Maradona puts Ibra in third place


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC may think he’s the best, but Maradona says he comes after Messi and Ronaldo.

Ibrahimovic is the biggest ace in Serie A winning the Scudetto six times (the Juventus titles were revoked for the Calciopoli affair), and even today at the age of 30, he carries Milan to a very-possible league win.

The Swede often says that in his eyes he is the best player in the world, but Argentine and football legend Diego Maradona, believes that Zlatan is the third-best player in the world, almost as good as C. Ronaldo.

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“It can’t be easy to be Ibrahimovic’s coach. He is very full-blooded,” Maradona told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Ibrahimovic is almost at the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo, who is obviously only 2nd to Messi. The best players in the world? Messi, Ronaldo and then Ibra and Rooney who are both at the same level.

The best players in the world according to Maradona (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“Kun Aguero is also among the top ten players and he’s still on the rise. I like Balotelli a lot. He’s still a kid, and his problems are mainly off the pitch; Roberto Mancini’s support puts him on the right track.”

Maradona is obviously a Napoli fan, playing there from 1984–1991, becoming one of the greatest legends Naples has ever seen as well as Italian football. Diego backs Milan for the Scudetto and hopes Napoli reach a Champions League spot. “It is important that Napoli will finish third, to replicate the CL experience. They’ve already done well the first they played it so I expect that next year they’ll be even better,” he said.

“Milan is probably still the strongest team in Italy. They also had the courage to invest in a young coach. [Massimiliano] Allegri is a very good coach. When it comes to coaches, you always see the same faces. I won’t be surprised if someone decides to call back Giovanni Trapattoni. Allegri made me laugh when he acted like he wasn’t thinking about a contract renewal. I saw it on TV and started yelling ‘Where are you going? Hold on tight to your spot at Milan. You won’t find a better place than Milan.'”

Maradona also believes that Juventus’ rebirth has been the highlight of the season so far, and is certain that Napoli will become Scudetto competitors soon. He also wants to return to Italy, as a fan of football.

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Agreed! Maradona. Ibra is third and for sure we are winning the league.


I agree with everything he said apart from that Ibra and Rooney are on the same level. imo, Rooney isn’t anywhere close to the top 10 players in the world.


I like the last comment he made about their being no place better than Milan for Allegri. I’m suprised by this statement, as I agree with all the points he’s made, Rooney aside (think there are better players like Iniesta, Xavi..) but he made a lot of sense.


true talk

Ugochuwu Meazza

I quite agree with Maradona on Ibra..,he’s simply amongst the top 3 in world football..,Milan has always been a great team..,but for Napoli..,they have a great team..,i see them in the last 4 of the UCL next time..,good work by the likes of Cavani, Hamsik, Lavezzi,Inler,Maggio, Campanaro and co..,they are playing like potential champions, Forza Milano

Macho Blake

Yes Messi Ronaldo & Rooney have won CL with their clubs,Napoli with the help of Maradona did win the Serie A titles and UEFA Europa League cup.Ibra has just been doing good with the Serie A.Rooney along with RVP have been doing good for their respective clubs,Ibra is rated higher than them is because Milan is still in the CL.Let’s see till where do we go with Ibra.Ibra so far with his achievements in Italy will be known for the BEST FOREIGNER IN THE SERIE A ,unless he wins a CL his ratings will never be higher than Messi or… Read more »


I semi agree but it also depends alot on what backup you have in the team. When you have the two most expensive lineups inthe world behind you it’s easier to play well. Milan has a great team but it’s a very new one and it’s not filled with the best that money could buy from around the world like Real and Barca. At first in Barca Ibra even outdid Messi at first until Messi complained and Ibra got a smaller area position to move within. This hampered his styule completly and then it went bad. Ronaldo and Messi plays… Read more »