Allegri: “Barcelona? We are focused on Roma”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI is expecting a tough game against Roma, but insists Milan are focused.

Milan will be hoping to bounce back from the Coppa Italia exit to Juventus on Tuesday night with a win against Roma as they wish to maintain their four-point lead from the same Juve, or even extend it to 6 or 7.

Milan have tough games this week – one tomorrow evening against Roma and then again on Wednesday against Barcelona for the 1st leg of the Champions League QF. Allegri claims Milan take game by game.

Milan-Roma: The Rossoneri squad
Injuries: Inzaghi ruled out for 3 weeks

“The importance of this game is that from tomorrow evening, there’ll be only 9 games left. It’s important to maintain the advantage that we have. We won’t think about Barcelona as we are focused on Roma,” Coach Massimiliano Allegri said in the traditional press conference on Friday afternoon at Milanello sports center.

“Roma are fighting for third place so we’ll have to play a good game from a technical point of view with high levels of intensity and concentration. Their style is to play good football but compared to a month and a half ago, they’re conceding very little, much less than before. Luis Enrique is a very good coach with clear ideas. He’s wide awake and he’s understood that Roma have to defend better,” the Milan boss continued.

Adriano Galliani said that Allegri will stay for many years with the Rossoneri. “How can I convince Galliani in the coming years? Only by winning,” Allegri said. “We’re doing well on all fronts but we have to keep string because Juve won’t give in. Next year we want to play for the second star (representing 20 Scudetti).

“The game between Juventus and Inter? I’m thinking of that game. A win against Roma would mean at least a four point lead and after that we’ll see. But the title won’t be won tomorrow. Over 90 minutes against Juventus we won but I’m not interested in the unbeaten record. I want to be in front on 13 May. Now the priority is Roma and they won’t be easy to play against. The players have quality and character.

“I consider myself fortunate to be coaching Milan and to go for the league title as well as being in the Champions League with Barcelona a team that has to be faced with courage and balance,” he concluded.

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Well spoken Allegri!Bravo Allegri.Milan is lucky to have you.


Allegri always say d right thing at d right time. Forza allegri forza milan

rahmat kaka

milan can beat barca!!! forza milan forever & ever !!


Allegri is a soothesayer to say the least.


Thats the spirit! Coppa Italia exit is behind us. Now, Roma, A must win to boost up the teams morale ahead of Barca Clash.

Milan francis

I say we rest Silva.Hell if Bonera and mexes/Yepes cant keep clean sheet.I need a fresh and rested Silva for Barca,for all i care we can draw Roma!

Keeping a clean sheet against Barca will be an uphill task and for that we need to be fresh and focus as much as possible,afterall their is no gaurantee that juve will win their next four matches which include Inter(merda)Napoli,palermo and Lazio,i woudl rather rest him than allow him pick an unnecessary injury.


Its Milans fault that they have so much injuries. there is something wrong.
some players didnt get injured in their other clubs but when they came here they got injured like Merkel from Genoa.
the question is is that do these players really get injured or is there something else going on.


@tvanik would they keep players for show?


Well that is just my opinion, because it seems very odd that a team like Milan has a very poor fitness management or has a very bad medical system


allegri will play ibra against roma, even if he is unwell, allegri doesnt know how to rotate his players, they play to much, u watch wen they are about to pile up, they are but it will get worse, urby will get injured, abate got injured, im surprised t.silva hasnt yet, ibra has just, cause allegri doesnt giv him a break, samething would happen next season,


we dont have anyone else u tw*at…..Lopez is injured -___-


Allegri is one of the best rotating-managers we ever had…


What shocks me is that Ibra is never injured,which is a good thing,but what are the odds.


I feel that the recent barrage of injuries may be a result of the poor pitch at San Siro.. I may be wrong… but the pitch has finally been relaid recently… and hopefully there wont be many injuries for the remainder of the season…

Bone chronic

Let’s focus on roma