the season. The medical staff is to blame for this one. They shouldnt have started Silva if they knew it was this much of a risk


I have a feeling they are to blame for more then just this one.


This is tragic news it just gets better and better doesn’t it?! :C Considering all the injuries I just hope for the best. My starting 11 for Barca is as follows..



i think zambrotta is also injured.


Antonini instead of Zambro and its the best available


and Emanuelson instead of Mesbah


Muntari can play in CL.

Dare kaduna

I tink milan’s medical staffs ar nt qualified enough,they need to be replaced! jux check out d litle injury of flamini, gatuso, aquilani e.t.c dat left them out 4a long time wich is nt sopos to be, 4me- d medical stafs ar behind al dis, milan ar leadin in injury chat in d world, hw could dat be? d medical stafs needs to be changed


Call me superstitious but this could also mean we will defeat Barca, This same situation occured that particular 1994 final where we won 4-0 without VanBasten, Baresi and Costacurta.


AND that Barcelona team we beat, Guardiola started that game for them, AND Sergio Busquets’ dad was on that team as well 😉


Forza milan i know with faith. . .everytin wil be alright in d next 3 to 4 weekz . . . I believe milan we beat them…


Pep remebers 1994 he will not let his team be complicent,trust me. If this is the same Pep we talking about.


Remember!! 1994 chmpn leaq, final milan win bacer 4 0 witout great players like vanbastn & baresi. We hope milan repeat dat recort. Forza milan!!

Macho Blake

That Barcelona was not the same as Barca of Today.And That MILAN was not the same as MILAN of now.Only the clubs names remain the same,Playing style ,Achievements,Culture and the kind of players have changed.After the game we will be able to see if this is 94 or 2012!!!!!


If we can do it,Ill be so happy.


Forza Milan. With determination we can succeed. Hope for the best. My best player in current Milan squad ‘T. Silva’ get well soon. Forza Silva.


My line up against Barcelona. Abbiati, Zambrota, Bonera, Mexes, Antonini, Ambrosini, aquilani, Nocerino, KPB, Ibrahimovic & Robin. Best luck.


Huge blow, but I still believe this team can take care of business. Forza Milan!


ibra robinho
noce aqua urby
ntonini nesta mexes zambrotta



If Binho isnt fit and Maxi is I would put him over SES.

Bone chronic

Antonini-nesta-mexes-zamb, aquilani-seed-nocerino, prince-emmanuelson, ibra


Whatever the back line is, mesbah should not start, he’s not ready for the big stage yet. Both Ambro and Seedorf shouldn’t start, the midfield will be too slow and might affect our turnover against a passing team like Barca. Hope Ambrosini will compose himself, if he starts.
My suggestion for starting line up:



BELIEVE MILAN..BELIEVE….we can do this..


be realistic. milan will host barca without silva, abate & bommel. with abbiati looked tired when milan played against roma, i think that it is realistic to have a draw at san siro. as long as milan don’t lose at home, milan will have an opportunity to go through the next stage. with two draws at san siro and santiago bernabeu, milan can win the match with a penalty shoot out. if i were allegri, i will use 4-4-2 to strengthen the midfields and the backlines. the squad will be : amelia (GK), bonera (RB), nesta (CB), mexes (CB), antonini… Read more »


we need to play seedorf because he plays like a BOSS in CL-games, he has already won 4 CL titles, his experience will be crucial!


No Abate, Silva, or V. Bommel ! How in the world are we going to stop them??? Ambrosini is so poor, it’s painful to watch when he’s playing.